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NEW Audit module makes validation of inventory within FabSuite a reality!!
September 2010
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P2 Programs, in conjunction with FabSuite, is proud to announce the release of our new Inventory Audit module!
This new module successfully completes the barcode inventory tool set within FabSuite.  The difficulties of inventory tracking are solved!  Check out the details below, then give us a call today to get your inventory on track!
Inventory Audit Module Release
What is it worth when your inventory is 99% accurate and you know its exact location?  P2 Programs, in collaboration with FabSuite, has made this improbability possible!  The Audit Feature, offered by P2 Programs, successfully completes FabSuite's barcode inventory modules.   "Companies that fabricate steel can now barcode all existing inventory and quickly validate inventory levels reported in FabSuite", states Paul Parks, Owner of P2 Programs.  Paul says "This Audit Feature enables your company to uniquely identify existing inventory that is not currently labeled with barcodes, as well as perform periodic audits to validate inventory levels shown in FabSuite.  This will allow FabSuite users to significantly speed up the inventory reconciliation process and, more importantly, get 99% accuracy.  That cost savings alone is priceless."
A Word from FabSuite...
"Keeping inventory software completely accurate is the goal, but manually recording changes will always make that extremely difficult.  The integration between FabSuite and P2 Programs allows you to keep the FabSuite inventory accurate in real-time, and it's as quick and easy as scanning a barcode label", says Adrian Matlack - FabSuite's Software Development Manager.


"We are extremely excited about the increased functionality and positive benefits that our users will gain from the additions. We truly value our partnership with P2 Programs, and look forward to continuing to improve the integration between our systems - providing the users of both programs the best possible solutions", says Dave Issler, Marketing Manager of FabSuite.
FabSuite Barcoded Audit Report
FabSuite Material In Stock ReportWith this FabSuite and STS module release, you can now print a barcoded "Material In Stock" report in FabSuite and use a Mobile Computer to audit your existing inventory.  If your inventory is not already barcoded, not a problem!  During the audit process, you can have the Mobile Computer generate a barcode label that you can then place on the item for the next time you perform an audit or when this item is pulled into the shop to be cut. 
Raw Matl Label

An example of a raw material label is shown to the right.  The information and layout of this raw material label is completely configurable by you.  This label is usually generated as the material is being received.  For your existing unlabeled inventory, it can be reprinted during the audit process.  Key information such as the length, grade and heat number can be printed on the label.  This label is then used later in conjuction with the barcoded Cut List report in FabSuite to relieve inventory.
Barcode Inventory Module Overview
For an overview of the Inventory modules now available with the FabSuite and STS products, click on the link below to view a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.  If prompted, open the PowerPoint presentation in "Read Only" mode.
For a look at the new Inventory Audit module and the associated STS Mobile Computer windows, click on the link below to view a movie of the new feature. 
As always, the information trasfer between FabSuite and STS is instaneous or "Real-Time".  As soon as you get a confirmation tone on the Mobile Computer, the information in both FabSuite and STS have been updated!
Company Info
P2 Programs specializes in software applications that use barcodes and other Auto-ID technology to track products and processes in an industrial environment. For over 20 years, we have been improving the manufacturing process and warehouse operations for our customers. P2 Programs is the company with the knowledge and experience you should look to for answers to help improve productivity and your bottom line.

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