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District Annual Meeting
First Look at GA
UUA & District Fair Share
FCC Ruling Change
Youth History Prize
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Welcome to the February 2010 issue of the Clara Barton District Newsletter.
Please forward this CBD Newsletter to others in your congregation. Subscribing to this newsletter will keep you up to date about happenings in the district.
District Annual Meeting, April 10
The Clara Barton District Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 10, 2010 at the First Parish Church of Northborough, MA. Warrant and delegate certification materials will be mailed to all congregations in early March. Rev. Harlan Limpert, Vice President of Ministries and Congregational Support will be our keynote. Significant change is taking place in the UUA at both the national and district levels. Please plan on joining us.
First Look at GA 
February is an excellent time to start making plans to attend General Assembly, June 23-27, 2010 in Minneapolis. Look now at airfares and budget for your expenses for this not-to-be-missed 5 day meeting.
Minneapolis (also known at the "Mini-Apple") is an ideal setting for GA. Not only is it a progressive, culturally diverse, LGBT friendly city, but it is also rich in cultural arts and boasts a stunning natural environment. There are 900 lakes and 170 parks in the Twin Cities area, making this GA an excellent family vacation destination.
More details about GA can be found at www.uua.org/ga.
UUA & District Fair Share Will Remain the Same in 2011
The Fair Share rates for 2011 will be $56 per member for the UUA and $22 per member for CBD. These rates have been used for the last two years and will continue to be used as the basis
to calculate the UUA and District Fair Share Dues for 2010-2011. Thank you to all the CBD congregations who certified their membership numbers with the UUA (before February 1). CBD had more congregations certifying this year than ever before. Only 5 of our 64 congregations did not submit membership numbers.
(The UUA will use the membership number from the last time these congregations filed their numbers.)
FCC Ruling Change  
There has been a recent change in the FCC ruling that may affect some of our CBD congregations. An article in the online publication of Christianity Today begins:
"Churches, businesses, and other organizations that use wireless microphones operating in the 700 MHz band (698-806 MHz) must stop doing so by June 12, according to a decision last month by the Federal Communications Commission. Many churches own wireless mics in the 700 MHz band and continue to operate them, even thought the FCC's digital television transition last year signaled a ban to that activity eventually would come. The FCC estimates that 25 percent of wireless mics operate in the spectrum, meaning thousands of churches likely are affected." Click here to read the entire article.
Youth History Prize 
Unitarian Universalist Historical Society
The Unitarian Universalist Historical Society seeks original historical essays (or sermons, plays, dramatic readings, worship services, or poetry) written by youth (ages 12-19) on Universalist, Unitarian, or UU History. Entry deadline is April 1, 2010. First prize is $350 and publication on the UU Historical Society website; second prize, $150. Youth History Prize Guidelines and applications may be found by clicking here.