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Summer IssueJuly/2010

 Welcome to the Summer issue of
Design for the Rest of Us 
I'm pleased to have been asked by National American Society of Interior Designers to conduct a webinar this month on July 27th (1 - 2:30 pm EST):
I hope your July 4th holiday was safe and secure, filled with family and friends to make for wonderful memories.
Continuing my series of articles relating to design concepts, this one explores from the ground up so to speak as I walk about Manhattan with my trusty digital cameria in hand.
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Observations about Town
or waiting for another shoe to drop
All design is a composition, whether created naturally or with coaxing.  Harmony, a sense of wholeness made from several parts, may be achieved from different recipes.   The combination of likeness and differentness (unity and variety, contrast and relatedness) may vary.   Of late I've been drawn to differentness.    
I find that my eye for composition, through the lens of my camera, is honing in on views of objects that seem less predictably harmonious.  I want to share some of my observations, mainly through visuals, and keep the narrative to a minimum (unusual for me).   Some pictures seem internally incongruous while others are contradictory juxtapositions.  All are Manhattan.
Three Metal Men About Town:  Gandhi, David, and Wormley... pretty in pink flowers.
David statueWorley 


Mixed Media
A crazy quilt of old and new construction, metals, and bricks.  The Highline restored with concrete blocks and rust.  Hay makes high rise.
Mixed Media Concrete and Brick



A  Still Life Grows in Chelsea:  

Ecumenical:  Gothic style synagogue for Jewish European immigrants turned evangelical church for Latino immigrants, Delancey Street, Lower East Side. 

Garbage, High and Low
1. Prada shoes with paint, left at doorstep of charity thrift shop early Sunday morning.  

 2. Dilemma.  What does one do with trash when the can has just been  painted?

Aged to Perfection
:  Manhole cover in DUMBO Brooklyn with the most even, beautiful patina.   
Peace and Love
turn Bling:  Earth Day turns 40; Ringo 70.

Mirror, Mirror on Madison Ave:  Who's the fairest of them all?

Graffiti:   Art, public nuisance, or both?
and the other design concepts (discussed here and in previous issues) are furthered explored in my text, Chapters 2 and 3. 
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