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Tip of the Week

Fava Beans should have bright green pods. Black spots are normal, but avoid pods which are more than 1/3 black or dull in color. Fava beans should be used as soon as possible, certainly within 3 days of harvest, Ask the vendor when the favas were picked.
Italian Farm House Favas are time consuming to prepare, but the result is worth it. Shell them and drop the shelled beans into boiling water for one minute. Drain and rinse with cold water to cool. To remove the skin from each bean, slit the skin with a fingernail and pop the beans out. Discard the skins. Put the skinned beans into about a quarter inch of water with a bit of olive oil and a sprig of thyme or a sage leaf. Barely simmer for 15-25 minutes until they are very tender, but still keep their shape.

Sweet Lorane Favas, which will be ready in July, are smaller. The beans do not need to be popped out of their inner skins.

Favas can be used hot or cold, in salads or soups, or made into a seasoned paste which is great on crostini.
Many of our artisan ravioli are made with organic ingredients sourced right
here at the Hollywood Farmers' Market and they don't require much effort to
make an easy meal.

-- Anne Berblinger, Gales Meadow Farm

Featured Produce
Part of the beauty of farmers' markets is that our produce changes with the seasons. Stay current with weekly produce highlights here!

garland chrysanthemum
Garland Chrysanthemum
(Blooming Goodies)

Heirloom Carrots
(Sweet Leaf Farm)

Porcini Mushrooms
(Peak Forest Fruit)

Fave Beans
(Gales Meadow Farm)

Poodle Poodle Sweet Onions
(Winter Green Farm)
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This Saturday the Hollywood Farmers' Market welcomes the American Red Cross along with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Grocery Outlet. Together we are sponsoring a Blood Drive at the Market! Please think about giving blood this weekend. You can help to save a life!

We also welcome Chef Robert Reynolds of Chefs Studio for our second cooking demo of the season. He'll be preparing a delicious Strawberry Risotto. Come check out the demo in the Music Tent at 9:45 and 11:00 a.m!

And don't forget to come to HFM's Strawberry Festival on June 20th!

See you at the market~

Cooking Demo: Chef Robert Reynolds

This weekend, Chef Robert Reynolds honors the Hollywood Farmers' Market by demonstrating how to prepare a Strawberry Risotto. With a thoughtful philosophy on cooking, it's easy to understand why people get so excited to see him in action.

In Chef Reynolds' blog he writes, "When you have time to ponder, certain ideas return, others open up. Inspiration comes in a million forms. I had great teachers. The honor of having Josephine Araldo as a mentor, and of having Madeleine Kamman shape my thinking means I have always had an excellent base of knowledge from which to draw. French and Italian culture were my inheritance from those teachers, and they are the gifts that I pass on."

Chef Robert Reynolds was born in Boston in 1942. After enlisting in the Air Force, Chef Reynolds spent time in Okinawa, Japan, where he became "adopted" by a Burmese family who introduced him to Burmese food and culture which still influences his cooking. Chef Reynolds returned to the states in 1963 and went on to gain a degree in French Literature from Suffolk University in Boston.

Chef Reynolds studied under the tutelage of Madeleine Kamman in Annecy, France and was mentored by Josephine Araldo. In 1977 Chef Reynolds fully committed himself to cooking; he later went on to own Le Trou in San Francisco from 1982 to 1996. He has taught cooking for years in vocational schools, and has taught advanced classes for culinary professionals. He now teaches at his own school - The Robert Reynolds Chefs Studio in Portland, where he offers Classic French and Italian culinary training in Portland.

According to Chef Reynolds, "Resourcefulness is key to French cooking. I will always hear Josephine in the kitchen saying 'Any fool can make a roast, but it takes a genius to know what to do with leftovers.' Resourcefulness is grounded not just in parsimony, but in a respect for ingredient. If something is good enough for you to work with, you honor that it also came to you because of some one else's labor. You don't want to see your effort, or the effort of others, wind up in the trash can."

Strawberry Festival on June 20th!
by Jody Anderson, HFM Community Volunteer Coordinator

As someone who was born in Oregon, I have always been loyal to Oregon strawberries. People offer me strawberries in April and I respond with, "No thanks. I'll wait for the Oregon strawberries." I've always insisted that our strawberries were the best strawberries, but I never could tell anyone what made them the sweetest and reddest berries around. That is, until a few years ago, when I learned about what makes Oregon strawberries so sweet.
strawberries for festival
It's the sugar.

No, not the sugar added to the shortcake or the strawberry pie, but the natural sugar that builds up in the strawberries when they have time to ripen. Our long springs and cool nights let the strawberries stay on the vine longer, and they ripen slowly. The slow ripening process allows the sugars and color to build up in the berries. This is why it's worth the wait.

Well, the wait is over and- yahoo!
It's Strawberry Season!

What better way to celebrate than to come check out the strawberries at the Hollywood Farmers' Market?! On Saturday, June 20th, we will have fresh strawberries to sample, free recipes, and strawberry temporary tattoos. We are also partnering with Hollywood's Loaves and Fishes program to offer free strawberry milkshakes with donations accepted to benefit Loaves and Fishes.

In addition to all the goodies, we will host a contest for the Best Strawberry Dessert, the Best Savory Strawberry Dish, and the Best Strawberry Blond. Start working on your recipes, or your hair, and bring your food entries by 11:00am for judging. Bring your hair at 11:30am.

Contest winners will be recognized in The Local Dirt, and will receive a free HFM stainless steel water bottle. If winners are not present when announced, they can pick up their prizes at the Info Booth the following Saturday at the market.

And don't forget to buy your strawberries!
We have an amazing assortment of berries to choose from at the market, and the season is short, so get them while they're here!
Featured Vendor: Winter Green Farm
winter green  
In 2002 Winter Green Farm was honored with the Oregon Tilth "Producer of the Year Award" for commitment to integrity in biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture. That award confirmed what owners Jack Gray, Mary Jo Wade, and Wali and Jabrila Via have strived for in their biodynamic farming methods since the 1980s. A biodynamic farm uses no pesticides or herbicides like an organic farm, but in addition it functions as a mini-ecosystem in which crop rotation, composting, and cover cropping seek to heal the earth.

"The vast majority of our fertility is produced on-farm, and we view this as one sign of a farm in biological balance," the owners observe. "The backbone of our fertility program is the use of well ripened compost, green manure crops, careful crop rotation, and pasturage of our grazing stock. The health of our farm is reflected in the quality of our crops that include annual herbs, vegetables, blueberries, fruit trees, hay, and beef cows."

Winter Green Farm also has a Community Farm program. For a set annual price consumers become members and receive a box of fresh produce every week of the growing season and a generous share of winter storage vegetables as well. In 2006 there were 525 member families.

The farm has developed a close link with the local food bank, as well, providing thousands of pounds of produce to those in need. Winter Green also works to bring today's youths closer to the world of biodynamic farming. Since 1992, the Pumpkin Project has involved students from a local elementary school. Students learn to plant, transplant and harvest pumpkins even as they integrate math and planning skills in a real life application.

Reprinted article, originally published June, 2007
Community Booths
Learn more about the organizations tabling at the market each week in our community booth column.

Red Cross Blood Drive - Sponsored by
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community & Grocery Outlet

Every day, there are people who count on blood to be available to help save lives. Accident victims, premature babies, people undergoing cancer treatment, organ recipients, and many others rely on the generosity of blood donors to ensure that blood is available when it's needed.

There will be a Blood Mobile available at the south end of the Hollywood Farmers' Market for giving blood from 8 to 1 this coming Saturday. If you're able , please take some time out of your Saturday to give blood.

Knit in Public Day
Better living through stitching together.

Our long term volunteer, Anne Meixner, is organizing a community booth for knitters. Anne plans to bring info about charities to knit/crochet for, ravlery and free patterns for items related to the market- Market bags, coffee snugs. If you have your own favorite charity to knit or crochet for bring information about it.

Please come by and check out the knitting, or bring you own! Knitting, crocheting and spinning activities are welcome.

There are free bathrooms available nearby
The Hollywood Farmers' Market is open Saturdays, May through October from 8am - 1pm and November 7, 14, and 21 from 9am - 1pm. We are located on NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd).

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market