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Welcome to February already!  Just a few quick thoughts on the market:
The Outlook From Here 


Interest rates went up .375% in the past two weeks from 4.75% to 5.125%.  Still historically low, but the trend is that interest rates are on the rise.  Standard & Poor's/Case Shiller predicts that home prices in Boulder County could be back to historic highs by 2013. 


There are a lot of opportunities in the current market. For Buyers, it is a great time to get off the fence and take advantage of the low interest rates. For Sellers, it's a great time to go on the market because Buyers are becoming motivated by rising interest rates and because Buyers develop a sense of urgency in the late winter to early spring.  The market improved in 2010 and I'm optimistic that it will continue to improve in 2011.


Whether you are buying, selling or evaluating your options, contact me to discuss how to make the market work for you.  Also, I always have time to help out your friends, family and co-workers whether they want to Buy or Sell real estate or just wish to ask a question.  Either way, I promise to provide outstanding service.  As always, I sincerely appreciate your referrals.       


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Economists predict Boulder County home prices set for rebound  


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Back to peak levels: The number crunchers for Case-Shiller believe real estate prices for several Colorado counties - including Boulder -could reach the same peak levels they did in 2005-2006 within two years.   

Projects in the Pipeline Keep Boulder Building


Boulder Building


Under review:

 Contrary to the sluggish economy, Boulder has a number of development and re-development projects approved, under review or proposed for 2011. 



See the long list of developments in the City of Boulder's review pipeline.


Boulder unemployment rate among lowest in state


Job search:  With a seasonally unadjusted rate of 6.5 percent in December, Boulder-Longmont has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state. 







A Carrot on a Stick for Homebuyers


Erie Home For Sale  


The town of Erie voted to create a homebuyer's incentive package to lure new residents to their town. 

How about a free airplane tour?


See what incentives they are offering


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