June 9, 2011
Vol 5, Issue 8
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Market Updates                       
It seems that summer is finally fast approaching. Thanks to everyone who came out to a glorious market last Saturday!

This week we have a cooking demonstration with Ellen Laing at 9:45 & 10:45am. Ellen will be making
Pan-seared Rockfish with Garlic Scape Aioli and Herb Snap Pea-Potato Salad be sure to check it out.
Thompson Farm starts the market this Saturday! Please stop by and welcome them back for the season. Liepold Farms and Unger Farms have sadly had to put off their season starts by another week. We swear they and their berries are coming to the market soon! Blooming Goodies will be absent at this week's market again as their vegetables are still a little small and it is the final week of the season for Alderman's Greenhouse & Nursery with flowering shrubs for your yard and the final week for Old House Dahlias with dahlia tubers to brighten up your flower beds. Laurel Ridge Winery will have their incredible pricing on wines again this Saturday.

It should be good weather this week and we look forward to seeing you at the market!

    Cooking Demonstration with Ellen Laing       

This Saturday, Ellen Laing will demonstrate how to prepare Pan-seared Rockfish with Garlic Scape Aioli and Herb Snap Pea-Potato Salad.


Ellen is a Taurus from a long line of farmers and grew up selling organic strawberries & raspberries at her local farmers market in London, Ontario, Canada.


Learning to cook with all of the produce from the family farm instilled in her an appreciation for the simplicity of fresh food. Ellen graduated from the Chefs Studio  in March of this year, and was reminded of how mind-blowingly delicious just a few ingredients can become if they are treated in the right way. She now works at Kir Wine Bar, and has a penchant for vintage bake-ware.

   juniorroseparadeDeep Roots Farm    

 by Sean Wheaton      

At this week's market as you peruse the produce

brought to you by the good people of Deep Roots Farm, consider that their name is incredibly apt. Begun on a two and a half acre farm with a CSA in 1998, the Bolsters took root and have been growing ever since. They now operate between sixteen and thirty acres growing produce and over two hundred acres of grain and seed crops, which they distribute to the community and local independent retailers, restaurants and institutions. As they've grown, they've always kept in mind what's most important: family, the community, and having fun.


Kimberly and Aaron Bolster caught the farming bug after they realized how much they enjoyed the idea of nourishing not only themselves, but their friends and surrounding neighbors. Though the farming bug skipped a generation (both Kimberley's and Aaron's grandparents operated farms in Eastern Oregon) it seems unlikely to do so again; there's already talk of their children, who both love working the farmers' markets, eventually taking over the family business. 


As they grow their crops, the Bolsters are ever mindful of the farm's effect on the environment. Their goal is to become completely sustainable, which to them means avoiding off-farm inputs as much as possible. By using cover crops, green manures, beneficial organisms and on occasion locally sourced fishmeal from Astoria, they are well on their way to achieving this goal.


Currently at the market, Deep Roots Farm is overflowing with strawberries, greens, cucumbers and fresh herbs. Tomatoes and other produce are fast approaching and will be here soon. When I spoke with Kimberley recently she said that she was excited about all the strawberries that are now at peak harvest to market, as well as the sugar snap peas, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, and beets. Though they have had their share of bad weather this season, things are still growing. Actually, while the outside weather has been unpredictable, it has been something of a boon in the greenhouses where milder days lead to ideal temperatures for tomatoes, eggplant, and basil.


On Deep Roots Farm, there are days when it seems like things are moving a million miles an hour. Managing the fields and preparing for markets, not to mention battling bugs or struggling with crop failures, can make it a hard job at times. But a great attitude is all-important, and the Bolsters like to focus on having fun. They love to interact with their customers each week and they are always delighted to receive positive feedback from their friends in the community. Knowing that people are eating and enjoying their crops is the ultimate reward; it's a joy, and one that they are very thankful for. At the farmers' market, their joy and enthusiasm is apparent-and contagious! Be sure to stop by to see just what the Bolsters' deep roots have produced.

    Community Booths     

Every Saturday, two community organizations provide customers with information about unique projects around the city and add to the community feel of the market. Organizations represent many different interests, from local food initiatives and healthy living advocates to conservation groups and youth empowerment agencies. 


Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) is a community-based nonprofit coalition of eight neighborhoods East of NE 33rd to I-205 and North of I-84 to the Columbia River. The CNN Board of Directors is made up of volunteer representatives living and/or working in Beaumont-Wilshire, Cully, Hollywood, Madison South, Rose City Park, Roseway, Sumner, and Sunderland neighborhoods. They provide support and technical assistance to the volunteer-based neighborhood associations, community groups, residents, and business associations within the CNN area, including the Fresh Funds nutrition incentive program right here at Hollywood Farmers Market! More information of activities and a map of the district coalition is on their website at www.cnncoalition.org.


For over 30 years, Community Energy Project has provided training to low-income people through workshops and direct weatherization services to seniors and people with disabilities. Over time, they've added workshops in water conservation and lead poisoning prevention. Currently, their workshops are open to people of all income levels; low-income participants receive a large bag of free small measure weatherization materials, while upper income participants may purchase materials from their small retail store.


The views expressed by the organizations in the Community Booths are those of the organization and its representatives and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, the Hollywood Farmers Market.

At the Market

Music & Entertainment:

Jesse Mead    


Community Booths:

Central Northeast Neighbors 

Community Energy Project 


Upcoming Events:

Cooking Demonstration with the Chef Studio - 6/11, 9:30am & 10:30am 


Fest O' Pesto - 6/25, all day 

 Featured Products

June 11, 2011  

Oregon Strawberry Kombucha 

Lion Heart Kombucha
They use strawberries from Deep Roots Farm, and we all know how amazing those are! Their flavors have a seasonal focus and kids love it. Come try a sample!   


Romaine Lettuce  

Happy Harvest Farm

Crisp and fresh, you must try it to believe it!   


Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes


House made lemon curd, house made brown sugar nut streusel, and meringue toasted on top. Even better than the pie that inspired it.


Puszt Agold & Whitney Sweet Pepper Starts 

Gales Meadow Farm    

Gales Meadow Farm just discovered that the Gypsy Pepper they have loved for years is now owned by Monsanto. They are looking for replacements, and would like your input! Therefore, featured from them this week we have two pepper starts; The Puszt Agold (An Eastern European Sweet Pepper) and the Whitney Sweet Pepper (a hybrid). Stop by and give Anne your two cents!  


Garry's Meadow Fresh Milk 

Lady Lane Farm 

Milk from Brown Jersey Cows! Their cows are smaller and require less feed, so theirs is a more sustainable milk! The milk is more concentrated which means that it is 15% higher in protein, calcium, Vitamins A, B1 & B2. Low heat pasteurization keeps more enzymes in. Several folks who cannot digest grocery store milk have had better luck with Garry's. Available in Whole, 2%, Skim, Chocolate, Cream, and Half n Half. Stop by and try a sample! it!   

 Tip of the Week
brought to you by
Robert Reynolds' Chefs Studio

Strawberry & Red Wine - The little known fantastic combination! Have wine with your lunch, and then use the remainder to spike your strawberry dessert: sliced strawberries, honey, and a splash of leftover wine.  Delicious!

 Market Pics   








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We are located on NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd).

For more information, check us out online at www.hollywoodfarmersmarket.org.

See you Saturday!

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