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Try a new veggie this week! Thai curly flower is a tasty green that can be sauteed, stir-fried or steamed.

To prepare, wash and chop off one inch of the thick stem. Cut the remaining leaf into strips. Sautee the Thai curly flower with garlic for a delicious side dish.

-Youa Vue,
Blooming Goodies
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Summer Reading Kick-Off
Summer Reading Program

Join your favorite local librarians this Saturday to kick-off Multnomah County Library's Summer Reading Program. The library will be at the market all morning long with the Wood Vibrations playing from 9-10am. We are looking forward to getting you and your family hooked on reading, so bring your kids by our booth to sign up for the free program. We will have information about other upcoming events as well as stickers and buttons galore!

Volunteer of the Month
Volunteer Spotlight

Each time you volunteer at the Hollywood Farmers' Market you are entered to win "Volunteer of the Month" and ten dollars in HFM tokens to spend at the market. At the end of each season, a volunteer (or two!) of the year is selected and their names added to a plaque that they keep until the following year. Anne Meixner and Mike Navarre were the 2006 Volunteers of the Year. Lindsay Corliss is the first Volunteer of the Month this season.

Anne and Lindsay answered the following questions about their experience at the Hollywood Farmers' Market.

1. How long have you been volunteering at the market?

Anne has volunteered since 1998. She brought Mike on board a year or two later. Lindsay has volunteered at the market since she moved to Portland in July 2006.

2. What is your favorite product at the market?
Anne: "Wow, that's hard to choose. Most likely Alsea Acres goat cheese."
Lindsay: "The Garden Veggie Vegan Crepe from the incredible and kind crepe folks, Deb and Meg. I also love to buy strawberries."

3. What do you do with this product?
Anne: "Spread it on artisan bread."
Lindsay: "I cut off the tops of the strawberries, freeze them and make morning smoothies with hemp milk and ground flax seeds."

4. Why do you volunteer?
Anne: "It's a way to know our neighbors and make new friends."
Lindsay: "I love being at farmers' markets in general and at the Hollywood market in particular. This market has great people, wonderful vendors and a sweet, happy, community energy. I volunteer at the market because every time I do I feel good. And I feel even better about life."

Featured Vendor: Sweet Briar
Sweet Briar

Sweet Briar Farms brings farm fresh, tender, tasty pork products from Eugene, Oregon. Hollywood Farmers' Market customers will find various, tasty parts of very healthy, naturally grown Duroc Pigs. Duroc is a heritage breed, raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. They are not injected with a salt solution. All pigs are fed twice daily with a special fresh ground corn and vitamin mineral mix. They also enjoy meals with a little county music playing daily for them in the barn. The pigs then receive a sensitive slaughter at a U.S.D.A. facility and are custom packaged fresh every week.

Sweet Briar Farms products include: bacon, ribs, sausages, ham, roasts, steaks, tenderloins, jerky, raw dog food and various dog treats. Whole and half pigs are also available. Please visit our website for a complete list of our products, or stop by the market on Saturday!

Sweet Briar Farms would be happy to help you with special requests and large orders for your restaurant, party, freezer, or holiday fun! Gift certificates are also available. Shipping is not a problem. Let us know where and when it needs to arrive and we would be happy to send it anywhere in the world.

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market