September 27, 2012
Vol 6, Issue 30
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Market Updates

Crazy Eggplant Day is finally here! Join us for a celebration eggplant of that humble purple aubergine with chef demos at 9:00 and 10:00, and a general eggplant-infused happiness in the air. Check the Local Dirt next week for eggplant recipes!


Also in the market this week, you'll find Fatdog Mustard (check out their profile below!), Hammer & Tuffy Granola, Pieku and The Better Bean CompanyPacific Northwest Kale Chips and Sage & Sea Farms are back!  Stop and welcome them back! 


Sadly the peak vegetable season is winding down so be sure to stock up on berries, tomatoes, corn and of course eggplants!  This is the last week for Sylvan Valley and their delicious tomatoes.    THINK Unique and Liepold Farms had to end their season early and won't be in the market this Saturday but you can be sure to find them next Spring.  Camas Country Mills will be back next week, marking the start of the seasonal transition.  Soon you'll find more of the great foods that you'll see all winter!     


Our deepest thanks to everyone who donated to the Hollywood Gleaners for their Fill the Fridge fundraiser last Saturday at the market! Thanks to your generous donations, and HFM's $1000 matching contribution, they raised enough to be able to purchase a 3-door commercial refrigerator!  Now they will be able to dependably store all the unsold produce they collect from our farmers and vendors. Thanks again!


Next week, October 6th,  Harriet Fasenfest, author of A Householder's Guide to the Universe and Preserving with Friends, will be at the market from 9:00 to 12:00 to share information on food preservation, root cellaring and anything else you may have questions about. Have questions about food preservation or living as an urban homesteader?  Want to start but don't know where to? Ask the Preserver!


See you at the market!
Vendor Profile: Fatdog Mustard
by Nancy Gilkey
An office break room can be a dangerous place for hungry workers who spy food, spread out for sharing. Treats can be gobbled up rapidly, sometimes even without an awareness of what is being consumed. But that wasn't the case at United Airlines two years ago, when baggage handler Jason Sohn shared the mustard he and his wife Mandie made at home with horseradish and cayenne. His co-workers quickly recognized how special his offering was, especially compared to the usual flimsy tray of day-old supermarket cookies. Not only were the United employees asking him to bring more to share, but they also wanted him to make it for their relatives and friends as gifts. And they were willing to pay for it.


Thus began the enterprise of Fatdog Mustard, named in honor of Jason's ten-year-old lab Skater. The recipe for the sweet mustard that ends with a spicy kick originated as a wedding gift from one of Jason's relatives. Once the Sohns started making and selling the spicy sauce, they discovered that it went superbly with the crisp (without being dry) pretzels that are a family recipe from Mandie's side. These are dubbed Fatcat Pretzels for Mordecai their cat. Seasoned sweetly like cinnamon toast, the pretzels also come in wasabi, garlic, and spicy so that every corner of one's mouth can be satisfied.


While the mustard does taste great on brats and burgers, Mandie and Jason also want to encourage people to think of it as a cooking tool, not just a condiment. Used in salads, as a marinade, atop fruits and vegetables, and mixed into soups, the spicy blend can add depth to most dishes. In fact, a baker they met at another farmers market has even incorporated it into brownies - with success!


Made with Serrano and cayenne peppers, as well as Washington eggs, Fatdog Mustard emphasizes using local ingredients. It typically takes about four hours to make and requires cooling overnight, but the mustard can last up to a year. The Sohns do warn you that over that amount of time the horseradish does start to lose some of its zing. More likely than not though, once you try some of this special sauce, it won't have the opportunity to sit around for a year. 


Fatdog Mustard are usually at HFM one week each month. They like visiting the farmers markets because it helps them get feedback from customers on how the mustard is used, as well as what else might be added to the product line. Vegan and garlic recipes of the mustard are in the works, thanks to valuable customer input. Shifty, the Sohn's third pet, would like the process expedited so that he can have a product of his own too!

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Crazy Eggplant Day-

Saturday, September 29th, chef demos at 10:00 and 11:00


Ask the Preserver, w/ Harriet Fasenfest - Saturday, October 6th, 9:00 to 12:00

Featured Product

September 29, 2012

Asparagus Beans

Blooming Goodies

Stop by and check out the asparagus (long) beans.  They can get up to approximately 1 yard (three feet!) in length!  They can be prepared the same way as regular beans, but some say that they have more of a nuttier taste.


Fresh Apple Cider

ProFarm Produce

It's apple cidertime!  Pro Farm uses a blend of 3 different types of apples, but don't ask them which three, because the exact varieties and quantities are a family secret!  They have been producing fresh pure apple cider(no sugars or additives) for 3 years and it has become one of their hottest sellers.  The containers are expandable, so they are perfect for freezing.  Be sure to stock up for winter!



Buns on the Run

One of the Hollywood Farmers Market's OV, or original vendors - these folks have been serving up market goers since the beginning.  The humble bratwurst is the #1 seller, followed closely by the chicken, sundried tomato, garlic, and feta sausage, which Barbara says doesn't even need a bun - it is so good.  They also have a chicken, portabella and sundried tomato sausage as well.


Asian Greens

Persephone Farm

Asian greens and mustards are here.  They have many varieties including the popular Tatsoi, which is great with stir-fries or with salad and the Yukina Savoy, which is similiar to Tatsoi, but a little more mustard-y.  They also have mustard greens, which are a great addition to salads. Keep an eye out for additional varieties in the coming weeks!



Unger Farms

If you are looking for grapes - this is the spot!  Unger Farms has red flame grapes, which are a seedless table grape.  Red Flame grapes are a very popular table grape, so give these a try - they are sweet and delicious!!

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