A funny thing happened
on the way to Christmas.  Just after Thanksgiving, Ms Trish began making plans for the next big holiday.  She began assigning different tasks to each of us in the house and when she got to me she told me she would do all the grocery shopping and gift buying and all I had to do was rap.  Oh joy and rapture!  All I have to do is RAP!?!  That is a dream come true.  So I ran into my room, donned my Yankees baseball cap, and my Jay-Z sunglasses and my Flav-A-Flav clock necklace, pushed my kitty turntable into the middle of the living room and began to RAP with gusto.   "YO YO YO, twas the night before Christmas and all through the house," thump- scratch, thump thump thump.  "Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse," thump-scratch, thump thump thump.  Well, I thought Ms Trish was having a heart attack but it turns out she was just chagrinned by my rapping.  Seems there was a wee bit of a communication gap and she meant "wrap" but I heard "rap".   So anyway, I got busy and got my assigned task completed as you can see.
-Happy Holidays everyone.  Peace out.
The Portable Personal Trainer
I am so appreciative of Mr. Mojito and the endless entertainment he provides.  And speaking of appreciation, I want to show my appreciation for all of my clients who will be travelling this holiday season and may have to miss a session or two.  There are some handy alternatives to help keep you motivated and on track until you return to the fold.  For instance, at http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikewomen/en_US/training_app  you can design a workout tailored to your specific needs and because it is designed for your mobile phone, it goes wherever you go.  Nike also offers help and advice from elite athletes.  So yes, there's an app for that and it is free!  Just click on the link above.  And while you are shopping for apps at the ITunes store, you might want to check out Ian Gaines' Bootcamp Workout for iPhone ($1.99).   It is a four-week program with terrific tracking devices built in for keeping tabs on your weight, BMI, and heart rate just to name a few.

Another great item available on iTunes is the Army National Guard Fitness Podcasts.  Of course, these are audio-only tools but still provide direction and encouragement.  For those with an Android phone, The FitSync (www.fitsync.com) application is available for either monthly or annual subscription.   Lots of ways to stay on track - perfect for smart people and their smart phones!  But rest assured that while you are away, I have more time to research new and better ways to execute a lunge!
Sea Salt vs Table Salt
If you watch cooking shows like I do, you are aware that sea salt has replaced iodized table salt in the pantry of many modern chefs.  With one eye on health and the other eye on flavor, we wondered which product is better.   Dr. Mehmet Oz heartily (pun intended) recommends sea salt.  Here is what he had to say in Esquire Magazine:
Buy sea salt.  Throw away your iodized table salt -- it comes from underground mines and is treated with aluminum to prevent caking. (Sometimes it's even bleached to make it whiter. This is really dumb.) Believe me, you'd rather have cakey salt than more aluminum in your body. Sea salt, which tastes better, is made like this: 1) Let seawater evaporate in the sun. 2) Rinse salt and put it in a bottle.

Additionally, natural sea salt may contain slightly less sodium but because it retains the flavor of the area where it was harvested.  In theory, consumers use less natural sea salt because it is more flavorful.  Many modern sea salt purveyors offer their product infused with garlic, hickory smoke, etc.  You can get more information and some great gift ideas regarding natural sea salt by visiting www.maineseasalt.com.  As always, check with your physician about your own consumption of salt before making changes.
Exercises for Arthritic Knees
The changing weather may have reminded you of your long-forgotten knees.  We have some resources that we think may help. The experts at RealAge have devised a test just for joint age.  Visit (http://www.realage.com/reg/Registration.aspx?mod=JOINTAGE&subid=) and take their test to see if your chronological age lines up with your joint age.  After you have taken the test, they also offer great exercises (http://www.realage.com/check-your-health/joint-pain/knee-exercises) that address the causes of painful knees and offer alternatives to alleviate that pain and strengthen the supporting muscle groups.  These exercises are simple and require no equipment.  They include sit down/standup from a chair, repeated standing one-leg step ups, and two kinds of leg raises while lying flat.  The Real Age guide includes helpful pictures as well as a written description. 
Great Gift Gadgets and Ideas
For many, this is the season of gift-giving.  Again, with an eye on health, we like to direct readers of this newsletter to places that we think serve that theme.  Some great suggestions in all price ranges are available from a trusted friend - www.realage.com/GoShopping/intro.aspx.
We can also recommend the following:  www.trackshack.com and www.runnersworld.com  for the runners out there and www.lululemon.com , www.livestrong.com as well as www.aarp.org/health/fitness/ just to name a few.  If you have more time than money this year, a shared walk or workout reward both parties.  And whether gifting, exercising or indulging, remember that moderation is advised!

And if you need any help wrapping your gifts, rapping Mr. Mojito and his turntable are available!
The "Skinny" on the Holiday Cocktails!
Low calorie blended cocktails : Were you aware that workouts and low calorie diets don't work effectively because of alcohol intake? Yes, experts agree that the frequent and continuous intake of alcohol can not only make you gain weight but also reduce the ability of your body to burn fat for energy and increase your appetite.

Holiday cheer usually makes us forget the calories contained in alcohol. Studies suggest that regular drinking but in moderate amounts can help reduce abdominal fat.

Cocktails for some are a more sophisticated and healthy option than the local cheap beer. Yes, experts are of the opinion that cocktails, when chosen wisely, can help curb the risk of the bulge.

Top 10 Low Calorie Cocktails
Listed below are some 10 low calorie cocktails recommended by experts:

Vodka Cranberry or Cape Codder: This classic drink barely contains about 65 calories. Apart from the fact that cranberry juice can help flush out alcohol from the body, squeezing some lime wedge in your drink and around the rim of your glass can add more flavor to the drink.
Light Beer: Ensure that you sip on light beer which contains far lesser calories. Darker color beers are said to contain more calories than lighter ones.
Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne: This drink seems to have about 60 calories in a glass and is one of Kate Moss's favorite drinks. Experts suggest that it would cost you that much weight even if you decide to take it thrice.
Mojitos, Done Right: This is a truly refreshing summer cocktail. The drink contains a sophisticated mix of rum and mint leaves. This drink is also considered to be rich in antioxidants contributed by the lime and mint leaves or juices.
Watermelon Martini: This fruity pink syrup contains a mere 125 calories, say experts. In order to cut down on calories, request for a drink that is made from agave nectar than simple syrup which adds fewer calories to your drink and at the same time sweetens your drink appropriately.
Margarita, Redux: This frozen cocktail with a salt-rimmed glass contains about 400 calories. A better option to this is margarita on the rocks which contains just 170 calories.
Diet Tonic Drinks: Experts agree that no matter what base liquor you choose, it is the mixer which contains more calories and sugar. The highest calorie mixer is considered to be the "tonic water". Replace that with a club soda or diet tonic to remain on the safe and thinner side.
Maggie McQuade: This cocktail has an interesting mix of vanilla vodka and diet ginger ale.
Vodka and Diet Red Bull: This is one of the most popular cocktails for a frequent club-goer. Containing just 75 calories, this cocktail can keep you slim and in the groove of things all night.
White Wine Spritzer: Diluting this drink with water or club soda can fetch you a thin waistline. Experts suggest that sticking to dry wines is a much healthier option than their sweeter counterparts, which contain more calories.
Water is but an essential part of your cocktail drinking through the night. Water should be taken in the beginning and in between to monitor the calorie consumption. Water alone can keep you hydrated instead of cocktails doing the job for you. Most importantly, water prevents a terrible 'hangover' the next morning. So say "cheers" to sparkling white water too!!

Source: http://obesity.ygoy.com/2008/06/06/top-10-low-calorie-cocktails/

Santa Pants should not
be your New Year's
fashion goal, stick
to your normal diet!

Wishing you Happy and
Healthy Holidays!


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