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Cleaning Your Veggies

Find aphids in your broccoli or other produce?

Soak or swish around in salted water until they release their grip and fall off.

Rinse salty water off produce if desired.

- Mark, Deep Roots Farms

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Junior Rose Parade
Junior Rose Parade

Congratulations to HFM volunteer Addison Nuttbrock and Brownie Troop 980 for winning first place in the "Wagon" division of the Junior Rose Parade on Wednesday, June 6th. Andy Nuttbrock coordinated the group's entry in the parade where the girls dressed in farmer costumes and wheeled red wagons from the market behind them. Thank you to Andy and the chaperones that lead the troop through the parade.   

Bike to the Market Day
Bike to the Market Day

Join HFM and the Hollywood Bike Gallery for "Bike to the Market Day" this Saturday, June 23rd. The Bike Gallery will be featuring tips on how to modify your bike to carry groceries along with other resources for enjoying biking in Portland. Ride your bike to the market and bring your helmet to the information booth to receive a
free bottle of water.

The Bike Gallery is a local, family-owned bike store since 1974 with six neighborhood locations in and around Portland.
Featured Vendor: Toadstone Farms
Toadstone Farms
Toadstone Farms, located in Rainier, Oregon is owned and operated by the Ashling family. Tina, Rebecca and Matthew have been chicken-farming on a small scale for the last year, and in 2007 made the move from 25 laying hens to 200. We also have ducks, turkeys, fryers and geese. Our birds live in a cage-free environment, ranging freely on their two-acre pasture. To us, "free-range" means that the birds have access to the outdoors 24/7. Some of the hens roost outside rain, shine or snow!

We are committed to providing the best possible duck, chicken and goose eggs and meat birds to our friends and customers. Our birds enjoy a prepared grain ration (including vitamins) as well as fresh pasture grass, fruits and vegetables, scratch grain, and of course all the bugs and worms they can devour. They are never fed hormones, additives or routine antibiotics.

Because we eat the meat birds we raise, as well as sell them, it is important to us to know not only how they were raised, but how they were slaughtered. Meat birds are transported off-farm to a state-licensed, family run facility, where they are quickly and humanely dispatched, then hand processed and packed in ice for the trip home. Stop by the market on July 14th for our next batch of fryers. Turkeys will be available for Thanksgiving and Christmas with reservations taken in September.
For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market