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New Release - User Defined RF Inspection Routines!
December 2009
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While most companies are wrapping things up for the year and everyone is on vacation, we could not let the final month of the year go by without something special.  To that end, we have just released a new feature with the STS Mobile Computer application.  It is a user defined Inspection Routine that can be selected and completed (filled out) on the Mobile Computer and automatically printed!
Mobile Computer Inspection Routine
STS Part Inspection Document SmallAfter you have completed the inspection process against an ID Number / Piece Mark, the document shown to the right can be automatically printed to any printer on the network.  Shown is the default layout of the Inspection Report but you can modify it to display the information that better matches your existing report.
Any ID Number can be inspected an unlimited number of times!  If you have classified an Inspection question as a "Hard Hold", then if that QC Question fails, a QC Hold will be placed on that ID Number / Piece Mark.  If you try to perform any further activity with the Mobile Computer, an error message will be displayed stating that this piece has been placed on "QC Hold".
Inspection Routine Setup
STS Part Inspection Failure Codes Tab SmallWhat is really unique about this Inspection Routine?
1. You define what prompts are displayed to the Mobile Computer.
2. You can choose to require a response from the inspector.
3. You can choose to place a QC Hold on the ID Number if a negative / failure response is entered.
4. You can even specify if the value falls above, below or between some predetermined values.
5. If the inspection data entered should be validated against the information already in the STS application, you can specify that also.
6. You can specify if the data entered is a single string of data or multiple values.
7. With employee/stencil numbers, you can enter up to seven and they will be saved in separate searchable fields.
With all these features in the first release, your Inspection process can be almost fully automated!  And like all parts of the STS application, additional features and capabilities will continue to be added in future releases.  With your annual maintenance agreement, this new feature is available to you at no additional charge.  This is another great example of your maintenance dollars at work. 
Define the Inspection Group and the Prompt Order
STS Part Inspection RF Grouping Tab SmallAnother unique feature of the Inspection routine is your ability to group together inspection questions and their respective order on the Mobile Computer.
Using the RF Groups tab, you can create a group name for a set of inspection prompts (any inspection prompt can belong to multiple inspection routines).  This group name should something that best represents the type of inspection routine that is being performed. 
After you have selected all the prompts that belong to this inspection routine / RF Group, click on the Sort button to place all the prompts in the order they should be presented on the Mobile Computer.
A Special Thank You...
NASCC 2009We would like to thank all of our customers for your support this past year!  It has been a very good year with many new software features and enhancements.  We look forward to an even better year in 2010 and seeing all of you at the next NASCC show in Orlando.
Everyone here at P2 Programs wants to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (and busier) New Year!

Paul Parks
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