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March 2011
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Are You Green With Envy?
Dr. Rita Receives Honors
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Saint Patrick's Day SALE!!!
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Are You Green With Envy?

Dr. Rita Hancock 
Do you want to stress-eat less frequently and have an easier time losing weight? If so, then stop comparing yourself with other people! When you compare yourself to others, the ensuing judgment causes you to feel either envious or lowly, and both of those feelings can lead to emotional eating and weight gain.
As soon as you think, "At least I'm thinner than she

is...." you become prideful. And when you think, "I'm so much fatter than her," you feel worthless, hopeless, and helpless. So, then, maybe you stuff yourself with food to medicate those unwanted, negative emotions.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, vow to take your thoughts captive. Feel free to wear green clothes and maybe even drink green beverages if and when it's appropriate (Green Kool-aid, of course). However, don't let your mind pull you into the land of green, envious thoughts. In that dark place, you won't find a rainbow or a pot of gold. You'll find only stress-eating, weight gain, and despair.
~Dr. Rita



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Dr. Rita Receives Honors! 

Dr. Rita has been re-appointed by the 

 Christian Medical And Dental Association 

for a second term as the

Oklahoma State Representative

in their

House Of Representatives



Update On The Eden Trademark Dispute

The trademark dispute brought against The Eden Diet Christian Weight Loss Program by the Eden Foods Company, which has A Trademark On The Word "Eden," is in the "Discovery" Phase.  This is where the opposing parties ask each other for documents, evidence, and names of witnesses that will be used later in the proceedings. By the grace of God, Dr. Rita has found compelling evidence supporting her right to use the phrase "The Eden Diet" for the purposes of this weight loss ministry. However, this dispute might still drag on for over another year.


Please continue to pray for a speedy, just, and merciful resolution to this situation, so that Dr. Rita can continue to do her good work for you without distractions.

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The Eden Diet has been a life-changing book for many (see our Testimonials page).

Do you know someone who could benefit from a Biblical and Merciful Christian Anti-Diet Weight Loss Program? Why not give it as a gift? Dr. Hancock will personally sign each copy.


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