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October 2009
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It has been a long time coming but it is finally here!  With the interface between FabSuite and the Steel Tracking System (STS) application, you can not only receive and track your raw material against Purchase Orders in FabSuite using bar codes, you can also receive bar coded raw material against the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) file published by AISC several years ago.
Steel Day 2009 Product Release
Luke and Adrian
We saved the bar code inventory tracking module release for the best day of the year, September 18 - Steel Day 2009!
Representatives from AISC, FabSuite and P2 Programs traveled to B & B Welding in Baltimore, MD for the best software product release in many years.  Demonstrations were given all day long to the attendees at the B & B Welding facility in the use of the ASN for receiving raw material.  It was a great event and many of the attendees understood the giant leap forward this product release is going to have in the fabrication industry!
A little history on the ASN file.  The ASN file was created several years ago through an AISC committee.  One of the main goals of the ASN file was to allow for the electronic transfer of information from the mill to the fabricator for improved traceability.  Purchase Order data, heats, grades, shapes, sizes, lengths and Material Test Reports (MTR's) are some of the information items contained within the ASN file.  Using the bar code label from the mill and the electronic ASN file, you can now receive all your raw material using (bar code) mobile computers.  All the pertinent information from the ASN file will be transferred into the FabSuite inventory at receipt.
FabSuite Bar Coded Purchase Order Receiving
FabSuite PO ReceivingWith the FabSuite and STS product releases on Steel Day 2009, you can now print a bar coded Purchase Order in FabSuite for raw material receipts.  This option can be used for receiving raw material that does not contain an ASN label from the mill.  This new feature allows for the receipt and labeling of the raw material with bar codes generated by the STS application.
 Raw Matl Label
The PO number, length, grade and heat number of each piece of raw material is captured with the mobile computer and is transferred into the FabSuite inventory.  A label is then printed and applied to the raw material.  Many of the data items in the database can be displayed on the label in both a human readable and a bar code format.
FabSuite Bar Coded Cut List
FabSuite CutListFabSuite can even generate a bar coded cut list.  With the associated window on the STS mobile computer, you can scan the bar code on the Cut List and then scan the bar code on the raw material for total traceability to the final piece mark!  All relevant information is transferred to the piece that is being processed so that you will know the exact heat, grade, PO, etc. for any specific piece mark.  Imagine being able to tell your Client within a few clicks of your mouse, exactly which piece marks were produced from a specific heat or which heat or PO a specific piece mark was produced from?  That is the total traceability that can be achieved from the FabSuite and STS products!  Call your FabSuite or STS sales representative today for a web demo of this capability. 
A Special Thanks...
DennisWe want to thank Dennis McCartney of B & B Welding for hosting the release of our new products from FabSuite and P2 Programs.  Dennis has been a driving force behind the implementation of the of the ASN file and bar code technology in general.  With customers like B & B Welding continually pushing the envelope of technology and innovation, the future for the Steel Fabrication industry looks brighter every day! 

Paul Parks
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