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The type of honey is determined by the flower the bees gather their nectar from. Generally, darker honey is stronger tasting and lighter honey is sweeter and more delicate in taste.

- Sue Johnson, Nature's Best Oregon Honey
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Check out our cooking demonstration this week! Students from the Oregon Culinary Institute will be cooking and sampling vegetable tempura at 10:00 am and 11:00 am this Saturday. Look for them under the community booth tent at the south entrance to the market.

Volunteer Spotlight

Rollin and Leanne

Did you know volunteering can help you live longer?

A study released by the Corporation for National and Community Service shows that volunteering is beneficial to the individual, specifically older adults and those serving 100 hours annually. Some of the major findings about volunteers include that they live longer, have lower rates of depression, recover faster from physical illness, and benefit psychologically and physically.
Rollin and Lianne Bannow won Volunteers of the Month (and $10 in HFM tokens!) for June. Visit them at the information booth to find out how you too can get involved in this wonderful community and benefit your health!

Rollin and Lianne answered the following questions about their experience at the Hollywood Farmers' Market.

1. How long have you been volunteering at the market? Since 2005.

2. What is your favorite product at the market? All kinds of berries.

3. What do you do with this product? Once the season starts, it's a rare morning that berries are not in a bowl, unembellished, for nibbling at breakfast.

4. Why do you volunteer? It's enjoyable and doesn't feel like a chore. We like many aspects of what the market represents. Volunteering offers a comfortable way for us to be a part of the community.

To sign-up to volunteer, contact Caryn Servis ( or stop by the information booth on market day.

What's In Your Market Basket?Zucchini

Market Shopper: Chef Owner Piper Dixon, Proper Eats

What did you purchase? Zucchini, carrots and an array of fresh herbs.

What will you be doing with the vegetables? Making what I call a "zu-canoe" - zucchini stuffed with almonds, carrots, celery and fresh herbs. It's a light and refreshing summer treat.

Featured Vendor: Squirrel Heights GardensSquirrel Heights

Squirrel Heights Gardens grew out of Betty's love of gardening and a patio always overflowing with plants. The business officially began in 1995, evolving into the urban specialty nursery it is today in the Woodstock area of SE Portland.

The nursery's small size allows Betty and Dave to give personal attention to their customers, helping them find just the right plants for their gardens. Each of the unusual perennials and shrubs at Squirrel Heights Gardens has its special attributes, such as interesting foliage that attracts hummingbirds or butterflies and adds the perfect color to any garden. 

When Betty and Dave built a greenhouse just for ferns, Dave's obsession for them really took off. He is now growing over thirty different varieties of ferns in the nursery and many more in the garden.

Squirrel Heights has been a regular feature of the Hollywood Farmers' Market since opening day of the first year, when it poured down rain. Betty and Dave continue to participate because they enjoy the sense of community that the market provides. They are also regulars at the Moreland Farmers' Market on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 7:30 pm. 

Betty and Dave invite you to mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Mid-Summer Plant Sale and Garden Art Event at Squirrel Heights Gardens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 3, 4 and 5 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm!

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market