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Two Sides of Harmony: Part One 



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Spring, premature summer, serious summer, days of clouds and rain, and hopefully back to sunny.  A bit confusing if you ask me.  We want to believe it all makes sense in the scheme of things. Mother Nature will have her way, as will we. 

As witnesses to nature, we as designers, artists, photographers, or writers also record nature, to inform, to soothe, and to stimulate.  We seek out harmony as
antidote to confusion.

Harmony is a word tossed about in many, music, dance,  recipes, a pairing of food and wine, and of course,  when we speak of interior design.


The essence of harmony results from a composition of  various elements coming together into a pleasing, congruent whole.  When talking about Color Harmony Schemes I approach it this way:


The Two Sides of Harmony 


#1.  Harmony may be achieved from related or similar elements,such as from one temperature zone (warm or cool).  


#2. Harmony may be achieved from contrasting or dissimilar elements, such as from two temperature zones (warm and cool)


Like personal relationships, there is the "two peas in a pod" pairing (see #1) and the "you complete me-Jerry McGuire" pairing (see #2).   


Neither wrong nor right, they're different means to an end.  And, both types of harmony come on a continuum...some whisper at soft level; others shout louder.

Looking ahead to Autumn, Warm Analogous comes to mind... a Category 1 Type of Harmony.


 Warm TreeWarm Color Wheel

Say it with Flowers


William Morris Tulip
William Morris Tulip
Van Gogh Sunflowers
Chihuly Warm
Dale Chihuly Blossoms
Warhol Flowers
Andy Warhol Flowers


Yellow Orange Flowers
Gramercy Park Tulips

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Harmony Part Two Coming Too.     

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