September 8, 2011
Vol 5, Issue 21
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Market Updates                       

pitbull cooling off with the misting apparatusIt is supposed to be a sizzling weekend so be sure to get to the market early for the most fresh and amazing produce! Or stop by on your way to the river for perfect picnic fixings. We'll have the mist going in case you or your kids need to cool off while shopping.


Dancing Light Ranch will be absent from the market this Saturday so that means no lavender bundles but Fatdog Mustard and Glass Jade Nursery are both back for at least this weekend! Lion Heart Kombucha is brewing up a special celery flavored kombucha and the word is that it is delicious. Refreshing! 


This Saturday is the monthly cooking demonstration at Hollywood Farmers Market, with chefs Kristen Murray and Porter Wincuinas. One of Portland's most respected and beloved pastry chefs, Kristen brings over a decade of fine-dining pastry experience to the Pacific Northwest. Raised in California, she pursues her culinary adventures in time with the seasons, her own insatiable quest for flavors and textures, and understanding the importance of technique, precision and patience. She is the pastry chef at Paley's Place and teaches classes at The Chef Studio. Porter is one of her students at The Chef Studio. 


Kristen and Porter will be demonstrating how to make Caneli with Honey-Rhubarb-Apple Confiture and Charanais Melon Soup with Fresh Blackberries. Thanks to Gales Meadow Farm, Lady Lane Farm, and Persephone Farm for their generous donations! Cooking demonstrations are held at 9:45am and 10:45am at the music tent on Hancock Street.


See you at the market!

Interested in Joining the Board? 

The Hollywood Farmers Market is looking for fellow market lovers to join our Board of Directors. We operate two year-round farmers markets in the Hollywood and Lloyd districts and we are looking for enthusiastic board members to help our markets thrive. The Board is typically made up of customers, farmers and other vendors, health advocates, neighborhood leaders and community members who are looking for a way to get more involved.


The Board is responsible for the governance of the markets - setting policy, creating the budget, and staff oversight. Board members are expected to attend regular meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at the Rose City Park Presbyterian Church (NE 44th &  Sandy Blvd) and typically serve on one additional committee. Board members occasionally volunteer at the markets and also participate in a half-day retreat in January.  


Needed skills and expertise include leadership, legal, finance, marketing, food policy, nutrition, public health, diversity, staff management, marketing and graphic design. If you have questions or would like to attend a meeting to see the board in action, please contact Board Chair Amy Columbo at [email protected]


Applications can be found at our website, Applications are due October 12th. Thank you for your interest and see you at the market!

At the Market

Music & Entertainment:

Steve Cheseborough 


Community Booth:

Northwest Veg 

Camp Fire Columbia 


Upcoming Events:

Cooking Demonstration with Kristen Murray and Porter Wincuinas - Saturday, September 10th, 9:45 and 10:45 am

Annual Customer Dot Survey - Saturday, September 17th, all day 

Crazy Eggplant Day - Saturday, September 24th, all day

Tip of the Week
brought to you by Robert Reynolds' Chefs Studio

Onions - Onions are fibrous and hard to digest, so they should be cooked thoroughly (or chopped very finely if they are to be eaten raw). When a recipe says 'cook the onion translucent' or golden brown, it is really saying that you should cook it until it's soft, with no crunch, and with a pure sweetness. This will always take more than 5 minutes.  


Heat the pan, add the oil, add the chopped onions, sprinkle them with salt & put the lid on. Make sure the heat is low and just let that onion chill out and soften. Whatever you are making will have a fuller sweetness and be easier to digest.

 Market Pics   

colorful cherry tomatoes - gales

tiny pear

apples at kiyokawa
grid of cherry tomatoes
Every Saturday, May - Thanksgiving
1st & 3rd Saturdays, December - April

May - October, 8am - 1pm
November - April, 9am - 1pm

NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd). In the Grocery Outlet parking lot!

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

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