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August 2009
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Dr. Rita secures a book publishing contract with Zondervan!
Interview with Dr. Kenneth Ferraro, Ph.D.
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Dr. Rita secures a book publishing contract with Zondervan!

Look for more of Dr. Rita's positive, health promotion books in the future!

Interview with Dr. Kenneth Ferraro, Ph.D.
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Interviews with Christian scholars and professors on the subject of weight control.

Dr. Rita: This month, I am pleased to present an interview with Dr. Kenneth Ferraro, Ph.D.  Dr. Ferraro is a Christian and a distinguished professor of sociology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. His research focuses on the connection between a person's religious affiliation and his or her health habits and body weight. His work is important, because if we study how certain religious groups are succeeding in health promotion, we may be better able to implement those positive changes through the churches on a broader scale.
Welcome, Dr. Ferraro. It's an honor to have you as a guest.
Dr.Ferraro: Thank you.


Dr. Rita: Dr. Ferraro, is it true that religious Americans are more likely to be obese than non-religious Americans?
Dr.Ferraro: That question is more complex than it seems.  It actually depends on the type of religious group considered and on how those groups practice their faith. Some religious groups, such as Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists, are more likely to promote health through regular exercise and moderation in eating. However, other religious groups (Southern Baptists, Fundamentalist Baptists, Pentecostals, Assembly of God, Church of God) are more likely to view eating as one of the few "allowable" pleasures (since drinking alcohol, etc., may be shunned).  Catholics tend to fall somewhere in the middle.


Dr.Rita: It has been suggested that the church promotes obesity through all the food-related functions (pot lucks, etc.). What do you think about that?
Dr.Ferraro:  That is entirely possible in certain cases, but, again, it depends on which religious subgroup you're talking about. Some groups practice what I like to call "Krispy Kreme Christianity," where they serve donuts, cakes, and other sweet foods to entice people to attend their various functions. This is often the case for adults, but especially for youth and children's groups. But other religious groups, including many of the Midwestern mega churches, have excellent health promotion programs. Many of those big churches have actual sports complexes, complete with walking tracks, gyms, and indoor pools.   


Dr.Rita: Tell us what you found in regard to Christians who watch religious TV programs.
Dr.Ferraro: Believe it or not; those who tend to watch a large amount of religious TV tended to gain more weight over an eight year period than those who do not watch religious TV.  We also observed that this effect was stronger for women than for men.  We are still studying the  exact reasons why religious TV is related to obesity, but it appears to be  related to the sedentary lifestyle, especially when coupled with greater acceptance of being obese.


Dr.Rita: I have heard the argument that weight control is a man-made concern (i.e. is not mentioned in the Bible and is therefore not required by God). In light of this, why bother trying to become thin? Doesn't God love us as we are?
Dr.Ferraro: You're right. Even though gluttony-or what we might call overeating or super-consumption-is shunned in the Bible, God doesn't require us to lose weight after the fact.  He loves us as we are. On the other hand, I agree with you, "Just because obesity is allowable it's not necessarily advisable." Obesity is a major public health concern. 
On the basis of some of my other research on body weight and health, I have found that being active is more important than losing weight.  When we tracked overweight people for 20 years, we found that regular physical activity was a stronger predictor of health than was losing weight. 
A sedentary lifestyle frequently leads to health problems, especially for overweight persons.  Even if a person dislikes "exercising," just increasing overall physical activity has health benefits.  Indeed, the activities to which I refer do not take much time or money.  Examples include parking farther away in the parking lot and using the stairs instead of the elevator.  These acts, if done regularly, can add up to better health.


Dr.Rita: Should the church promote weight control?
Dr.Ferraro:  In some ways, yes, but probably not from the pulpit. When pastors preach on obesity and/or gluttony, it can come off as accusatory and condemning. Programs, such as weight loss groups and workshops, tend to work better without engendering the guilt and shame. But, of course, it depends on the program.


Dr.Rita: If you could leave us with a few practical tips that you've learned from your research, what would they be?
Dr.Ferraro: If you watch a lot of religious TV, consider exercising on a treadmill, a stationary bike, or performing some other physical activity while you watch. And, think about the attitudes that your church has toward exercise and healthy eating. If you're not careful, those habits might rub off on you.  Better yet, be a voice for health within your congregation.  You will find others who want the encouragement to live a healthy life.


Dr.Rita: Thank you so much not only for this helpful information, but also for your work, in general.
Dr.Ferraro: My pleasure!

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