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Peter McGivney, MLS
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Alison Herrero, MLS

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    Ginny Figlia, MLS, Manager
Homework Center:
Shirley Reich-PT
Student Interns:
Sunedara Davis - PT
Brett Huff (Volunteer)

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Karen Sovik, Manager
Ai-Ping Ma, Assistant
Barbara Andujar - PT
Charlene Westerhuis (Volunteer)

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Bruce Pederson, Manager
Luvin Gory - PT

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Rhonda Johnson
Administrative Asst.-PT
Marcia Lumia, Finance

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There's always something good going on at the Howland Public Library. 

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4-Star Reviews from our Adult Summer Readers!

North River by Pete Hamill
North River is a wonderful combination of historical novel and love story. The story is placed in NYC in the 1930s, but there is no need to be bogged down with the history  (unless you want to!)  I loved the setting and the characters! -- Judy

Swan Peak by James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke not only writes some of the best crime fiction in America, he writes some of the best fiction in any genre. His prose, characterization, descriptions, dialogue, and plotting are first rate. The moral and thematic complexity of his work rivals that of any living writer. Swan Peak, his latest, is top notch. -- Peter

Vanishing Giants: Elephants of Asia by Palani Mohan

A six-year photographic journal into eleven Asian countries to show how elephant and human attempt to co-exist in a love-hate relationship of veneration and abuse.  The elephant serves in many capacities. "Fascinating" and "troubled" are two words that come to mind. Not a coffee- table book, the cover describes the book well: "Above all, treat it as a call to action, so that the title might serve as a rallying cry, rather than become the epitaph of a truly amazing animal." The photo project was exhibited in NYC and in Beacon, NY, which I saw. Thought-provoking.  -- Jan

Brief reviews of books or music or movies are welcome.  Submission indicates permission to publish.  Not all reviews will be published, and reviews will be edited for clarity and space. Please indicate a name or pseudonym to accompany your review.  Email reviews to HPL E-News

 Howland Public Library Chinese Cooking Class 0811
Photo: P. Keaton

Howland Public Library
Board of Trustees


Marcia Frahman
Vice President
Ann MacLeod
Sandra Moneymaker
Gary Barrack
Friends Liaison
Anne Forman
Joseph Guarneri
Patricia Hasapis
Suzanne MacElduff
Karen Crotty Palumbo

Board Meetings

Library board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in the Community Room. 
All meetings are public.  Notice of meetings and changes in dates are published in the local media and posted in the library.

Howland Public Library
E-News                2009 | three
National Library Week is an annual celebration of the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians.

Happy National Library Week!

April 12th to 17th

"The library is a wonderful community resource that should be encouraged to grow!"
                                --  Denise Loatman-Owens, Beacon

Howland Public Library has been encouraged! 
On April 2nd, voters in the Beacon City School District approved a 2% ($17,000) budget increase 437 : 172. 

The increase means that HPL should not have to impose a 25 cent "delivery fee" on items borrowed from other libraries, and that library hours will stay the same this year. 
(We operate the minimum number of hours allowed by the NYS Education Department.)

Free library services and reasonable hours of operation benefit everyone in the community. 
This would not be possible without
community support. 

Thank you!
Do you know someone who doesn't use HPL?
Please spread the word about all we have to offer! 

National Library Week is a great time to get a new library card or to replace a lost card.
See Library Card Amnesty Coupon Below!
Howland Public Library is your public good,
and as children's books remind us:
It's much more fun to share.

If you have family, friends, or neighbors who might enjoy reading about the library and community, or benefit from library coupons, let them know about HPL E-News.  Click this button to:

Forward to a Friend
Speaking -- or woofing -- of library cards...
Should HPL Give Teddy the Collie Our First Doggie Library Card?  


Doggie Tales at HPL
Teddy may not be able to read, but this collie is the best listener around.  He's one of the special therapy dogs brought in by Positive Paws volunteers once a month to listen to young readers practice reading out loud.
Howland Public Library Chinese Cooking Class 0811                
For more information about registering for this great
program check out "Doggie Tales Reading Buddies" on the library's ONLINE CALENDAR or contact Ginny at 845-831-1134, ex.103.       

Photos: G. Figlia

Howland Public Library Battle of the Books
Barnes & Noble Supports Battle of the Books! 
You can too!

Barnes & Noble will host a book fair to support local teen library programs during National Library Week (April 12-18).

When a customer at any Barnes & Noble store in the country presents a voucher, a portion of the sale will be  donated to the nonprofit Foundation for Hudson Valley Libraries to support the teen Battle of the Books program.

Battle of the Books is an important part of the Howland Public Library's Teen Summer Reading Program. Teens from libraries in five counties read books and then compete in a literary "battle".  Teen teams have a great time, and exercise their reading and thinking skills.

Barnes & Noble vouchers are available at HPL or can be downloaded below.  Family and friends who live at a distance from you, but who live near a Barnes & Noble, can use vouchers to support this great program, too.

Present the voucher at the time of purchase.  (If you forget the voucher, tell the cashier you want to support the Foundation for Hudson Valley Libraries. B&N should honor your request.)


To celebrate National Library Week and support Battle of the Books, the HPL Youth Advisory Committee and the HPL Anime Club plan a book buying trip and a tour of the Poughkeepsie Barnes & Noble Book Store on April 17th between 3 and 5 PM. Teens will buy books, including manga and graphic novels, for teens to borrow from the library. 

A permission slip signed by a parent/guardian is needed on or before the day of the trip. Teens interested in going on the buying trip or parents able to drive can contact Ginny Figlia at 831-1134 x 103 or click here to EMAIL GINNY. 

  Edukated Fleas at Howland Public Library

Photo: P. McGivney  

The Joint was Jumping with
the Edukated Fleas!

    On April 8th, the dynamic ukulele duo of Greg Doyle and Wendy Matthews had the Howland Public Library audience tapping their feet to a smooth swing beat. Everyone enjoyed listening to classic tunes, such as Gershwin's "Summertime" as well as unexpected memory joggers such as "Secret Agent Man" by Jonny Rivers. As Greg and Wendy stated, the ukulele is an instrument that can play just about everything.
    You may be wondering about the name "Edukated Fleas." Wendy explained that in Hawaiian the word ukulele can be broken down into uku which means "flea", and lele which means "jumping". While we still don't know how "edukated" the Fleas are, we can tell you that they had the library jumping with terrific swing music that will long be remembered.

   If you're sorry you missed the Fleas, check our online calendar for programs you don't want to miss!

                                        -- Alison Herrero
                                Adult Services Librarian

2009 Helen Savoit Award

for Library Advocacy
Celebrated March 27

Howland Public Library Chinese Cooking Class 0811

On March 27, 2009, about 100 people gathered at the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon to honor Jennifer Kurtz, recipient of the first Helen Savoit Award for Library Advocacy and to celebrate the contributions of former Howland Public Library Trustee Helen Savoit, who died in May 2008.

If you missed the event, you can experience it with us by clicking the links below.  If you were there and took photos, please share them! Email photos to HPL E-NEWS


The Howland Public Library Board of Trustees, with the help of the Friends of the Howland Public Library, plans to offer the award each year we find a deserving recipient. 

If you know someone in the community who has stood up for the Howland Public Library, or for all public libraries in the region, please consider nominating this person for the Helen Savoit Award for Library Advocacy next year.

This month, in honor of National Library Week, HPL offers a library card amnesty.  Any HPL card replacement fees will be waived.  If you need to  replace a lost library card, or if you'd like to trade your old card for a new key ring card -- fill out the coupon below and bring it to the front desk. 

In HPL E-News 2009 | two, the Friends of the Howland Public Library had a special offer for E-News readers.  The coupon entitled E-News readers to four free paperback books or $1.00 toward another item.  This offer is good until April 30th. 

If you missed the coupon, visit our E-NEWS ARCHIVE or pick up a coupon at the library or at Beacon Reads, 309 Main Street, Beacon. 

Coming up in HPL E-News 2009 | four, Howland Public Library receives $51,000 New York State Library Construction Grant!  This grant, matched by a bequest, gifts and donations, will enable HPL to reconfigure and refurbish existing space using green products and technologies whenever possible. 

We're very excited about this project, and hope you will be, too. 
Phyllis Keaton, HPL Director     Sincerely,                                  
     Phyllis Keaton
     Library Director/Editor                                      

     & Your Friends at the Howland Public Library                            
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