September 13, 2012
Vol 6, Issue 28
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Market Update
This Saturday is our annual Customer Dot Survey!  This survey is your opportunity to help us understand our customers a little better, let us know what we are doing right, and tell us what changes you would like to see. The survey will take place from 8 am to 1 pm in Hancock Street near the umbrella seating. We hope you will participate!

Our Dot Survey changes the market layout just a bit and this week, Scoop Handmade Ice Cream will be serving scoops, pints and bars in the southwest corner of the market. Hammer & Tuffy Granola, Pieku and The Better Bean Company are joining us along with Hello, Salsa.  Next week, Nourishment will be on vacation, so be sure to get your fill of chilequilles and waffles this week!  In their place you'll find the Hollywood Gleaners, raising funds to buy a commercial refrigerator to store all the food they collect and give out to low income seniors.  The Hollywood Farmers Market has promised $1000 to match your donated funds.  Donate next week and your dollar doubles!

Applications are still open for the HFM Board of Directors through this Saturday, September 15th! Needed skills and expertise include leadership, legal, finance, marketing, food policy, nutrition, public health, diversity, human resources, marketing and graphic design, and small business or non-profit background. More information including the application can be found here. Specific questions can be emailed to Gabbi Haber at

Finally, we'd like to share with you an update on the  2012 Farm Bill. Congress has yet to pass a farm bill, though the current farm bill expires on September 30th. This puts in jeopardy not only dozens of crucial agriculture programs, but also the fate of SNAP (food stamp) benefits, which are authorized by the farm bill. You can find some information about this legislation in the article excerpt below, or read the full update here.

See you at the market!

2012 Farm Bill Update
Last month, when Congress left the heat and humidity of the DC summer to go on August recess, the fate of the 2012 Farm Bill remained unclear. 


(If you need a refresher on where we are in the process, the House Agriculture Committee passed its version of the bill in July, but the House Republican leadership refused to bring the bill to the floor for debate before recess. The House did pass a narrower disaster assistance bill but only after failing to pass a extension package as an add-on to the disaster assistance bill. The Senate passed its version of the farm bill in June, which includes a broader disaster assistance package.)

Despite hopes that the drought and enough clamoring from farmers back at home would force lawmakers to act on a comprehensive farm bill before the current bill expires on September 30, there have been no "game-changing" events over recess that would define a clear path forward. The drought has continued to keep farm issues front and center in the national and local media, and Members of Congress have continued to make the case for passing a farm bill soon, but no consensus path has emerged.

The Multiple Potential Paths Forward

There are three potential paths forward for the farm bill, each with its own set of options. The broader contextual factors that further complicate the path forward are the November elections and the limited days that Congress is in session in September (the House is in session for eight days and the Senate for twelve). Both of these factors make it harder for there to be a bill early this fall.


Option 1: Congress Passes Farm Bill Reauthorization in September

Option 2: Some Sort of Extension of Current Farm Bill

Option 3: No Action on Farm Bill in September



At the Market

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Chess for Success 

Girl Scout Troop 40032


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Customer Dot Survey - Saturday, September 15th, all day

Gleaner Giving Day-

Saturday, September 22nd, all day 

Crazy Eggplant Day - Saturday, September 29th, chef demos all day

Featured Product

September 15, 2012

Fresh Garbanzo Beans 

Kimberly Farm

Ever seen fresh garbanzo beans still in their shell?  Come by to check them out!  There are typically 1-2 per pod and are great raw on salad. Other delicious preparations include boiling them in water with salt (similar to edamame) or roasting them.  To roast, put them in a cast iron pan with salt, cover and cook on the stove top.


Chocolate Cherry Chili Granola 

Hammer and Tuffy's Granola

Warning: this granola can be addictive! It's a delicious combination of gluten free oats, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut and flax seed, spiced up with pieces of dark chocolate, tart Montmorency cherries and a zip of cayenne pepper.  It's good especially good on ice cream and yogurt or as a snack right from the bag. 


Black Cod  

Linda Brand Crab  

Have you heard of Black Cod?  It is a black fish with white meat and is caught deep in the Astoria Canyon.  It contains more omegas than salmon and is described as "soft, buttery and melts in your mouth."  It usually sells out by the end of the market, so if you want some, stop by early.  They often have both fresh and smoked.  Yum!      


Liguria Tomatoes 

Big B Farm 

Next week look for Liguria Tomatoes - they may be the homeliest tomatoes you have ever seen, but they taste the best!  Originating from Italy, they are sometimes called the "Italian Pink Pear."  Great for sauces too!


Drinking Vinegars

Sage & Sea Farms

Drinking vinegars?  What is that, and why do I want them?  Drinking vinegars originally came into use during colonial times as a way to make barrel-stored water taste better, which was especially important on ships - including pirate ships!  Look for gift baskets starting this week - 3 5oz bottles for $25.00.  The baskets are pre-set with each one including a citrus, herb and fruit vinegar.  Look for the "marg" basket - lime, mint, and strawberry.  Drinking vinegars are great in sparkling water and cocktails!

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