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Thawing Meat

The fastest and safest way to thaw frozen meat is to submerge it in a bath of cold water.  For pork, the ideal thawing temperature is 41; if it gets much warmer, bacteria will start to grow too fast. You'll know your meat is thawed when it is soft and pliable. This method can cut your thawing time in half or even down to a third!

-- Zach Hinson, Sweet Briar Farm

Featured Produce
Part of the beauty of farmers' markets is that our produce changes with the seasons. Stay current with weekly produce highlights here!

(Sweet Leaf Farm)

New England Pie Pumpkins

 (Persephone Farm)

Javelin Parsnips
(Big 'B' Farms)

Napa Cabbage
(Winter Green Farm)

Dracula Peppers
(Gales Meadows Farm)

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pumpkin and cat

Guess the correct weight of the Great Pumpkin at the Hollywood Farmers' Market this Saturday and win! Visit the Information Booth to participate. Special thanks to Gales Meadow Farm for donating the pumpkin.

Don't forget! This week at the market is the last day to deliver Photo Contest entries in person, otherwise send them to us postmarked by October 27th! Email or stop by the information booth for details.

Next week, help us celebrate the Hollyween Pet and Family Costume Parade! Bring your costumed family, four-legged or otherwise, to the market on October 31st and be ready to show off your stuff. Prizes provided by Green Dog Pet Supply will be awarded for exceptional costumes and enthusiasm. The parade begins at 11am.

November 7th marks an extra fun day at Hollywood Farmers' Market with two special events: a book signing with Tami Parr, Author of Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest and
the Pumpkin Pie Contest. Visit the information booth for details on both events.

November is the perfect time of year to sleep in a little on Saturdays and then head to the Hollywood Farmers' Market for late harvest hauls and locally made crafts. Our November markets run from 9am to 1pm and our last market of the season will be November 21st.

See you at the market!

Featured Vendor: Gabriel's Bakery
By Daurie Mangan-Dimuzio, HFM Volunteer

Twenty-five years ago, news that diet played a critical role in the obesity epidemic in the United States got Gabriel's Bakery owner Amilcar Alvarez thinking. In contrast to the whole grain breads and pastries he ate as a child in Cusco, Peru, the French pastries he was making at the time consisted mostly of butter and white flour and lacked needed proteins and vitamins. He headed to Powell's Bookstore with a mission: "Let's give good food to Americans who are eating too much junk."
Gabriel's SweetsAmilcar spent months in Powell's educating himself about whole grain breads and the chemistry of bread making. His first attempts were heavy and brick-like, but he soon refined his skills. Friends not only praised his whole grain breads, muffins and cinnamon rolls, but encouraged him to open his own business. Rolling Dough, Inc. was born in 1987, with the bakery named after his son, Luis Gabriel.
Gabriel's Bakery is committed to baking with a variety of whole grains, without the use of hydrogenated oils and to sourcing a mix of organic and sustainable products. Their flour comes from Shepherd's Grain, an alliance of wheat farmers in the Pacific Northwest certified by the Food Alliance for their sustainable agricultural practices. Bob's Red Mill, based in Milwaukie, Oregon, provides the other whole grains. When sourcing ingredients, Amilcar has his family in mind, but as he says, "I want to know that others are eating those good ingredients, too."
Last year, Amilcar created a unique Quinoa Bread, made with the high protein South American quinoa grain that he grew up eating in Peru. He has added Spelt Bread with Muesli Cereal to his repertoire this year and will soon bring a Spelt Bread with Pumpkin Seeds to market. For those with a sweet tooth, he also makes a variety of Peruvian, Mexican and French pastries. Peruvian specialties include alfagores and lenguas, puffed dough with dulce de leche, a caramelized milk cream.
You won't find a storefront for Gabriel's Bakery, although their wholesale production is located in Portland's Pearl District. Many grocery stores in the Portland area, including Fred Meyers, Whole Foods, New Seasons and Food Front carry Gabriel's Bakery breads and bagels and twenty coffee shops boast their pastries. Amilcar admits that the competition in grocery stores has increased in recent years with more health-conscious products available. He finds that the best shelf space often goes to the larger companies with his products lining the bottom shelves. As he is often told, "You sell pretty good no matter where we put you." Indeed, customers at the Hollywood Farmers' Market, his first market, consistently sing the praises of his breads and pastries. Amilcar uses this encouragement to work harder and to make better products. "I believe in quality and it's the only way I can stay in business."
Special Event: Pumpkin Pie Contest

It's that season again, when damp guests are greeted with the warm smells of toasted nutmeg, allspice and baked pastry dough. Pumpkin Pie has a cozy-factor that is nearly unbeatable, which is why the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Pie Contest is gracing the Hollywood Farmers' Market on November 7th. What better way to kick off the third year of the Market's presence in November?

Pie Contest JudgingBut the pie contest needs you to make it happen. Whether you have the recipe that won your Aunt Ethel the blue ribbon in the state fair, or you've never baked a pie before, your pie will be welcomed and adored at the Pumpkin Pie Contest. Grab a squash this Saturday at the market and give yourself a practice run. Points will be awarded for deliciousness, creativity and visual appeal. Happy Baking!

Contest Rules

Pies entered for judging must be made with fresh pumpkin (or other squash) purchased at the Hollywood Farmers' Market. Please list the farm's name and type of squash used.
Pie crust and filling must be prepared and baked by the person submitting the pie for judging.
Entries must include entry form and original recipe listing all ingredients and method in order to be considered for judging.
Pie plates will not be returned to contestants, so we encourage you to submit pies in a recyclable pie plate.
All pies submitted for judging become the property of the Hollywood Farmers' Market and may not be returned to you in time for dessert.
Entries will be accepted from 9am until 10am. Judging will begin promptly at 10:30am, with winners announced at 12:00 noon.
Community Booths
Learn more about the organizations tabling at the market each week in our community booth column.

Oregon Mentors
To expand positive life opportunities for all young Oregonians by connecting them with caring mentors

Oregon Mentors works with youth mentoring organizations around the state with a vision of providing a mentor for every child who needs one. Oregon Mentors also serves as a resource for those involved in youth mentoring: volunteers, mentoring programs, youth advocates and funders seeking more information about mentoring. Stop by their booth to see how you can get involved.

Film Action Oregon
EDUCATING emerging filmmakers SUPPORTING working artists ENGAGING diverse audiences

Film Action Oregon engages in any activities designed to foster the growth and development of film and video in the state of Oregon; to enhance the artistic, cultural and educational development and understanding of Oregonians; and to engage in relevant, related community development. Film Action Oregon educates emerging artists about filmmaking, partners with independent filmmakers indigenous to Oregon to produce new works, and engages diverse audiences by exhibiting independent, foreign and classic films at the Hollywood Theatre.
The Hollywood Farmers' Market is open Saturdays, May through October from 8am - 1pm and November 7, 14, and 21 from 9am - 1pm. We are located on NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd).

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market