Issue: #25                                                                                                     July 13th, 2009
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The #3 ranked player in the world, Paul Casey, joined Caddy For A Cure last week at Tiger Wood's AT&T National held at the Congressional Country Club. Bethesda area resident Fred Keel become our second "three peat" participant taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity and historic venue. Fred could not have been more excited to carry the bag for Paul who is hands-down one of the nicest and most personable players on the planet .

Keel 2

Fred quickly found out how Paul has become the 3rd best player in the entire world. Watching Paul hit shot after shot with such perfection, Fred was amazed at the skills of this great guy. Paul's regular caddy, Craig Connelly, was also along to show Fred how it is done, but for this seasoned Caddy For A Cure caddy, not much help was needed!

Keel 3

Once again, another golf-dream came true for our participant by being able to walk along the famed fairways of Congressional Country Club, site of so many historic events in golf, with one of the best players in the world on a gorgeous day.  But the dreams that Caddy For A Cure helps come true are not only for our participants, but for the many lives we are able to help who are far less fortunate.
Keel 4

Paul Casey is a super cool guy and a true joy in the world of golf and life. Without hesitation he eagerly stepped in to help out when KJ Choi had to change his plans with us at this event. Paul so believes in helping others that he wants to help again and again.  Despite the change with KJ, Fred Keel readily admitted that this was one terrific experience indeed.

McGlone 1

Also joining us for a great time at Congressional was Dennis McGlone from Pittsburgh. McGlone had his golf-day of a lifetime spending it inside the ropes with Hunter Mahan. Could it have been "Caddy For A Cure Karma" going as Hunter battled Tiger down to the wire for the victory at Congressional?  We humbly like to think that this is simply yet again good things happening to those who do good for others.

McGlone 2

For those of you who have never been inside the action at one of the biggest events in sport, it is a rush of energy like you have never experienced. Here, Dennis gets a sense first-hand of how good these guys really are, performing on the most difficult golf courses in front of thousands of fans in the heat of competition.

McGlone 3

Hunter Mahan and his caddy, John Wood, could not have been nicer nor made a better day for Dennis McGlone. As hard as Dennis worked for Hunter, he still went home with a smile as big as can be knowing that he made a difference in so many people's lives.


This month's featured child comes from a land "down under." Yes, Fanconi anemia knows no boundaries and can strike any where in the world and this is one Aussie child fighting the good fight. Jasper Miles is his name and it was quite touching when his father Paul, reached out to us to help spread the word.

Jasper 1

Jasper was diagnosed on February 1st 2007 with the rare genetic condition of Fanconi Anemia. Here is a bit of background on the disease: FA is one of several deadly inherited anemias. FA patients may have a variety of noticeable birth defects. In Jasper's case, these include - Low birth weight, failure to thrive, IUGR, cordy, and his "dodgy" thumb. FA patients experience a high incidence of leukemia (18%-20%). FA patients have a much higher incidence of cancer than the general population. It is a matter of when, not if, he needs a bone marrow transplant.

Jasper 2

This is not something you want to have happen to anyone, but his parents would not change their little angel-boy for anything! They intend to show him every day how much they love him and fill his life with wondrous things - just like they planned to prior to his diagnosis.

Jasper 3

Thank you for taking the time to read about our newest Aussie friend. Please remember the Miles family in your thoughts and prayers.


Want to get up to date insights on the PGA TOUR and follow the best in the world from Caddy For A Cure? We are now "Twittering" from wherever we go with updates on new players, and any insights to world of caddying. What a cool thing it was last week to see Paul Casey "tweet" his followers on the first tee at Congressional about his experience with Caddy For A Cure, and then again with a picture of Fred Keel  and Paul "tweeted" after the round. Follow us today!


The standard for future Caddy For A Cure events was set quite high with a spectacular evening at Cold Spring Country Club on June 16th. Coinciding with the U.S. Open at Bethpage, PGA Professional, Jim Weiss, initiated and hosted the event at Cold Spring CC which included guests Todd Hamilton and Dr. Bob Rotella.

Todd completely captured the audience with his insightful history about winning the 2004 British Open at The Royal Troon Golf Club.

Hamilton 5

No one in the room that evening will ever forget Todd's story of beating Ernie Els in the playoff that changed his life....nor his recollection of hitting that last chip shot to finalize the victory and pulling off that headcover thinking..."this one's for you, Sticky!"

Hosts and Cold Spring members Albert and Becky Haug celebrated Becky's birthday in grand style hanging with the Open Champion at Cold Spring!

Hamilton 12

Thanks Jim Weiss and thanks to Cold Spring Country Club!


Rich Beem returns to his historic PGA Championship victory site at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota, helping many area charities, as well as many Wounded Warriors through Caddy For A Cure. Some lucky person will walk "inside the ropes" and find out what the excitement of a Major Championship is all about with Rich and his world class caddy, Bill Heim.

Beem 1


McGlone 4
I am always curious as to how our participants hear about Caddy For A Cure and am especially curious as to what their inspiration is for carrying the bag of one of the world's best players.

Many want to learn. Many want to feel the exhilaration of being "inside the ropes." Many just want to be with one of their favorite players whom they have watched for years. But one com
mon denominator we have found to be true is that all want to help others.

Dennis McGlone is an utterly amazing story of someone who wants to help. His son lives in Columbus and is on our newsletter list. His neighbors are the McCarthy family from which Samantha was featured last month in our "Focus on Fanconi" newsletter section. Dennis's son sent our newsletter to his confirmed golf freak dad Dennis.  Not surprisingly, Dennis was deeply touched by Samantha's story and said "I'm in."

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This wonderful man drove all the way from Pittsburgh to D.C., showed up at "O-dark-thirty a.m." to caddy and enjoy his day, but most importantly, he did it for Samantha. He took it upon himself to let the world know that Samantha was on his heart. He wanted all to know why he was "caddying for a cure" and placed a picture of Samantha on his hat.....the very same picture that had been featured in the newsletter last month!

Of all the incredibly inspiring experiences that we have had with Caddy
For A Cure, this ranks up there as one of the best. This one picture of Samantha on Dennis's hat pretty much says it all.

We are thinking about you McCarthy family, and all the others suffering from this dreadful disease.


        Russ Holden PGA
            Caddy For A Cure Founder