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February 2009
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Valentine's Day Chocolate:
To Eat or Not to Eat?

  Dr. Rita Hancock By Rita M. Hancock MD 

Do you like Valentines Day chocolate as much as I do? Then go ahead and have a small  piece of your favorite kind-but wait until you're hungry and then eat it to the glory of God, just as Paul told us to do in 1 Corinthians 10:31.  

    How will you know if you're hungry enough to eat that luscious little chocolate-gift from God? Use "The Apple Test." Imagine your bon bon on a plate next to an apple. Are you hungry enough to eat the apple? If not, then wait before you eat the chocolate. Get busy. Allow yourself to become distracted. Pray. Sing songs that glorify God. Clean out your purse. Get out of the house and go for a walk.  

    When you finally are hungry enough to eat the apple, that's when you can have the bon bon. Eat it slowly and savor it. Let it melt on your tongue. You're allowed to enjoy it. God put chocolate on the earth exactly for times such as this.  

    Now, don't you feel like you just rubbed Satan's face in the dirt? Who said you're not allowed to eat chocolate? It wasn't God. 

    Remember: Jesus is Lord over you and you are the Lord over the food. Unless you're ill and have been advised by your physician to be on a special diet, you can eat any kind of food you enjoy, even candy, but in small amounts and only when you're hungry.  

    By the way, in case you're tempted to condemn yourself for your "mistakes" (for those times when you eat more bon bons than is good for you), just forgive yourself as God forgives you, and move on. You don't have to be perfect at this plan to succeed. You just have to be persistent. That's why I call it a "merciful" plan.


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linda picture Pilates Training
From a Physical Therapist

As a Licensed Physical Therapist/Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a third generation Certified Pilates Instructor, I teach my clients the method developed by Joseph Pilates some 97 years ago. The goal of the Pilates Method is to strengthen the person's core (trunk) muscles that attach to the spine and pelvis in order to help him or her perform life's daily activities with zest and ease. This exercise method helps people to feel more energy and endurance, and it can help people recover from and even prevent physical injuries.

     How about you? Do you tend to get injured easily? Do you feel tired all the time? Perhaps you should consider starting out slowly in a beginners' Pilates program to increase your own physical health and zest for life.

     In the Pilates method, I approach core stability training by engaging postural muscles first (stabilizers) then the actual target muscles (prime movers) to create the desired movement.  This ensures that each movement has a stable base of support.  This also improves "proprioception," which is where your joints become more stable during movement.
    Why is proprioception important to you? Recent research performed by Physical Therapists shows that chronic back pain is associated with loss of proprioception and until that is relearned the back pain will continue because the spine cannot appropriately respond to forces even though the original injury is healed.

    Pilates also improves posture. Proper posture allows the body to be aligned as vertical to gravity as possible to decrease the force/load on muscles and joints.  Along these lines, Pilates helps recruit the correct muscles and avoid unnecessary strain on the body.  As one gains more insight into their body they achieve increasingly fine muscle isolation and muscle integration for better overall posture and functioning.

    But will Pilates bulk you up like a body builder? No. The exercises develop flexible rather than bulging muscles. Joseph Pilates was influenced by watching animal's movement patterns.  He stated, "Watch a cat rise after a nap, he stretches deliberately flexing each muscle as he arches up then with extreme balance he attacks his prey."  A specific Pilates exercise called the roll up and roll down enhances cleansing/emptying of the lungs as well as stretching muscles so that the body is supple as that of a cat and does not develop musculature like that of a workhorse.

    How do you find a skilled Pilates instructor?  Ask how many hours of training he or she went through before beginning to teach.  The National Pilates Alliance recommends at minimum approximately 400 hours of training prior to taking on the general public in private or small group classes.  The teacher should be versed in functional spinal anatomy and have spent at least 60 hours in personal practice and 60 or so hours of being observed teaching by a certified established Pilates Instructor.  This will ensure success in the true Pilates experience.  

     In summary, The Pilates Method helps you gain automatic control over your muscles and balance around every joint, protecting you from injury and disease and increasing your energy and zest for life. Through repetition of the Pilates movements, proper movements become your body's automatic and natural reaction to life's physical stressors. In addition, you develop grace, balance, and a sturdy body by learning to recruit all required muscles consistently.

Yours in Fitness,

Linda S. Roberts MS,RPT,CSCS



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