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Many of our artisan ravioli are made with organic ingredients sourced right here at the Hollywood Farmers' Market and they don't require much effort to
make an easy meal.

Just be sure to use plenty of boiling well salted water,
one gallon per pound of ravioli, and simmer until they've all floated for a few minutes.

Then drain and serve with pesto, browned butter with fresh

sage, salt, pepper and garlic, or with marinara sauce.

-- Jake Greenberg, Classic Foods

Featured Produce
Part of the beauty of farmers' markets is that our produce changes with the seasons. Stay current with weekly produce highlights here!

sugar snap peas

Sugar Snap Peas

 (Sweet Leaf Farm)

Butter Lettuce
(Big 'B' Farm)

Sweet Slice Cucumbers
(Deep Roots Farm)

On Choy
(Blooming Goodies)

Sweet Basil
(Winter Green Farm)
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The Local Dirt
June brings more food and fun to the Hollywood Farmers' Market!

This Saturday the Hollywood Farmers' Market welcomes the return of DeMartini Family Farms, Baird Family Orchards, Liepold Farms, and Thompson Farms. Maryhill Orchards hopes to be at the market starting June 13th, but it all depends on when the cherries ripen!

June also brings in our New Dog Policy. We now offer customers both dog-free and dog-friendly hours.
From 8am to 10am there will be no dogs allowed in the market. This will allow customers who prefer to do their shopping without dogs to enjoy the market without the presence of dogs.Dog Sign

From 10am to 1pm, dogs are welcome in the market
in accordance with our usual rules. This will accommodate our customers with dogs, and those who enjoy the market atmosphere with four-legged friends.

Next Saturday, June 13th, we will hold our second cooking demonstration of the season with Robert Reynolds of Chefs Studio. That same day we will also host a Red Cross Blood Drive with the help of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Grocery Outlet.

On June 20th we will hold our first event of the season - The Hollywood Farmers' Market Strawberry Festival! With free strawberry temporary tattoos, a strawberry variety tasting tent, and free strawberry milkshakes (donations accepted to benefit Loaves & Fishes) this is an event you don't want to miss. Mark your calendars!

See you at the market~

Featured Vendor:
Pine Mountain Ranch
Pine Mtn Ranch

Ask Alan Rousseau why he chose to become a rancher, and he'll tell you that he wanted his children to be raised on a ranch where they could enjoy the outdoors. In talking to Alan for only a few minutes it becomes clear that it's also because Alan is incredibly passionate about his meat. He is quick to point out the health benefits of eating buffalo - that it has much lower fat and cholesterol, and higher protein than beef. Alan says that his "purpose in life is to sell a good, healthy food source".

Alan is so well versed on his meat and its positive health effects that it's hard to keep up with him when he's talking about it. He can tell you the percentage of fat that buffalo has in comparison to beef, how much protein each type of meat has, and how important it is to eat grass-fed meat instead of grain-fed.

It's not only buffalo that Alan is committed to, but he and his business partner, Loretta Spahmer, also raise yak, beef, elk, chicken, turkey, and other exotic meats at Pine Mountain Ranch in Bend, Oregon.

All of Alan's animals are pastured. This allows the animals to eat what is natural to them. Alan says that the "most important thing is that people realize what they're getting."  One of the problems with chicken, according to Alan, is that it is usually treated with antibiotics. "Chicken contains more antibiotics than any other meat in the store", and the reason the antibiotics are used is because they are eating grain, which isn't a natural diet for chickens.

One of the things that Alan appreciates most about his meat is that when people eat it they tell him "they are tasting their food again". Customers have also told him that they are starting to enjoy cooking and sitting down for a meal.

Some of Pine Mountain Ranch's future goals are to reopen their local farmers' market, to build an Oregon Department of Agriculture approved meat processing plant, and to raise Rocky Mountain Elk on Pine Mountain Ranch.

Oh, and Alan's favorite food? Buffalo.

Pine Mountain Ranch's products can be found in the Portland area at Hollywood Farmers' Market, as well other area farmers' markets.
Customer Purchase Pick-Up

You don't need to worry about how you're going to get that tree back to your car, or what to do with those flats of berries as you maneuver your way around the market. Just use our Customer Pick-Up service, and you can drive your car or bicycle right up to the curb for pick-up!

The Customer Pick-Up will be located next to the Information Booth on the west side of the market at NE 44th Avenue and Hancock Street. Look for the umbrella, sign and friendly volunteer! Customers may drop off their purchases while they continue to shop or on the way to their car or bicycle. A volunteer will give them a ticket, which they will then turn in to retrieve their items.

This service is intended for Hollywood Farmers' Market purchases only. We will not hold purses, backpacks, small dogs, or other personal items.

Items need to be picked up by 1:00 pm sharp, at the closing of the market. Customers are responsible for their purchases, and anything left at the end of the market will be donated to the Rose City Park Presbyterian Church's gleaning program.
Community Booths
Learn more about the organizations tabling at the market each week in our community booth column.

Chess for Success
Chess for Success is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping children develop skills necessary for success in school and life by learning chess. Chess instills in children a sense of self-confidence, patience, self-control and responsibility. Chess for Success provides children with a fun, competitive and appealing after-school activity that promotes their healthy development, enriches their lives, and entices them to attend school so they can participate in chess club.

Metro Paint
MetroPaint is a high quality, affordable, 100 percent recycled latex paint produced in Portland, Oregon, since 1992. Metro sells recycled latex paint in 5-gallon pails and 1-gallon cans.

Metro, which produces MetroPaint, has recycled more than 1 million gallons of latex paint since 1992, helping save natural resources and landfill space. Through its household hazardous waste program, Metro collects paint from residents and processes eligible batches into a variety of colors for 1- and 5-gallon containers. With certifications from GreenSeal™ and the Master Painters Institute, MetroPaint has earned recognition as a quality 100-percent-recycled product.
The Hollywood Farmers' Market is open Saturdays, May through October from 8am - 1pm and November 7, 14, and 21 from 9am - 1pm. We are located on NE Hancock Street between 44th and 45th Avenues (one block South of Sandy Blvd).

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market