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Tip of the Week


Get yourself some extra ice cube trays, maybe 3 or 4.

Make batches of pesto while basil and other wonderful summer herbs are at their peak. Then spread the finished pesto into your ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer. Once frozen, you can pop them into a container or zip-loc style bag; you will have just enough to enhance a pasta
sauce, add to soup, or mix with yoghurt or cream cheese for a dip.

Once you have put pesto in the trays, you will not be able to use them for plain old ice cubes again, because they will reek of herbs and garlic! Just save them for next year, or make multiple batches.
-- Sasha Kaplan, And She Cooks!

Featured Produce

Part of the beauty of farmers' markets is that our produce changes with the seasons. Stay current with weekly produce highlights here!

Eight Ball Zuchinni
Eight Ball Zucchini
(Hassing Farms)

Cherry Tomatoes
(Winter Green Farm)

Forono Beets
(Persephone Farm)

Sweet Peaches
(Maryhill Orchards)

Fabulous Polish Hand Raised Cabbage
(Gales Meadow Farm)
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The Local Dirt
Join in the fun this week with the Fourth of July Kids' Parade! Get in the spirit and dress up as a sparkler! We'll have free kites to give away (while supplies last) and bubbles on hand for kids to blow as they wind through the market. Gather at the Info Booth at 9:20 a.m. for the parade.

Also this Saturday, Feeley's  Fruit will start their market season with their long-awaited cherries.
Don't forget to welcome newcomer Hassing Farms to the Hollywood Farmers' Market. Hassing Farms started their season last week and are pleased to be the newest addition to the market. Make sure to stop by and say hello, they are located next to the Info Booth on NE 44th and Hancock Street.

Quality Vegan will be back again this week and don't forget to take some time to appreciate the tunes of Zimba!

See you at the market!

Featured Vendor: River Rock Nursery
by Cara O'Neil, HFM Volunteer

Bonsai, organically grown landscape trees, and nearly 35 years of market experience are just some of the things to be found at River Rock Nursery. Gretchen O'Brien, Master Gardener and horticulturist, has brought a selection of rare, beautiful plants to markets in the Portland area for many years. Her cart at the Hollywood Farmers' Market is a leafy oasis on sunny Market Saturdays-always surrounded by the beautiful, intricate foliage of the unusual landscape plants she grows and sells.River Rock

Gretchen has been visiting the Hollywood Farmers' Market for so long that she has lost count of the years-she loves it and keeps coming back with her plants from River Rock Nursery. Located 20 miles southeast of Portland in Clackamas, this small nursery and farm is family owned and operated.

Beginning about three decades ago at the Portland Saturday Market, Gretchen sold herbs, cacti and bonsai off heavy sawhorses and barn-wood boards. She has also sold spun yarn and woven items at markets and fairs, and has kept sheep and sold the wool and meat from these.

These days, River Rock Nursery and the plants she raises are what Gretchen focuses most
of her efforts on, aided by her husband and, at times, her children.

Specializing in landscape trees and shrubs, especially grafted maples and dwarf conifers, River Rock maintains a large stock of unusual plants for sale through their catalog, or by a phone-scheduled visit to the nursery itself. The O'Briens focus on trees and shrubs suitable for smaller landscapes, but they also offer plants in sizes ranging from bonsai to full-size trees. 

The list of currently-available plants is a wo
rk in progress on the River Rock website, and it includes an astonishing array of intriguing Japanese maple varieties, as well as trees and shrubs ranging from cedars to dwarf firs to swamp cypress.

Spring is a busy time for Gretchen and River Rock Nursery, as they tour all sorts of plant sales and shows in the area. Gretchen has also expanded her market selection considerably from the days sawhorses and boards to a trailer-hitch cart. Amidst the produce, families, and dogs, if you spot the bonsai and deceptively-delicate fronds of lovely Japanese maples, you have likely found your way to the River Rock Nursery cart at the Hollywood Farmers' Market.

Community Booths
Learn more about the organizations tabling at the market each week in our community booth column.

The French American International School
A Thriving Multicultural Academic Center

The French American International School (FAIS) offers French-based classes at preschool through elementary levels and a middle school program where students choose to study in French or English and add a foreign language. There are 460 students enrolled in preschool (petite section) through the eighth grade (quatrième).

Northeast Community Center
Run, swim, play, stretch, lift, kick, dance, learn, laugh.

The Northeast Community Center (NECC) is a neighborhood nonprofit organization that serves people of all ages in a building with a long history of active use. Way more than a fitness center, the NECC is a place where people of all ages exercise, swim, play, dance, paint, learn and share good times.

The Hollywood Farmers' Market is open Saturdays, May through October from 8am - 1pm and November 7, 14, and 21 from 9am - 1pm. We are located on NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd).

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market