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Newsletter - Vol. I, No. 4.
September 14, 2009
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Featured Person:

Steven Fleming bio pic

Stephen Fleming

Title: Director

Years at XCOR:  9

Other Jobs: Laser scientist, telecom engineer, venture capitalist,   currently vice provost at Georgia Tech

Spouse: Cecilia

Other Cool Stuff: Our house is sinking under the weight of 6300 books and 1300 CDs.   Trying to go digital for future purchases!

Favorite Space Themed Movie:  Apollo 13

Currently Reading: Angler (biography of Dick Cheney), Outliers,  How the States Got Their Shapes

Favorite Saying: "It is common sense to take a method and try it, if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."  -- Winston Churchill

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New X-Racer Footage, Info Now Available
Prototype X-Racer at AirVenture XCOR is happy to make available three new videos and 550 flight and construction photos from the Prototype X-Racer project.  The photos and videos are linked from our recently expanded X-Racer page.

The page also contains updated information regarding the now complete test flight program and goals achieved.   Also included is a video showcasing our 8 1/2 minute refueling demonstration.
XCOR Participates in RocketShipTours Lynx Beta Spaceflight Participant Qualification Program
Spaceflight participant 2 On a sun splashed series of four days at the ultra exclusive Sanctuary at Camelback Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, a select group of travel industry executives and seasoned adventure tourism experts gathered to experience the sensations of training to be trail blazing and history making private astronauts aboard XCOR Aerospace's suborbital Lynx vehicle.  The sessions were planned and hosted by RocketShip Tours, the exclusive General Sales Agent for XCOR owned and operated suborbital space vehicles.     (read more)
XCOR's Jeff Greason continues work on Augustine Committee
XCOR CEO Jeff Greason continues to put in long hours as part of his work for the Augustine Committee, the White House panel of independent experts tapped to examine alternatives for NASA's human spaceflight exploration agenda.  The panel is chaired by Aerospace veteran Norm Augustine.

Jeff Greason on Augustine Panel
Credit: NASA/Dennis Bonilla
"Currently I'm putting in about 90 hours a week on committee related work" said Jeff, speaking to a group of RocketShip Tours seminar participants in Arizona on Saturday.  "Trying to come up with viable solutions within NASA's current overhead and budget constraints is indeed challenging for all of us.  We're exploring a number of options that gives us the right set of goals, which will hopefully leave a useful trail that others may follow in the future." (read more)
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