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September 2008
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ARTICLE: Forgiveness Can Make You Skinny
ARTICLE: Low-Fat Diets May Not Be the Most Effective Method for Weight Loss
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Forgiveness Can Make You Skinny

How Letting Go of Emotional Baggage Can Set You FREE to be Skinny! 
By Rita M. Hancock MD
Sometimes, when a person's body becomes infected by bacteria, the body forms a barrier around that infection, walling it off and enclosing it to keep it separate from the rest of the body. That barrier is called an abscess, and it must be drained in order for the person to be fully healed of the infection.

    Psychologically, we react to emotional injuries in a similar way. We form barriers around our hurts. We wall them off and enclose them. However, those areas continue to fester and destroy us from the inside-out. They influence our behavior in self-destructive ways, through our unconscious minds, like by causing us to overeat.

     Consider asking yourself if you harbor any emotional abscesses that are preventing your weight loss. Deep down, are you bitter or angry about certain events or toward certain people in your life? Perhaps you were in some way injured by a person you trusted, and you're still re-living your anger in your mind each and every day.

    Or, maybe you were a victim of bad circumstances, and you're mad at God for letting those things happen to you. Maybe feeling wronged even contributed to your weight gain, indirectly, by causing you to eat to escape your emotions.

    If I just described you, then, for your own good, you will need to make a decision. Either you can go on feeling angry, bitter, and hostile toward the person or situation that led to your weight gain (even if that person is YOU), or you can forgive that person and try to see them through the eyes of love (as God would). Only then can you can start being healed more fully on the inside.

     Surprisingly, it can be very hard to let go of your hostility and forgive a person who wronged you. What will be left of you once those bad feelings are gone? What will you think about if you no longer dwell on what they did to you? Who will you be? What will fill in that gap in your life and make you whole again?

    Perhaps you can already see where I'm going with this. You must take a leap of faith and make the choice to trust God to make you whole again after you let go of your anger and resentment. Otherwise, that resentment will continue eating away at you from the inside, and cause you to continue eating to stuff those feelings back down with food.


Low-Fat Diets May Not Be the Most Effective
Method for Weight Loss
By Rita Hancock, MD
Low-fat diets are certainly beneficial from a heart-health point of view, and they might even prevent certain forms of cancer. However, there is emerging doubt as to whether they are as effective for weight loss as we once thought, according to a study published in the July, 17, 2008, issue of The New England Journal of Medicine (vol. 359, number 3, pages 229-41).

    The article, entitled "Weight Loss With a Low-Carbohydrate, Mediterranean, or a Low-Fat Diet," compared weight loss and various health measures (blood fats, for example) in people who consumed different types of low-calorie diets over a two-year period. All three groups focused on eating smaller portions of food that they had eaten previously.

    The results were that participants in the low-fat diet group lost 2.9 kg (roughly 6.3lbs) over the two-year period, whereas the Mediterranean diet and low-carbohydrate groups lost more weight (9.7lbs and 10.3 pounds, respectively).   

    The take-home message is this: if you're healthy, a low-fat diet may not necessarily be your best option for weight loss. It may be more effective in terms of weight loss to eat normal "non-diet" food (like the normal Mediterranean diet, i.e. meat, vegetables, pasta, olive oil, fruit, nuts, etc), but in smaller portions (provided that you like those foods, of course). And, provided you allow for a reasonable measure of special treats that you enjoy, so you don't feel deprived. Otherwise, it may be hard for you to stay on a reducing diet long-term.  

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