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Featured Article: Jennifer Kurtz Receives Library Advocate Award
HPL 2009 Budget & Trustee Vote
Ma's Home Cooking! Featuring Ai Ping Ma
Alison Herrero -- Our "Outstanding" Adult Services Librarian

Annual Library
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April 2nd
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 Howland Public Library Chinese Cooking Class 0811
Photo: P. Keaton

Howland Public Library
Board of Trustees


Marcia Frahman
Vice President
Ann MacLeod
Sandra Moneymaker
Gary Barrack
Friends Liaison
Anne Forman
Joseph Guarneri
Patricia Hasapis
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Click on the Friendship Tree above to learn about the mission of Friends of the Howland Public Library.

The Friends of HPL support the work of the public library of the Beacon City School District.

We operate Beacon Reads, a volunteer-run bookstore to benefit the Howland Public Library, 309 Main Street, Beacon. 
(See this month's coupon below.)

A Gates Foundation grant and Friends matching funds  purchased seven new public computers for the library last year, and will purchase three more this year.

Please join Friends of HPL.  Pick up a membership form at the library or download one here: 

Candied Walnuts

  Ai-Ping Ma's
Candied Walnuts
2 cups raw walnut  

1 egg white, lightly 

cup sugar
Nonfat cooking spray
1.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2.  In a large bowl, toss together the walnuts and the egg white.  To coat the nuts evenly, sprinkle with sugar and toss some more.

3.  Spread the walnuts on a nonstick baking sheet or one sprayed with nonfat cooking spray. Toast the walnuts for 8 to 10 minutes, turning the pan several times to ensure even coating.

4. Remove the sheet from the oven and let the nuts cool completely before using or storing.

5.  Store the nuts in an air tight jar. 

The egg white makes the nuts crisp beautifully.

Try other seasonings, such as cinnamon.  For a savory flavoring, try cayenne pepper, salt, curry powder. 

4-Star Reviews from our Adult Summer Readers!

Cathedral of the Sea
by Ildefonso Falcones
& translated by Nick Caistor

Trite to say, "I couldn't put it down", but true once you reach a certain point in the novel. If you love historical/Medieval novels, if you loved Follet's Pillars of the Earth, you will love this book!                 -- Judy

The Cocktail Hour  
                  by A.R. Gurney

This play is part of an anthology; I was spurred by seeing it.  It's funny with excellent dialogue. The plot: a playwright son writes The Cocktail Hour  about his family and asks their permission to put it on. Family secrets are alluded to, but it's for the reader to decide which are true.   -- Jan

Crazy, Sexy Cancer Tips                by Kris Carr

Excellent advice on how to live in the moment and to prioritize your life.                -- Jenn

The Luxe
            by Anna Godbersen

Soooo good!  If Jane Austen and Cruel Intentions had babies!  Can't wait to read the sequel.          -- Dorian

World Made by Hand
by James Howard Kunstler
[This book] is about a town in the Hudson Valley after oil has stopped flowing. People with a 21st Century mindset are living a 19th Century lifestyle.  This book is completely convincing in its vision of the near future, but also a great story, well-told, with strong characterizations and prose.           -- Peter
Howland Public Library
E-News                2009 | two
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"It's just great. Congratulations.  Although I am working now in Israel, I am always happy to hear about Beacon. Keep it coming!"
                                                                   All the best,
                                                                Lynn Holstein
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Featured Article
Jennifer Kurtz - Award Recipient

Jennifer S. Kurtz, Recipient
  Howland Public Library Helen Savoit Award

The Board of Trustees of the Howland Public Library is delighted to announce that Jennifer Kurtz has been selected as the recipient of the first Helen Savoit Award for Library Advocacy.
Jennifer is the Assistant Director of the Beacon Community Center, an elected member of the Beacon City School District Board of Education, and an active member of the Glenham PTO.  Jennifer Kurtz and her family have lived in the Town of Fishkill for over 10 years.

Jennifer serves on the Main Street Corridor Committee for Beacon and the Beacon of Hope Committee.  She was involved with the 2008 Taste of Beacon, and is a member of BACA, the Beacon Arts Community Association.  She has worked for Arbolino Insurance and is licensed for property & casualty and life & health insurance.       

Jennifer Kurtz was nominated for the award by HPL Adult Services Librarian Alison Herrero because of her role as a bridge between the Beacon Community Center and the Howland Public Library.  Jennifer chose HPL to host a "Celebrating Seniors" event, bringing a large group of BCC Seniors to the library. She encouraged HPL to bring our "Wii" gaming system to the BCC to demonstrate the bowling game to seniors. She included  HPL on the BCC "Senior Council", providing an opportunity to discuss library programs face-to-face with a variety of "movers and shakers" in Beacon and surrounding communities.

Jennifer also promotes the Howland Public Library. In May of 2008, at the "Taste of Beacon", she offered HPL a booth, which gave us a wonderful opportunity to distribute library information and talk with community members. She includes HPL in her posted seasonal program offerings, regularly posts our events fliers, and mentions our programs to BCC seniors.

Jennifer's efforts have been a catalyst to increased usage of our Howland Public Library programs. BCC seniors are now coming to our library to receive one-on-one computer help, join our knitting group and our Wii bowling program, and participate in other events.  Jennifer is a wonderful library advocate and deserving of the Helen Savoit Award.

The Helen Savoit Award was established in memory of Mrs. Savoit.  Many people remember Helen Savoit as a teacher in the Beacon City School District where she taught for over 25 years. A Town of Fishkill resident, Helen Savoit served on the Howland Public Library Board of Trustees from September 12, 1984 to June 19, 1995, and on the Mid-Hudson Library System Board of Trustees from 1988 to 1997.  As MHLS President, Mrs. Savoit represented all public libraries in the Mid-Hudson region.

In recent years, Mrs. Savoit, a life-long library user, volunteered in Beacon Reads, the bookstore to benefit the library, located at 309 Main Street.  For many years, she also facilitated a popular afternoon club that has been re-named the Helen Savoit Book Club in her honor. 

Helen Savoit's death on May 25, 2008 was a personal loss to the Howland Public Library and a great loss to all libraries in the region.  The Savoit family requested that donations in Helen's memory be sent to the Howland Public Library. The library has established this award in her name in recognition of her efforts on behalf of the Howland Public Library and all libraries, and in recognition that the need for people willing to speak up on behalf of public libraries lives on.

Jennifer Kurtz will be presented with the Helen Savoit Award for Library Advocacy at the Howland Cultural Center on March 27, 2009.  Tickets are $25.00; proceeds to benefit the Helen Savoit Award for Library Advocacy.  For information about the event, call the Howland Public Library at 831-1134 or EMAIL US.  Space is limited.  

Howland Public Library
Budget Referendum

Who: The Howland Public Library

Budget referendum & trustee election

Thursday, April 2 from noon-8 PM. 

313 Main Street, Beacon

  HPL has received no increase since 2004. In that time:
   library cardholders grew 26% 
   *  items loaned to other libraries grew 68%
   *  circulation grew 25% 
   *  program attendance grew 9%
   *  public computer use grew 54%

Please note: 
These increases took place at the same time that HPL was forced to:

   *  cut nine hours of operations due to lack 
       of funds

   *  reduce staff hours 16% due to same. 
       Our remaining staff has had to work   
       extra hard to keep up with community   
       use and needs.

Next year, due to proposed NYS cuts, the Mid-Hudson Library System will be forced to impose fees on libraries to support basic services such as the delivery of books between libraries. 

HPL's proposed increase includes:

   *  funds to pay these new system fees
   *  5 more hours per week for library cleaner
   *  10 hours for a teen homework helper
Copies of the budget available at the library. 

The proposed 2% budget increase of $17,000 amounts to one penny more per thousand assessed value, as estimated by the Beacon City School District.  In these economic times, any increase is not requested lightly, but the economy is sending people to the library in increasing numbers.  An increase is needed to help us meet increased community needs.

If the budget is not passed:

HPL will have very few options to cover increased costs.  One option is to pass the new MHLS fee on to our borrowers. The fee would be between 25 - 50 cents for each item delivered from another library.

Another option is to petition New York State to allow HPL to further reduce library hours.  HPL is already open the minimum number of hours for our chartered population.

Trustee Election:

HPL has two trustee candidates for two seats:  Prudence Posner and Dale Leifeste.  More trustee candidate information in HPL E-News 2009 | three.

The HPL Board of Trustees is made up of nine elected trustees who are not paid to serve. They all pay taxes in the Beacon City School District and live throughout the district.  They take their public responsibility very seriously, and hope that you will, too.  If you would like to receive an email to remind you to vote on April 2nd, click here:

  Ai-Ping Ma at Howland Public Library
Photo: A. Herrero  

Ma's Home Cooking!

   Featuring Ai-Ping Ma

     The delicious scent of authentic Chinese cuisine filled the Howland Public Library this past month and it wasn't take-out. The mouth-watering aroma came from the culinary creations of those participating in a Chinese cooking class, taught by expert chef Ai-Ping
Ma. Students learned how to make a complete and healthful Chinese meal from appetizer to dessert. 

"This kind of cooking is perfect for today's busy families," said Ms. Ma, who has worked at HPL for over 10 years.  "You can do a lot of the preparation in advance, so that when you come home from work you just have to cook it - and it's healthy!" she added.

Everyone enjoyed the chance to learn how to properly fold a wonton and a spring roll, as well as many slicing and cooking tips. Recipes were sampled and enjoyed.

Due to the popularity of this class, the Howland Public Library plans to host another in the future. 
In the meantime, you can have the Ai-Ping Ma experience in your own kitchen by following the recipe at left. 

Ai-Ping's cooking can also be enjoyed at the library's monthly foreign film series.  Each month, Ai-Ping whips up a treat based upon the film's country of origin.  To see what films are coming up, click on

                                         -- Alison Herrero
                                Adult Services Librarian


Alison Herrero

Adult Services Librarian Alison Herrero has received this year's New York Library Association/Reference & Adult Services Section Award for Outstanding Service to Adults.
In Alison's first year at HPL, the number of adult and senior programs grew from 43 to 109, and the number of people attending grew from 369 to 736!

Alison has instituted many new programs.  She started the first Adult Summer Reading Program. (See book reviews at left.) She started Wii Bowling for Seniors and the Knit Together Group, among others.  She arranges programs on topics such as personal finances and "greening" your home. She works with book clubs, offers 1-on-1 computer classes, and much more.

Also, Alison is working on a local history digitization project with the Beacon Historical Society and others through the Hudson River Valley Heritage program. Click below to see what she's working on:

For the Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration, Alison has organized a trip to the NYS Museum & a special tour of the NYS Archives on April 29th from 9 AM - 6 PM. $25.00 covers the cost of the bus & snacks.  To join her, click:

Alison Herrero provides truly outstanding services to adults & seniors in the BCSD.  Our knowledgeable and helpful library staff is a true community asset.
                                    -- Phyllis Keaton
                                       Library Director

Doggie Tales at HPL
Teddy may not be able to read, but this collie is the best listener around.  He's one of the special therapy dogs brought in by Positive Paws volunteers once a month to listen to young readers practice reading out loud.

Howland Public Library Chinese Cooking Class 0811            KIDS CAN
           VOTE HERE!

For more information about registering for this
great program check out "Doggie Tales Reading
Buddies" on the library's ONLINE CALENDAR or contact Ginny at 845-831-1134, ex.103.     

Photos: G. Figlia

This month, the Friends of the Howland Public Library have a special offer for E-News readers.  Print out the coupon below, fill in the blanks, and bring it to Beacon Reads at 309 Main Street, Beacon.  The coupon entitles you to four free paperback books or $1.00 toward another item.

Beacon Reads is a volunteer-run store that sells almost-new or used hardbound and paperback books, book and music CDs, DVDs, and more.  All proceeds benefit the Howland Public Library. 

Next month, in honor of National Library Week, HPL will hold a library card amnesty.  If you need to  replace a lost library card, or if you'd like to trade your old card for a new "key ring card" at no cost -- this one's for you!

Last month, 821 people opened HPL E-News 2009|one.  This is so cool!  HPL E-News "Readers-Only" coupons are our way of thanking you for reading us. 
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