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Got Purpose? It Does a Congregation Good
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Lay Pastoral Care Teams
with Rev. Sue Phillips
Who is in Charge Here?
with Larry Peers (February 12)

Creating and Leading Dynamic Lay Led Worship
with Rev. Sue Phillips (June 11)

Governance and Ministry in UU Congregations
with Dan Hotchkiss (May 7)

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by Rev. Sue Phillips,
District Executive

From Bridgeport on the southwest coast of Connecticut to Newburyport in northeast Massachusetts, from Greenfield to Worcester and Quincy and everywhere in between, Unitarian Universalist congregations in the Clara Barton and Massachusetts Bay Districts are gearing up for the start of a new church year. Here in the district office we've had a summer full of creative thinking and work. The result: lots of changes are underway. We're excited about these enhancements and hope you are too!
The two districts are sharing our entire staff team under a single District Executive. This summer we launched one of the most innovative staff arrangements in our religious movement, in which Clara Barton and Mass Bay will share all administrative and program staff.  Each district staff person is fully accessible to congregational leaders in both districts.
We've expanded our capacity to help congregations identify, nurture, and train skilled lay leaders by adding a new Director of Leadership Development.

We've revitalized our vision of Unitarian Universalist faith formation. Our Director of Faith Formation will help congregations create multigenerational communities that engage children, youth, adults and elders in all areas of congregational life.

We will offer dynamic, mission-focused programming. The flagship district program this year will be a three-part series for lay and professional leaders on deepening congregational mission, purpose, and identity.  (In addition to revivals of our popular programs on creating lay-led worship and lay pastoral care teams.)
Many programs will be offered twice, once in each district, and followed by an "office hours" webinar several weeks later so participants can ask follow-up questions and reflect on what they have learned.
A single integrated website, newsletter, event registration, and district office. Check out our new shared website at for the latest program information, event registration, and staff contacts. (NOTE: While the website is functional, it is still partially under construction.) 
A gifted staff team committed to helping you and your congregation's leaders fully engage the promise of Unitarian Universalism. You can read about each member of the district staff team below, but let me share with you my deep respect for these good people, for their commitment to our faith, and their extraordinary expertise. It is a genuine honor to serve with Deb, Doug, Judy and Meck.
Together we all share an inspiring goal: to build on the considerable strengths of our congregations, to fuel growth with outstanding district programs, and to unlock the potential of Unitarian Universalism in our region. On behalf of the entire staff team, and all of your sister congregations in the Clara Barton and Massachusetts Bay districts, heartfelt blessings for a fruitful and faithful church year.

CBD-MBD Staff Team
Judy Murray, Deborah Levering, Doug Zelinski, Sue Phillips, Meck Groot
District Staff

Rev. Sue Phillips, District Executive

Sue helps lay and professional leaders navigate change, identify opportunities for growth, transform conflict, and focus on mission. She supervises the staff and has executive responsibility for the management and operations of both districts. [more]

Deborah Levering, Director of Faith Formation
Deb works with religious professionals and lay leaders to integrate the passions, experience, and gifts of people of all ages into the daily life, work, and mission of our congregations. She is extremely knowledgeable about religious education and is thrilled to expand her ministry to adults and elders. [more]

Doug Zelinski, Director of Leadership Development
Doug helps congregations identify, support, and train skilled lay leaders.  He gets totally psyched when encountering meaningful congregational mission statements, especially when they are accompanied by lay folks who are equally excited. [more]
Judy Murray, District Administrator
Judy oversees the daily operations of the districts, keeps financial records and congregational contact databases, and administers the district library. She likes to sing hymns while she works, which greatly pleases the rest of the staff. [more]
Meck Groot, Program and Social Justice Coordinator
Meck coordinates district programs and event registration, handles marketing and communications, and facilitates social justice learning and growth opportunities in the district. Every now and then Meck calls for an impromptu office-wide shared spiritual practice. We love her for that. [more]
Person X"Person X"
The districts have an open program staff position which is expected to be filled some time by the summer of 2011. We still aren't sure what shape this job will take - but we'll be listening to what congregations tell us they most need to help fulfill their missions.