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See this face?  It's a face of someone on a mission.
It's a face of someone who will not give up.
It's a face of someone who hopes her excessive pleas to Ellen Degeneres will not get her arrested for harrassment. 
5 Video Pleas, 1000 Emails. 
1 month.

It's time folks...Ellen, here I come!
With the launch of the "Buckle Me Up!" Young Arthritis Awareness Bracelet, a wonderfully unexpected situation arose... a flood of emails and orders from fellow Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) sufferers began accumulating.  I was touched to receive so many heartfelt 'thank you's' for being a person willing to become an advocate for RA on a national level, some stating I was "inpirational".  I was honored to be the recipient of such support and thankful for their willingess to join in my 'national awareness movement'. 
However, the thanks and praise also came with stories of struggle.  
Each order that came in also produced more than a face of RA... it created an even bigger awareness for me regarding the severity of disability and pain experienced because of RA.  Here is just a small sampling of the stories:
Michelle was diagnosed at age 2, has had 3 hip replacements, a partial wrist fusion and needs left shoulder and right ankle replacement soon.  She is 35. 
Rebecca has had RA since "the dark ages" of the disease, when simply taking ibuprofin was all that could be done.  (And no, Advil isn't strong enough to help the pain of RA). The lack of proper, disease-progressing modifiers (only developed in the 1990's) were created too late for Rebecca...her permanent damage had already been done.  While recovering from wrist surgery, due to RA, she heard the frustrating, ill-informed, seeming-to-be 'universal response' to "I have RA":  "Well, you are too young to have arthritis!"  Case in point, education regarding the disease is necessary.
So, in honor of ALL the RA sufferers who have contacted me (and for those who have not) this outreach to Ellen to assist with national awareness is for you!  I am proud to be an advocate, I am willing to lead the cause and I am happy to call you not only 'customers' but also my friends.  What started as my mission to raise awareness has now become OUR mission!  You have become MY inspiration.
Help Me Spread the Message 
I will be leading the Strong & Empowered "Buckle Me Up!" Team in the June 7th Arthritis Walk. Each team member will be wearing one of the "Buckle Me Up!" Young Arthritis Awareness Bracelets. To raise even greater awareness, we will each turn to each other prior to the start and 'buckle each other up', symbolizing one core message that' it is ok to ask others for help in the time of need'. 
The official "Buckle Me Up!" launch party will take place following the walk.
15 seconds of your time can change the lives of millions of people.  Simply click on the link provided to direct you to the Ellen Degeneres website "Comments" page.  Fill out your personal information and select "Show Suggestion" in the drop down box.  Copy/Paste the "Plea" below, hit send and viola!  We are 1 closer to the 1000 email goal!
Ellen Website Link:
Copy/Paste "Plea":
A MUCH NEEDED Young Arthritis Awareness Movement has been started to better educate society on the misconceptions of the different strands of arthritis. Did you know that some strands, like Rheumatoid (RA), have been re-classified as an Auto-Immune Disease because of the disabilities and possible crippling features that distance it from other arthritis conditions?  RA is a YOUNG persons disease, starting typically between the ages of 30 & 50. If left untreated 50% of all patients will become completely disabled 10 years from onset. Leading this awareness movement is Tiffany Westrich, 38, an RA sufferer who has become partially disabled from this disease. Once disabled, the damage is permanent! (Medications & Nutrition can only slow down the progress, not alter existing damage). As Owner/Designer of a prospering business, she has vowed to step up and make a difference...but needs your help! I am writing you today because this is a great cause that deserves national recognition. It's time to educate society on the REAL faces of arthritis! To learn more about the "Buckle Me Up!" Movement, please click this link:
Tiffany has sent video pleas as well, inviting you to the "BMU!" launch party in Santa Monica June 7th.  PLEASE, PLEASE attend. It would mean the world to thousands of people!
That's it!  The goal:  1000 emails, which will parallel Ellen's 1000th show she celebrated on Friday.  I am also sending 5 videos with my contact information for attending the launch party.  One has been sent, one is being created today and 3 left to film.
Every email counts.  Please forward to every friend and every family member and ask them to do the same.  I am just one person, but I am leading hundreds in this effort.  You can help us make this happen!
I greatly appreciate your help...and look for me on the Ellen Show this June!  (BY THE WAY, DID I MENTION THAT TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY?  HELP ME MAKE MY BIRTHDAY WISH COME TRUE!!!)

To learn more about the "Buckle Me Up!" Young Arthritis Awareness Movement, please check out our feature article on blog site "The Single Gal's Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis" written by Sara Nash.
Tiffany Westrich:  A person on a mission who won't give up.  Please contribute to the 1000 email plea because if she has to send 1000 emails herself she could be perceived as a stalker and that is not desirable.
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