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Greg Clarke

Loaves and Fishes: Meals on Wheels

Cooking Demonstration (10am & 11am)
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Cheese Storage

Wrap your cheese in wax paper. Place it in a zipper storage bag and seal leaving as much air in the bag as possible. This will keep your cheese moist and alive for weeks. DO NOT wrap your cheese in plastic wrap.

- Brian Richter, Oregon Gourmet Cheeses

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Local Students Design "New"
Site for the Market

Sara Sargent
Join HFM volunteer Sara Sargent and her classmates this Saturday as they display their class architecture project. Sara's fourth grade class at Laurelhurst Elementary created a new design for the Hollywood Farmers' Market with the help of John Sargent and the Architecture in Schools program. Their site and 3-D booth designs will be displayed by the information booth at the west entrance of the market between 8am and noon.  

For the complete story on this project, read our article in the June issue of the Hollywood Star News (page 4).
What's In Your Market Basket?
Carrots and Onions

Market Shopper:
Chef John Taboada, Navarre

What did you purchase? Carrots, beets, radishes, cucumbers and porcini mushrooms.

What will you be doing with the vegetables? Making a variety of salads including carrots tossed with herbs, roasted beets with greens and cheese, and cucumber and porcini with farro.

Featured Vendor: River Rock Nursery
River Rock Nursery

Gretchen must have caught the growers bug from her horticulturalist father because she started growing coleus for sale in junior high. When she moved to Oregon with her husband and two small children in 1973, she became one of the first vendors at the Portland Saturday Market, growing and selling herbs, cactus, bonsai and other plants. As her children increased to six, soccer games and school activities became much more frequent than farmers' markets and plant sales. When her children moved away from home, she had more time for plants again and began specializing in unusual trees and shrubs.

Learning to graft opened up the world of conifers and Japanese maples, which are one of her specialties. If there is any particular variety of conifer or maple you are looking for, just ask. She also has a wide variety of blueberry plants, which are easy to grow organically and are ornamental as well as tasty. Gretchen has responded to customer requests over the years and has expanded the plants she grows to include annuals and perennials.

You can find River Rock Nursery near the information booth at the southwest corner of the market. Her signature Garden Nursery Cart is well stocked weekly with healthy, vigorous plants to fill the empty nooks in the corners of your garden or to complete a landscaping job. She would not be able to be at the market without the help of Beth Heriza, Sarah Laughlin and Hazel Laughlin, familiar faces to many of you at the market.

Check out the sale area at her booth this week. She will have some specials to thank you for supporting her all these years.

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See you Saturday!

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