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Come Celebrate Elvis!


Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935. HPL is celebrating the occasion two days early. On Thursday, January 6th, we will be showing Elvis in the 1967 beach film "Clambake", which also starred a young Shelley Fabares and Bill Bixby. Think The Prince and the Pauper, Elvis-style!

Free refreshments will include one of Elvis's favorite foods - fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Books and DVDs on all things Elvis will be on hand.

So mark your calendars for January 6th 12:30 - 2:30. It will be the perfect way to beat the post-holiday blahs.

Thank You M&T!

M&T Bank in Beacon has donated $250 toward Battle of the Books.  This year's HPL Beacon Bees came in 1st in the regional teen literacy competition!
Community donations are especially welcome this year, as budget cuts elsewhere have removed $5,000 from our Summer Reading Program budget.
Many families rely upon HPL to help their children keep up, or improve, their reading skills over the summer -- and also to provide a fun and educational destination for children and teens.
We truly appreciate the support of
M&T Bank!

Explore the Amazing History of You!


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Discover your family history with HeritageQuest, an easy-to-search collection of genealogical and historical sources - with coverage dating back to the 1700s.


This online collection includes Census records back to 1790; 28,000 digitized genealogy and local history books; Revolutionary War records; and "Freedman's Bank Records", which offers valuable data that can provide important clues to tracing African American ancestors prior to and immediately after the Civil War.

Visit HPL's WEBSITE to log in with your library barcode and PIN and you're in! Or use HPL's computers to access this in-depth resource.

Tips for getting started:

1. List what you know -- start an ancestral chart

2. Interview relatives -- make family group sheets

3. Get death records -- death certificates, obituaries, etc. Then...

4. Follow death-record clues --  time/place of death lead to birth, marriage, other records

5. Search census records -- learn where ancestors lived. Then...

6. Search local sources -- newspapers, local histories, property (land) maps, court and church records, tax lists, wills, etc.

7. Don't forget -- family histories, immigration records, ship passenger lists, military records, etc.

[Tips courtesy of HeritageQuest® Online]

Howland Public Library
E-News               2010 | four

Ebooks at Howland Public Library

EBooks through HPL!

Now people who own many popular eBook devices and computers can download free eBooks from the MHLS WEBSITE.  (This is in addition to free downloadable audio books that are already available.) 

In July, Amazon announced that quarterly sales of books for its Kindle ereader outnumbered sales of hardcover books. Amazon sold 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books! 

EReaders are here to stay.

At this time, Amazon Kindles are not compatible with HPL Overdrive eBooks, but Kindle owners can download over 15,000 free Project Gutenberg classics from HPL's site.

Don't own an eReader? HPL eBooks can be downloaded to most PCs and Macs.

Buying an eReader as a gift?  Want to give the gift of free eBooks, too?  Look before you buy: 

We hope that all devices will be supported in the future.



EBooks are available thanks to the 66 member libraries of the Mid-Hudson Library System; we all chipped in to start this eBooks collection!

Near and Far - the HPL Knitting Club Helps Those in Need
Howland Public Library Knitters 2010
Pictured: HPL Knitters Joan Powers, Alison Herrero, and Phyllis Sanford deliver hand-knit hats and scarves to Patti O'Dell (in red) at The Salvation Army.

The members of the Howland Public Library's "Knit Together" knitting club are to be commended for their giving and caring spirit. Untold hours have been spent tirelessly knitting for charity. This holiday season, two worthy organizations were chosen to be the recipients of the knitting club's time and talent: one organization helping those in our nearby community and one helping those living in the faraway Appalachian Mountains.

Near:  On December 10th, the Salvation Army in Beacon received knit hats, mittens and scarves to deliver to youngsters and adults.

Far:  The Santa Train is an annual project that provides gifts and lasting memories to hundreds of children along a 110-mile train route between Shelby, Kentucky and Kingsport, Tennessee. Our knit goods were mailed to the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce and were tossed from the train, on its 68th ride, on November 20th. For more information about the Santa Train, please visit, and click on "Programs", then click on "Santa Train."

Our thanks go out to the wonderful ladies of the "Knit Together" knitting club for their generosity and willingness to help out so many people near and far.  They include: Joan Cole, Elinor Coleman, Waveney Harrington, Alison Herrero, Phyllis Keaton, Esther Kenney, Joan Powers, Phyllis Sandford, Helen Umano, Barbara Verdesi, Helen Zeyak and Mary Pat. 

Love to knit or want to learn how? Consider joining our amiable group. We meet each Tuesday morning from 10am - 11:30am.

-- Alison Herrero
Adult Services Librarian

Sunday. December 12, 2010

The Howland Public Library
& The Howland Cultural Center
present -- for the 7th* year --
the No-Strings Marionettes
in two classic performances:

Jack & the Beanstalk
Sunday at 1 PM
Scrooge: a Christmas Carol
Sunday at 4 PM

All children admitted FREE
but must be accompanied by an adult.
Adult tickets: $10 for each show.
(Any proceeds go to the Howland Cultural Center.)

Both performances held at the
Howland Cultural Center
477 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

For more information or directions contact:
Ginny at the Howland Public Library -- 831-1134 or
Florence at the Howland Cultural Center -- 831-4988

The library regrets that this may be the last year we have funding to support this wonderful holiday program.

HPL BOT 2010-2011
                                                        Photo: P. Keaton

Howland Public Library Board of Trustees
FY 2010-2011
From left: Ann MacLeod, Vice-President; Dale Leifeste; Patricia Hasapis; David Lemon; Karen Palumbo; Gail Robinson; Marcia Frahman, President; Gary Barrack, Treasurer; and Prudence Posner, Secretary.


Last month marked my 10th anniversary as director of the Howland Public Library.  Working in a library is my job, but it's also my great pleasure. 

You get to meet some of the nicest people when you work in this library.  And some of the nicest people work at the Howland Public Library.  HPL's staff are public employees, but unlike many other public employees, they're non-union.  Some of our staff work 2-3 jobs to support their families.  They work hard, and the library couldn't run without them.  They're the heart and soul of HPL! 

None of what we do for you would be possible without the work of the HPL Board of Trustees.  Officially, library trustees are elected to oversee the facility, insure HPL's fiscal health, and establish policies. Unofficially, they do much more. Trustees are taxpayers in the Beacon City School District, and are not paid for their service.  They do a wonderful job representing the Community, and seldom get any recognition for their efforts.  So, to the dozen or so HPL trustees that I've worked with these past 10 years -- THANK YOU!

It takes a lot to serve a diverse community the size of the BCSD, and we're fortunate to have the help of dedicated volunteers and Friends.  Their work in, and on behalf of, the Howland Public Library is much appreciated.  Library people are the best!

The library's Reconfiguration Project made last year extra special for all of us:  users, volunteers, trustees and staff.  We're working on more grant-funded improvements this year (and matching donations are needed and  welcome!)  Once again, it will be my pleasure to help make it happen. 

Belated Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year to all!     
 Phyllis Keaton, HPL Director 
    Phyllis Keaton, MA, MLS
    HPL Director
Photo: M. Heuer