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September/October 2009
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4th Godly Affirmations CD Available
Dr. Rita secures a book publishing contract with Zondervan!
A Note from Dr. Rita
Dr. Rita lectured at CMDA
Dr. Hancock's Blog
On Television
Online Eden Diet Support Group
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Available 10-15-09!
Visit the online store after 10-15-09 to reserve your copy!

A Battle With The Flesh
Dr. Hancock's fourth Godly Affirmations CD, "A Battle With The Flesh."

  battle with the flesh 

Would you like to beat those childlike, fleshly impulses that compel you to eat when you're not hungry?

Dr. Hancock's fourth Godly Affirmations CD, "A Battle With The Flesh," is coming soon!

In Dr. Hancock's Godly Affirmations CDs, you are continually reminded of God's love, mercy, and truth, and that automatically helps you to think more positively the rest of the time. When you think positively and in line with the truth of God, you feel positive. Thus, you feel less stress, and that helps you overcome stress-eating and other forms of emotional eating.

"Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. Overcome negative self-talk by recognizing it and practicing (positive thinking)"
-The Mayo

Visit The Eden Diet Online Store for other Godly Affirmation CD's to start your journey down the positive thinking track to a healthier, happier way of life!

Dr. Rita secures a book publishing contract with Zondervan!

Look for more of Dr. Rita's positive, health promotion books in the future!

A Note from Dr. Rita
  Dr. Rita Hancock 

Hello, fellow Eden Dieters! I'm very excited to tell you about the changes coming to the Eden Diet program in the Winter of 2009. As you may know, the book is going to be re-released by Zondervan, a Christian book publishing company, with a projected release date of December, 2009. Among the changes to the program will be a new book cover and web design. However, the content of the book will remain largely unchanged, except for a very few additions and clarifications. That means if you purchased an older version of the book and workbook with the lime-green cover the image of Eve, there is probably no need for you to purchase the next edition, unless you're starting a workshop and want to have the same book as the rest of the group.
During this sixty to ninety days of transition, please visit my blog by clicking on the "blog" button at the top of the home page of the website. You will find many helpful and supportive articles there, and I will continue to make entries into my blog through this transition period. I will keep you posted regarding which national Christian television shows will be featuring me as a guest expert for weight loss, coinciding with the release of the next edition. 
May God bless you with excellent health and freedom from bondage to food!
~Dr. Rita

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Dr. Rita lectured on weight loss at the national meeting of the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) on Saturday, September 26, 2009. Well over one hundred physicians packed in for a standing-room-only lecture, and her books sold out of the CMDA bookstore within minutes of the end of the lecture.
Dr. Rita is the Oklahoma State Representative in the CMDA's House of Representatives, and is also a member of the CMDA's female subgroup, Women in Medicine and Dentistry.


Dr. Hancock's Blog!
  rita green wall 

Visit Dr. Hancock's blog to read helpful tips on weight loss and positive encouragement!

Become a blog follower and receive inspirational messages for weight loss several times a month from Dr. Hancock

Here are a few Recent Entries:

  • Body Size: Perception vs. Reality
  • Not My Responsibility
  • Pray For Your Enemies
  • Uncommon Common Sense
  • See Yourself As You Want To Be
  • Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
  • Do You Eat With Or For Satisfaction?
  • Doctor, I Keep Playing The Song, But I Can't Get It Out Of My Head
  • What's In The Cup Comes Out Of The Cup

On Television


Look for Dr. Rita on national television in the Fall and Winter of 2009, as she and Zondervan promote the re-release of
The Eden Diet.

Check out other news on's news page:



Online Eden Diet Support Group eden diet blog

If you can't make it to any of our Support Groups that meet weekly, you may want to try our NEW bi-monthly online Eden Diet Support Group!

Designed to bring fellow Eden Dieters together to discuss struggles, triumphs, questions and encouragement, this forum can even help those who are currently in Support Groups during their days between groups!

Go to the link: EdensFreedomSisters to join!

(This is a Yahoo Health Online Support Group)

 Book Sales Temporarily On Hold!

By contractual agreement with Zondervan, Dr. Rita has stopped supplying and other vendors with the current edition of The Eden Diet book, The Eden Diet---A Condensed Version, and The Eden Diet ebook. This is to make way for the new Zondervan edition of the book, which will be released in December, 2009.
Please note these exceptions: 
  • The Eden Diet Workbook will remain available on indefinitely, even though the book sales are on hold.
  • Dr. Rita has a limited supply of The Eden Diet and The Eden Diet--A Condensed Version, which she will continue to sell via
  • The Godly Affirmations audio CDs continue to be available ONLY via

Look for the next edition, coming November/December 2009!

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Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your quest to 'thin-ness'.
May your QUEST be BLESSED!

Rita M. Hancock, M.D.