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 Did You Know the Face of Arthritis Can Occur at ANY Age, to ANY Person at ANY Time?


   Today, 1 in 5 people suffer from the pain of arthritis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) projects that by the year 2030, 67 million people in the U.S. or 1 in 4 adults, will live with arthritis.


There are many faces of Arthritis.  With over 100 different types arthritis, ranging from irritating to debilitating, it should no longer be considered an "old persons disease"... 

Did you know that many people are diagnosed with certain types of arthritis in their 30's, 20's and even as children?


The face of Arthritis can be your next door neighbor, the child down the street
 or the Owner and Designer of a business.
   Tiffany Westrich
     Jewelry Messages
        Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Age 37
Jewelry Messages was created to celebrate the lives of people, their families and friends. Inspired by my grandparents, all passing from different illnesses, the underlying mission of this company was built on raising money for charities in the hope to fight future illness and disease*. 
Ironically, while building my company to raise funds and awareness for all charity organizations, I too became a victim of illness. 
What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  • It is NOT an old person's disease.  Onset is typically between the ages of 30 and 50.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the most crippling of the arthritis family, causing irreversable damage, loss of mobility, inflammation,  debilitating fatigue and exhaustion.  Simple tasks, such as picking up a glass, washing your hair or even walking can become difficult, if not impossible, on any given day. 
  • Patients typically experience morning stiffness that lasts over an hour. (You should see me hobble around on my heels for 20 minutes when I get up, it's very attractive.)
  • Feelings of malaise as well as experiencing flu-like symptoms and low grade fevers are common.  Depression is extremely high in RA patients.
  • RA is a degenerative arthritis and will progress without treatment.  Early treatment is important to slow down the progression. 
  • If untreated, 50% of all RA patients will become completely disabled within 10 years of onset.
I have begun experiencing signs of disability, and therefore, I must stand up and do something to help myself and others like me.  And here is what I came up with:

"Buckle Me Up!" Unisex Leather Cuff Braceletsande 
Jewelry Messages process is called "Feel It...Say It...Wear It!"
Tell us what you are feeling, we will interpret those words into the construction of the design by manipulating shapes, forms and colors.  Then "Wear It!" ... a 'Show and Tell' of your thoughts to the world!
The Message: 
"This bracelet was designed 'young and trendy', because the face of Arthritis is any person at any age.  It is unisex because it knows no gender.   The silver and black beads represent all different types of people.  They are 'led' to the center Red bead, because Red is the color of Strength...."  (cont'd) "And finally, a buckle was chosen because patients with Arthritis struggle with simple tasks, such as using a buckle.  So, in honor of ANY person who experiences a moment of weakness, we would like to say that IT IS OK to ask someone else for assistance in a time of need! "  
To view the Message in its entirety, please log on to .
We then ask that you find another person to place the bracelet on you by telling them, "Buckle Me Up!"
"Buckle Me Up!" (not-so-unisex) Matching Earrings
Earrings Sold Only With Purchase of "Buckle Me Up!" Bracelet.  Not Sold Separately.
 Limited Time Price:
$35 (Wholesale Price)*
List Price: Estimated $65
Shipping & Handling Fee: $4 (Ground Only. Express Shipping is Additional)
$12 From This Purchase Will Be Donated to the Arthritis Foundation.
Matching Earrings:  $10 
*We are offering to sell the product to you at Wholesale Price for a limited time in order to get as many to the public as possible.  The more worn the more visible...let's get the Message out to the public and raise money for a healthier tomorrow! 
Help Me Spread the Message 

On June 7th, 2009, I will lead a team in the 3 mile "Let's Move Together" Walk for Arthritis.  My team, Jewelry Messages "Strong & Empowered", will all say "Buckle Me Up!" to each other upon departing, then proudly take part in the event. 
Our Team is using the "Buckle Me Up!" Bracelets for fundraising purposes; for each bracelet sold $12 will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation (sponsors of the Let's Move Together Walk).  Following the event, the Team will head to the Santa Monica Pier and celebrate our success at Big Dean's Muscle Inn.  The staff at Big Dean's supports our cause and some will be purchasing "Buckle Me Up!" Bracelets to wear along with us after the event!  (staff pictured below).  If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to join the "Buckle Me Up!" Arthritis Support Party, purchase a bracelet online, then meet us there at noon! :)

Purchase a "Buckle Me Up!" Bracelet online at .  Shipping & Handling applied in purchase, applicable tax applies to CA residents.
bill     maryf    
eddie tj
Big Dean's Staff Sporting the "Buckle Me Up!" Bracelets
The more people who wear a bracelet, the more people who will see our Message.  So purchase one (or ten) today and help create a nationwide movement!  Stock up for friends, family or corporate gifts...and feel free to hit the "Forward" button below and share this with as many people as you can!!!
If you would like to donate funds directly to our Jewelry Messages "Strong & Empowered" Team, please follow this link (or copy/paste to your address bar):

 This enewsletter was brought to you straight from my heart.  Please, help me in my personal fight as well as to make a difference in many, many other lives.
Tiffany Westrich
Jewelry Messages
*To learn more about Rheumatoid Arthritis, you may visit .
Jewelry Messages is dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Westrich, who suffered from Alzheimer's and Dimentia, Emily Pitonak, who suffered from Stroke & Heart Disease and Micheal Pitonak, who passed from Leukemia.  By default, 15% of all Original Jewelry Message orders will be donated to either the Alzheimer's Association, the American Heart Association or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, unless other fundraising arrangements have been made.