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Happy Holidays!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Just a few quick thoughts on the market as we near the end of 2010:
The Outlook From Here 


The Boulder county real estate market improved in 2010. The number of sales increased across most of the county with Boulder, the Mountains and the Plains seeing the largest increase. Average and Median sales prices were flat in Boulder, but were up a bit across the county with Louisville and Superior seeing the highest increase.  Buyers are taking advantage of incredibly low interest rates and are remaining active in the market as we approach the holidays. The next couple of months will be a great time to buy, sell and refinance. Interest rates continue to be historically low, but have started to rise. Let me help you take advantage of the opportunities this market presents.  Give me a call for analysis and advice any time and please pass this along to friends and family. As always, I sincerely appreciate your referrals and I promise to make us both look good. Thanks for all of your support this year. I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season as well as a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

- Rich
By The Numbers  For the latest statistics through November 2010 of Boulder County home and condo sales, with year-to-year comparisons, days-on-market statistics and more:  Market Stats

Survey says: buying a home

is a wise investment

Pursuing the American Dream:  Despite economic woes, the majority
of respondents to the 2010 National Housing Pulse Survey still believe
buying a home is a wise investment and part of their future.



As an investment, the combination of low sales prices, low rates,

and increasing rents makes today a great time to buy!


  1. A deep, well-priced inventory is available.
  2. Rents locally have stayed strong. (more from the Daily Camera)
  3. Interest rates are at 50+ year lows.
  4. Cashflows can be positive from purchase (thanks to stable rents, lower rates).

An Example:
$400K purchase with

$300K loan (25% down)


Wait Too Long

(Rates Rise)

Interest Rate



P & I payment



Extra monthly cashflow



Extra annual cashflow



Extra cashflow over life of 30 year loan



Reduction in principal after 10 years of payments




In addition, the recent Fannie Mae change (effective Dec. 11) to allow 100% gift funds for down payments makes it even easier to qualify for the financing!


Call me today to discuss finding an investment property!

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 Colorado Flag
Colorado was recently recognized as one of the best places in the U.S. in Yahoo Finance's list of Best States of Business and Careers.  Economic climate, growth prospects, and quality of life all ranked highly.

Not surprisingly Boulder has received more accolades from the media, this time being called the "Brainiest City" by the Daily Beast.  Boulder also topped the Census Bureau's lists as the most educated city in Colorado (72% of residents have a college degree).  The same data also shows a higher percentage of women in Boulder have college degrees than any other city in the U.S.!

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