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October 2010
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Beat Those Halloween Candy Cravings!
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"Beat Those Halloween Candy Cravings!" Dr. Rita Hancock

Even if you totally abstain from this so-called "holiday," it's hard to escape the overabundance of candy. So, here are a few tips that will help you avoid weight gain.  
  1. Don't buy Halloween candy until immediately before you plan to give it out.
  2. Don't buy Halloween candy that you feel a weakness toward.
  3. If you have leftover candy, freeze it. Out of sight = out of mind.
  4. Establish a "treat budget." Allow yourself one mini candy bar after each meal, or one a day. Or allow yourself two or three a week. The portion size and frequency are up to you, depending on how fast you wish to lose weight.
  5. Eat ONLY your most favorite kinds of candy. Life is too short to waste your calories on candy that you don't thoroughly love.
  6. Remember the "Apple Test," which I explained in my book. Wait until you're hungry enough to eat an apple (one that is not covered or dipped in caramel) before you eat your candy treat.
  7. Take time to enjoy that mini candy bar, if you choose to eat it, and you're hungry.
  8. If you get distracted and stressed and deviate from this plan, don't condemn yourself. Just resolve to do better and start over immediately. Don't wait for the next day to "start over." Start over right this minute to wait for true, physical hunger before you eat.

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