September 16, 2010
Vol 4, Issue 21
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Market Updates                      
Greetings Market Lovers!

The annual dot survey (9/18) is this Saturday! This is your opportunity to help us understand market customers a little better, to let us know what we are doing right, and to tell use what changes you would like to see. The Crazy Eggplant Festival (9/25) is next Saturday with multiple cooking demonstrations throughout the market featuring eggplant, free recipes, and free samples. Oktoberfest (10/2) is right around the corner and all events are great excuses to celebrate the last vestiges of summer and the coming fall.

See below for last week's Cooking Demonstration Recipe. Chef Courtney Sproule made an amazing dish - Clams with Sorrel Salsa Verde. Try it this weekend!

A big thank you goes to the Hollywood Farmers Market Board of Directors for committing $1000 to the Fresh Funds Program to keep it going a little longer. This program has been very successful in increasing the capacity for low-income families to make healthy choices through the purchase of locally grown, fresh products at the market. See the sidebar for more information.

A big thank you also goes to Albina Community Bank for sponsoring our Market Luncheons - a community building and fund raising event for the market.

RobertReynoldsLunchNext Saturday, Chef Robert Reynolds of The Chef Studio and Chef Kristen Murray, pastry chef at Paley's Place, will be serving up a delightful meal at the Moon & Sixpence (NE 42nd & Tillamook) directly after the market.

Featuring ingredients fresh from the Hollywood Farmers Market, the Southern French menu will include:
 ~a tasty nibble upon arrival
 ~savory garlic soup
 ~sauteed chicken breast with tomato, sweet pepper, and eggplant sauce with a puree of potato
Is your mouth watering yet? Dessert is yet to be decided but is sure to be heavenly.

This four-course lunch costs only $30-$50 sliding scale and includes a beverage of your choice - wine, beer, and non-alcoholic options are all available. Feed yourselves so others may feed themselves and celebrate the bounty of the season at the same time. All proceeds will benefit the Fresh Funds Program at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Purchase tickets at the Information Booth or call 503-709-7403 to reserve a seat at the table!

See you at the Market!

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courtneydemoCooking Demonstration with Courtney Sproule
Chef Courtney Sproule of din din wowed the crowds last Saturday at the Hollywood Farmers Market with her light and flavorful dish, Clams with Sorrel Salsa Verde. Kids gathered around the simmering pan of clams to participate in the funnest part of preparing the dish--spotting and removing the clams the moment they flop open, indicating that they are perfectly courtney's demo on 9/11/10cooked and tender. After, Courtney and her assistant Amie prepared each sample with a light tomato sauce, sorrel salsa verde, a slice of fresh tomato and yellow fennel flowers. The samples were so lovely, volunteers barely made it through crowds of smitten market goers on their way to deliver bites of the demo dish to donating vendors. Special thanks to Gales Meadow Farm, Laurel Ridge Winery, Linda Brand Crab, Persephone Farm and Sweet Leaf Farm for their delicious donated ingredients!

You can try this recipe at home!  Unlike other meats, Courtney pointed out during her demo, clams are very simple to cook and don't require a special feel for knowing when they are done. Everyone can cook fantastic clams.
courtneydemoClams with Sorrel Salsa Verde
by Chef Courtney Sproule
Serves 6
As we head into fall, I wanted to feature a dish that employs the last of our tomatoes.  Using a tomato "water" to flavor a clam broth makes for a bright, light sauce that captures the purity of summer flavors.  For a more robust and intensely colored broth, you can flavor the clam cooking liquid instead with a tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes when in season or canned tomatoes when out of season. 
The Sorrel Salsa Verde that tops these clams is very versatile- alternatively try it with lamb, an oily white fish such as escolar,the delicious samples from courtney's demo on 9/11/10 or steak and eggs.  It is worth doing all the chopping by hand as this creates a more interesting texture and more brilliant color than the food processor.  Special attention to chop the raw chives and shallots very small will reduce harsh effects on the stomach.  Make the sauce close to the time of service to avoid color loss. 
10 San Marzano varietal tomatoes from Sweet Leaf Farms
cheese cloth
¾ cup picked parsley, chopped medium
2 oz sorrel from Gales Meadow Farm, washed, dried, and de-stemmed
1 T thinly sliced chives (slice on the bias into 1/16" pieces)
1 ¾ T capers, minced (rinse well and dry before mincing)
1 ½ anchovy fillets, soaked 10 minutes in milk to cover (to neutralize packaging oil) and rinsed, dried, and minced
2 t very finely minced shallots
zest of ¼ (+) lemon
1 ½ t (+) medium ground sea salt
fresh cracked pepper to taste
½ cup hazelnut oil
2 T + 2 t finishing olive oil
2 pounds Manila Steamer clams from Linda Brand Crab
½ cup Laurel Blanc or Semillon white wine from Laurel Ridge Winery
15 parsley stalks (from the picked parsley above), sliced thin on the bias
3 fresh bay leaves
6 thyme sprigs
1 shallot, minced very fine
fennel or dill flowers and halved grape tomatoes for garnish
Make the tomato water:
Place a double layer of cheese cloth inside of a strainer.  Place over a non-reactive bowl. 
Remove the cores from the tomatoes and place in a food processor with a generous pinch of salt.  Pulse about 6 times-enough to sufficiently chop the tomatoes but not so much that they purée. 
Place tomatoes on the cheese cloth and tie closed.  Hang the cheese cloth/strainer from a rack in your fridge so that the tomato juice can drip into the bowl. 
Leave overnight.  Lightly squeeze the tomatoes to yield more tomato "water" into the bowl.  You should have approximately 1 cup total of the light pink water.  Reserve the chopped tomato for another use. 
Make the Sorrel Salsa Verde:
In a bowl, mix all ingredients listed from "picked parsley" through "fresh cracked pepper" thoroughly with a fork. 
Add hazelnut and olive oils, mix, and correct seasoning as necessary.  Yields 1 cup.
Finish the dish:
When ready to serve the clams, submerge them in cold water in a bowl.  Rinse off any grit if necessary and discard any clams that are open or have cracked shells.
In a wide, shallow pan that will fit the clams in about a single layer, place:
tomato water
parsley stem
bay leaves
Cover and bring the cooking liquid to an active simmer over medium high heat.  Cook, peeking at the clams often, and
remove each clam to a bowl as soon as it pops fully open.
Add salt to the broth to taste. Strain the broth. 
Place clams in serving bowls and pour the broth over them. Top each dish with about 2 T Sorrel Salsa Verde. Garnish with the fennel or dill flowers and tomatoes.
This Week at the Market

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Upcoming Events:
Dot Survey - 9/18
Market Lunch with Chef Robert Reynolds and Chef Kristen Murray - 9/25
Crazy Eggplant Fest - 9/25
Featured Products

September 18th, 2010

wenk's yellow hot peppers

Hot Peppers
Jalapeno, Serrano, Cayenne, Black Hungarian, Wenk's Yellow Hot (pictured above), Shishito, Alma Paprika, Bulgarian Carrot, and more!
Gales Meadow Farm

Red Bell Peppers
Sweet, crunchy, delicious! Try them in salads or roasted with grilled meats. Yummy.
Deep Roots Farm

Multi-Colored Eggplants
So many varieties, so delicious. Try them all, you'll be surprised by the difference between varieties!
THINK Unique Gardens

Sun Gold Tomatoes
The perfect snack, great in salads and as a colorful garnish.

Winter Green Farm

Peach Basil Cupcakes
Made with Oregon and Washington peaches and organic basil, these are the September special cupcakes at the market!
freshfundsupdateFresh Funds Program
Great News! The Hollywood Farmers Market has secured a bit more funding for this season so the program has NOT been suspended yet.

Want to contribute? Consider joining us for a Market Luncheon or stop by the Information Booth and make a donation!

Fresh Funds Goal: $7,000
Amount Raised to Date: $5,118
Total Dollars Matched to SNAP Customers to Date: $4,752
Amount left in Fresh Funds: $366
Amount needed to Reach Goal: $1,882

Every Saturday, SNAP customers can use their EBT card to withdraw SNAP dollars to be used on market fresh produce and goods. The Hollywood Farmers Market will match up to $5 in tokens to increase SNAP customer spending power at the market and reward healthy eating.

This match only lasts as long as we have funds for it. Please consider donating today! Call 503-709-7403 for more information.
Market Pics
sun gold tomatoes

funny guy from sweet briar with pig ears for ears

sunflower bunches from herr's family farm

seth from persephone eating dosa

anna paul

the bearded lady dog

french bulldog laying in the sun refusing to move

hfm_mapThe Hollywood Farmers Market is open Saturdays, May through Thanksgiving from 8am - 1pm. (November Markets begin at 9am).

We are located on NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd).

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

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