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January 2009
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The Eden Diet: Weight Loss Through God's Love, Not Through Dietary "Works"
  Dr. Rita Hancock By Rita M. Hancock MD 

Your body is God's temple. It's right to care for it properly. However, it's also possible to get caught up in losing weight for the "works" element rather than out of love for Him.

      For some people, losing weight can be an unconscious attempt to achieve validation. They think, "If I lose weight, I'll show God (and myself and those around me) that I'm a good Christian-that I'm more together and obedient-and that I'm finally good enough." In a way, it's a form of spiritual perfectionism-or bondage-feeling that you have to redeem yourself with weight loss "works" to earn His approval.

      But obedience is supposed to flow naturally out of love, according to 1st John 5, not hold you in bondage or make you feel guilty. The way you eat should not be a tool through which you try to manipulate God. "If I eat properly and lose weight, then God will be pleased with me and give me an easy life." When you think that way, your obedience (or failure at obedience) becomes a tool that Satan uses against you.

      That's why the concept of eating properly as a demonstration of your obedience to God is potentially harmful. It can help you or it can be twisted around and used against you by the Accuser to cause guilt and shame, which, in turn, cause you to feel separated from God.

      God doesn't want you to eat properly for the sake of obedience, He doesn't want you to feel guilty and shameful, and He doesn't want you to feel separated from Him. He primarily wants you to be closer to Him in relationship. He looks at you through the eyes of mercy and love, not condemnation and blame.

      After you overeat, God wouldn't even mention the word "obedience." He'd say, "My heart breaks for you, child. You had a deep need for Me and you tried to medicate your void with food. I wish you could receive My deeper healing instead." He would NOT say, "I'm angry because you disobeyed Me." The latter statement reflects self-centeredness, not love. Therefore, it can't be from God.

      God is not a whip-cracking overlord who cares about minutia like what you do or don't eat. In the New Testament, the Lord said to not worry about what you eat and drink (Matthew 6:25). Worrying about such trivial things distracts you from God and makes you even more vulnerable to Satan's attacks.
 God is all about love. He is love. But, He won't love you extra if your obedience helps you to lose your unwanted fat. He won't love you extra if you break out of bondage to food. He won't even love you extra if you draw closer to Him through your weight loss. He loves you the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, no matter how much your weight fluctuates.

      Likewise, failure at weight loss won't bring an eternal penalty. If you've asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life, you are saved by His grace once and for always, again, no matter what you weigh or how you eat. 

      In summary, if you're seeking to improve your eating habits, stop trying to force the change through obedience. It often backfires and becomes a tool that Satan uses to cause guilt, shame, and condemnation.

      Instead, relax, let go of the pressure, and lose weight in the flow of God's will through The Eden Diet. You will feel so good emotionally that you won't even want to overeat anymore. Voila! Weight loss the more joyful way-through love!


dr pedro gismondi EXERCISE?
With THESE Knees??
An Article by Guest Writer,
Pedro Gismondi, MD

If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer with arthritis but wish to exercise, take heart. You can do strength-building exercise without grinding down the remaining cartilage (padding) in your joints. I know this since my training days at the Mayo Clinic helping people with painful joints, first as an internist and later as a fully trained rheumatologist (an arthritis specialist).   
      The most protective exercise for all your moving parts is water exercise. Because of the buoyancy of the water (its ability to help you float), the exercise causes less trauma or pounding to occur at your joints, while allowing you to move your body parts painlessly and get your heart rate up.      
      Every city has warm water exercise programs, and some of these are led by trained physiotherapists. To find a program in your area, look in the yellow pages under "Physical Therapy" and make a few phone calls to the bigger facilities. Also, call the physical therapy departments of your local hospitals and the athletic departments of your local colleges. Finally, if you live in a larger city, try your neighborhood YMCA. Many offer water exercise classes or free swim times in their pools.  
      In addition to the aerobic exercise that you can get in the water, you need to strengthen the muscles in your legs. By increasing the tone in one of the muscles in your thighs (the vastus medialis muscle), you can also have less pain. Strengthening that muscle helps the kneecap track better in its groove and that, in turn, decreases your knee pain.        

      To strengthen your vastus medialis muscle, sit in a comfortable chair with your legs and thighs stretched all the way outward in front of you (with fully straightened knees). If you have to do one leg at a time, that's okay. Then, tighten the outstretched thigh until it feels rock-hard. Also tighten your buttocks and belly. Hold the tightness for 7 seconds. Count slowly and release. Repeat 150 times per day. You will not become Rocky Balboa, but you will become stronger little by little and hopfully experience fewer symptoms, as well.        
      Other treatments for knee arthritis include medical interventions, like steroid or joint lubricant injection that your doctor can offer. However, many of my patients prefer non-medicinal, natural treatments where possible. That's why I recommend the topical cream that I call, "Dr. Gismondi's Arthritis Rub."  It is based on menthol and an herb called Arnica montana, which reduces or abolishes arthritis pain. If you decide to try it, begin by applying 2 coats 10 minutes apart before and after the exercise.        

      For more information about my arthritis rub, visit at Proceeds go to funding my Christian ministries programs in impoverished areas. May God bless you and help you to achieve the healthier body that you desire.   
In His name,       
Pedro Gismondi, MD
Rheumatologist/Medical Missionary



A New Online Eden Diet Support Group eden diet blog

If you can't make it to any of our Support Groups that meet weekly, you may want to try our NEW online Eden Diet Support Group!

Designed to bring fellow Eden Dieters together to discuss struggles, triumphs, questions and encouragement, this forum can even help those who are currently in Support Groups during their days between groups!

Go to the link: EdensFreedomSisters to join!

(This is a Yahoo Health Online Support Group)


Dr. Hancock's Upcoming Book Signings!
Come get your copy of The Eden Diet signed and meet Dr. Hancock in person 

Saturday, January 10th, 2009
1-3 pm at Norman Barnes & Noble
540 Ed Noble Parkway, Norman, OK 73072
(405) 579-8800

Monday, January 19th, 2009

7-9pm at Barnes&Noble,
13,800 N. May Ave, OKC, OK

(405) 755-1155
  Dr. Hancock will give a free SEMINAR at this signing only

Saturday, January 31st, 2009
4-6pm at Hastings Books in Norman, OK
(405) 329-5527


  • Look for an article about Dr. Hancock's book in The Daily Oklahoman sometime during the week of January 12th-16th.

  • Listen to Dr. Hancock's radio interview on The House FM on Tuesday morning January 13th between 7:30-8am.

The Eden Diet -- A Great Resolution! the eden diet book

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Two NEW Eden Diet Support Groups
Join The Roster!

Check out two new
Eden Diet Support Groups:

1. Edmond Christian Church -
2800 East Danforth Road, Edmond, Oklahoma.
We're planning an overview  6:30 Wednesday evening, January 7th, 2009. We will officially start the following Wednesday.
Contact person is Kari. Email: kwade [at]
2. Vero Beach, Florida.
Contact person is Debbie. Email: debrabee [at]
See the support groups page at for additional groups around the country.

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