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October 2008
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ARTICLE: When Eating Takes Over
ARTICLE: Is Pride Making You Swallow?
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We are so honored to have Dr. Clark Gerhart, MD as a guest author this month. Please welcome our special guest surgeon and Christian author in his article:

Dr. Clark GerhartWhen Eating Takes Over

Serious and Surprising Side Effects of Overeating

by Clark Gerhart, MD
Surgeon and Christian Author,  Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin
(Strang Communications, 2005)


During a recent operation I was using a laparoscope, a long skinny telescope, to look around someone's insides where I found a surprise. My goal was to remove the patient's gallbladder, but after entering the abdomen, I discovered a severely diseased liver. The normally smooth, glistening, deep purple surface was now gnarled and lumpy and gray. It resembled the nasty liver you'd expect to find in a person who had spent the last few decades drinking his meals out of a bottle.
    However, this patient wasn't an alcoholic. Except for his gallstones, he was overweight but otherwise very healthy-at least he appeared so from the outside. Since there was no other reason for his liver disease, after pulling his gallbladder out through his belly button, I biopsied the liver to find out what was wrong.
    The answer: steatosis, or fatty liver, a common side effect of obesity where fat cells invade and take over the liver. In most cases this is very benign. Like the spare tire most of us carry around our waist, the liver just has a few excess pounds. But when the obesity is severe and prolonged, the normal liver cells are crowded out and liver function is gradually reduced. In advanced cases, like my patient, it produces inflammation around the hepatocytes (liver cells) that leads to fibrosis, or scarring, and cirrhosis-just like an alcoholic's liver.
    Boy was he shocked to find out that he had the liver of a drunk laying in a gutter. He never saw his weight problem as that serious-at least not serious enough to take drastic measures to fix. But I wonder what steps he would take to find a cure if he was an alcoholic facing the slow shriveling death of his liver. I'll bet he'd join AA, talk to a pastor, see a doctor, use medication, and even consider an inpatient stay in a rehab facility. Obesity treatment needs to be just as comprehensive. Support groups, spiritual guidance, medical help, hospitalization, even surgery can all be appropriate.
    So over eating and over drinking have something in common-and it's not just their effects on the liver. They both slowly invade and take over your life causing deep, often hidden, severe problems. And they are also both caused by similar complex physical, spiritual and emotional factors and need multi-modal therapy. You wouldn't tell an alcoholic the answer to his problems is just to drink less.  Just eating less is not the answer to obesity. Addressing the underlying spiritual and emotional causes-while also dealing with physical factors-is the only way to produce a lasting cure.

Dr. Rita Hancock
Is Pride Making You Swallow?

By Rita Hancock, MD


You've heard about swallowing your pride, but did you know that pride can also make you swallow --- literally? If you think about the emotional triggers that can lead to unnecessary eating, you find that many of those emotions can be traced back to pride.

    What is pride? It can be defined as excessive concern over one's self-image. Pride is all about us: how powerful we feel, how we perceive other people to treat us, whether we feel loved or respected, whether other people remember to worship us and follow our commands. It is always completely ego-centered thinking, "Me, me, me."

     If we feel out-of-control, powerless, frustrated, unintelligent, or unattractive, it threatens our self-esteem; and so we eat. Eating brings us momentary pleasure, and distracts us from feeling bad about ourselves.

    Do you tend to eat when your self-esteem is threatened? If so, I would like to help you find a healthier solution. The answer has to do with undergoing a change in your thinking. You must replace the old, destructive tapes in your mind with new tapes-tapes that lead to healthier attitudes and habits.

    Here's how to begin that mental transformation: first, learn the truth as God revealed it in the Bible- particularly in the New Testament. Read the passages that deal with food and eating. Prayerfully and intentionally seek God's will in that area of your life. Otherwise, as you begin your analysis of your thoughts and attitudes about food, you won't know which of your beliefs are godly and which thoughts originate in your flesh or in the world.

    Second, pay attention. Police your thoughts. If you identify an inappropriate urge to eat, capture that thought and dissect it. Say to yourself, "Wait a I actually physically hungry right now?" If the answer is "No," then next ask yourself, "What triggered me to want to eat? Did I feel angry or frustrated or insecure for some reason? Did something challenge my sense of importance or self-esteem?"

    Third, remember the truth. No matter what your emotions and your flesh tell you, you are not really all that powerful anyway (no offense). Neither are the people that you measure yourself against. Only Jesus is Lord.

    When you feel powerless, realize that eating excess food does not make you more powerful, intelligent, appreciated, or respected. It only causes you to become overweight, miserable, and sick; and it leads you to an early grave. It's exactly what Satan wants. He wants to destroy you, and he does it through your pride.  
    Finally, submit to God and act accordingly. Choose to act opposite to your prideful impulses. Exercise the self-discipline that you have as an adult. If you're not hungry but low self-esteem tempts you to eat, leave the kitchen before you put food in your mouth. Drive right past the restaurant without stopping for food. Quote Scripture and say other positive things, such as "Jesus is Lord, food is not," and "I am worthy because I am a child of the King."

    Remember what the Bible says, "Pride goes before destruction..." (Proverbs 16:18, NIV). Don't let it go before your destruction. Eat only when you're hungry-not to medicate a bruised or fragile ego.  

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