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Happy Spring!
The 2010 first quarter saw robust market activity with buyers and sellers racing to meet the April 30th federal tax rebate deadline. Looking ahead, I'm working closely with clients as we enter the spring and summer seasons. What's Your Opportunity? As always, there are many . . . 
Advantage: Sellers 
At the mid to low end, market advantage is slightly tilted toward sellers.
Interest rates have edged up, and inventories in this category are down. At the upper-mid to high price range, prices remain fairly flat. If you own property under $400,000, conditions are optimum for trading up. In addition to the pricing advantage on both levels, the percentage change is in your favor. That said, downsizing offers benefits too and I've seen a few very good buys come on the market recently. 
Boulder County
Sales volume in Boulder County is up across the board in comparison to one year ago. Prices have not changed much, but the number of sales has increased dramatically. For instance, the number of single family home sales in Boulder is up 60%, with condo sales up 26%. Lafayette and Superior are also experiencing vast improvement over last year, and Louisville's healthy 2009 market remains strong this year. The robust numbers are due to low interest rates, the extension of the home buyer tax credit and great buying opportunities. Increased buyer confidence is a contributing factor as well. I am optimistic that 2010 will continue to see improvements over 2009. 
For the latest statistics through March 2010 on Boulder County home and condo sales, with year to year comparisons, days-on-market statistics and more:
recharge coloradoRe-Charge Colorado
If you've wondered how to find out which conservation incentives and energy rebates are available to you, check out rechargecolorado.com, a web site by the Governor's Energy Office. Lots of helpful information on conservation, efficiency and more. Particularly helpful for property owners and landlords is a link that identifies energy rebates and incentives in your zip code.  
garden tourA Spring Event We Love   
Whittier Elementary, a public school in the heart of Boulder, is having its annual Whittier-Mapleton Hill Garden Tour on June 5. I'm excited to be sponsoring this terrific downtown tradition.
Spectacular event. Great cause. More info.
Questions? Ideas?
Call me any time. I'd love to put my passion for real estate investing to work for you - representing you in a transaction or just providing straightforward advice. As always, I am available to your friends, family and co-workers, whether they want to buy or sell or just ask a question. In any case, I promise to provide outstanding service that will make us both look good. Feel free to forward this newsletter along. Take care! 

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