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December 2008
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Damage Control for the Holidays
ARTICLE: Why We Overeat and How to Change
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Damage Control for the Holidays
  autographed by author By Rita M. Hancock MD 

Would you like some extra powerful strategies to help you beat temptation this holiday season? Would you like to actually lose rather than gain weight this year? Then, try these simple strategies for weight loss victory.

      First and foremost, remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. He is more important to you than food, right? Then, put your money where your mouth is. Challenge yourself to reflect God's love in non-food-related ways. Intentionally boycott the man-made tradition of giving cookies, fudge, or other sugary treats as gifts.

      Holiday sweets are like boomerangs. When you send them out, they come back to you. If you make fourteen dozen cookies, you get fourteen dozen cookies in return. Even if you don't bake a single cookie, you'll get at least three dozen, anyway, as gifts. Who needs that extra temptation in the house?

      Besides, think of all the time back-breaking work it takes to make and package those desserts, let alone clean up the kitchen after baking them.

      More than ever, during the holiday season, you need to spend your time and effort in a better way than baking unnecessary food. Read Scripture, pray, and meditate on the REAL reason for Christmas. And exercise. Those are healthy activities that center you in the right place (on God) and also relieve that extra holiday-induced extra stress.

      If you're at a loss for non-food-related gift ideas, try this alternative: make a REAL food gift. Why not give a casserole instead of fudge? You'll save the recipient from having to cook a meal during this chaotic time of year. Or, give healthy snacks, like beef jerky, fruit, or other less-tempting, yet still delicious treats.

      If you're crafty, make home-made Christmas ornament gifts or other holiday mementos instead of giving food. If you're not crafty, buy inexpensive gifts like candles, stationery, ornaments, and gift cards for gasoline or long-distance phone calls. Or, give gifts of service. Take an elderly neighbor Christmas shopping. Put up his or her Christmas decorations. Or, offer to baby sit or wrap your neighbors' gifts while they shop.

      Second, if you receive food gifts, like cookies or candy or fudge, reserve them for those holiday parties. Why not? If they're gifts, you can do what you want with them, right? You are expected to share food at those parties anyway. Why not share food you were given as a gift? Who said you have to actually make something from scratch for every party you go to? And who said you have to eat every crumb of food that is given to you?

      Third, if you receive a particularly special gift that you would like to enjoy for yourself, then feel free to do so-when you are actually hungry. You might even make that special food your entire meal. Yes, I'm saying that you might have a cookie breakfast or a pumpkin bread lunch occasionally during the holidays. If you do that, you'll probably find that at your next meal, you crave real food.

      Fourth, budget your food intake. If you know you'll be attending parties, cut back on unnecessary treats in between those parties. Don't even buy treats to keep in the house. As I said, you'll get plenty elsewhere.

      Even though you're showing self-discipline by not baking and eating unnecessary food, you're not really depriving yourself. You're just holding off until the parties to enjoy your treats. And you're eating treats in small amounts and when you're actually hungry-just like God intended in the beginning.


collyn Why We Overeat and Tips on How to Change
An Interview with
Collyn Moone, MSW, LCSW

by Rita M. Hancock, MD

Dr. Hancock:
"Collyn, What leads people to overeat to the point of being significantly overweight?"
Collyn: There are various components that merge to form a pattern of eating disorders and disordered eating behavior, including obesity, and there are many reasons why people overeat to the point of being significantly overweight.  Each individual has to become aware of his or her own contributors and emotional triggers before truly breaking the cycle of disordered eating.  Some of the main, underlying issues are related to psychological factors such as a history of trauma, life stressors and transitions, changes in your body, sexuality issues, biological factors such as brain chemistry, genetic contributors, personality structure, and sociocultural pressures such as family values and traditions, your peers, and messages from the media. 
Dr. Hancock: "What causes people to fixate on what they do or don't eat?"
Collyn: Food is something you feel you can control, but the irony is that you actually at the same time feel very out of control.  Food becomes your "drug."  Eating is your coping skill.  Food is always there for you, it doesn't talk back, it doesn't insult you, and it sure does taste good going down.  However, the food is only a temporary fix.  Once your plate is empty, the guilt sets in and you hate yourself even more.  You are disgusted with your body and you abhor your lack of self-control.  So then, in order to numb the pain and self-hatred, you once again turn to what you know, to what is familiar, to what you feel works for you, which is food... and so the addiction cycle of disordered eating continues.   
Dr. Hancock: "What emotional or psychological factors keep people from losing weight?"
Collyn: There are many emotional and psychological factors that keep people from losing weight, such as boredom, grief, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, loneliness, anger, troubled interpersonal relationships, a history of abuse, growing up being targeted and teased, etc.  Food becomes your friend, the only consistency in your life, and so it is understandable that many times you might feel conflicted about changing your eating habits.  You feel even more vulnerable, even more hopeless and exposed, and although you know intellectually that it is a healthier choice to lose the weight, you feel inside that it is impossible.     
Dr. Hancock: "What causes people to regain weight once they've lost it?"
Collyn: If the underlying factors are not addressed, they will remain, whether or not the weight is lost.  However, if the weight is taken off and the underlying issues are not dealt with, things can slip right back to the way they were before, or often times even transfer to a new addiction, such as alcohol or substance abuse. 
Dr. Hancock: "What are the best tools for overcoming eating for emotional reasons?"
Collyn: It is very important to glean insight into your personal emotional and psychological triggers and to find the necessary support to deal with these underlying issues, such as psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, medical treatment, support groups, and even psychiatric treatment and inpatient treatment if necessary, or any combination of treatment modalities depending on the severity of the problem. 
Dr. Hancock: "Collyn, What kind of counseling do you offer and how can it help?"
Collyn: Every person is different; therefore the type of psychotherapy treatment provided is personalized and based on individual needs.  My therapeutic approach includes humanistic, client-centered therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, which will help the client to cease the disordered eating behavior while developing new coping skills, and resolve the underlying issues that contribute to undesirable life patterns and begin a process of healing.  In addition to psychotherapy, I believe a holistic approach is best, and therefore referrals to appropriate sources such as nutritional counseling, medical support, spiritual guidance, psychopharmacological support, etc. are provided as needed.      
Dr. Hancock: "How can patients contact you?"
Collyn: Please call the office phone and leave a voice mail if no one is present to take the call -- (405) 701-2700  Norman, Oklahoma. Your call will quickly be returned, and at that time we can set up an appointment for intake.  All calls and services are strictly confidential.  I do accept some insurance, but if I am not a provider on your particular insurance, I can provide you with the appropriate paperwork for reimbursement if you have out of network benefits.  I work with clients of all ages and treatment needs.  Please call and we can discuss your needs at that time.  I look forward to talking with you!

Collyn Moone, MSW, LCSW
Park On Main Executive Suites
3750 W. Main St., Ste. 244
Norman, OK73072
Office: (405) 701-2700



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Dr. Hancock's Radio Interview
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Monday, Nov 17th, 2008


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