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Cooking Demonstration (10am & 11am)
Tip of the Week


Dig a hole twice as big as the pot your plant came in.

Mix that dirt with equal parts compost.

Use this mixture to nestle your plant into the ground.

Water the plant down to its roots.

Keep the plant moist throughout its first season to ensure a strong root system.

-Betty Berdan,
Squirrel Heights Gardens
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Thank you for taking time out of your market day last Saturday to stop by the information booth to name our e-newsletter. "The Local Dirt" was declared a winner with 30% of your votes! Thanks to the HFM volunteers for your name suggestions.

Opening Day A Success!
HFM Opens May 5th

A cool and cloudy morning welcomed the opening of the Hollywood Farmers' Market this past Saturday, May 5th. Over 3500 customers filled the market, shopped from our 32 vendors and enjoyed the sites and sounds of opening day. By mid-morning, many vendors had already sold out. Happy Harvest's Jeff Rosenblad declared the day a "Success!" as his sweet strawberries quickly sold out to a long line of customers. 

Many thanks to those of you who joined us on opening day. We look forward to seeing you again as the season continues.

Cooking Demonstration
Cooking Demo

The Hollywood Farmers' Market and student chefs from the Oregon Culinary Institute team-up this weekend for the first of six cooking demonstrations that will take place on the second Saturday of each month.

Join HFM "Nourishment" vendor Ramona White and her students from the Oregon Culinary Institute as they whip up a spring vegetable frittata at 10am and 11am under the community booth tent on the south side of the market. 

The Oregon Culinary Institute (OCI) is Portland's newest cooking school, with professional programs in both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry, as well as weekend cooking classes for aspiring and accomplished home cooks. We are now open for lunch and dinner. For more information, please contact us at or call 503-961-6200.

What's In Your Market Basket?

Market Shopper: Chef David Siegel, East Side Dining Club

What did you purchase? 5 Dozen Duck Eggs from Toadstone Farms.

What will you be doing with the Duck Eggs? Poaching them. They also make the best pasta. They have a bigger, richer taste than chicken eggs.

Featured Vendor: Gales Meadow
Gales Meadow Farm

Rene and Anne Berblinger began farming in the Gales Creek Valley in western Washington County in 1999. David Knaus joined us full-time in 2006. We produce more than 200 varieties of great tasting, beautiful vegetables and herbs. Many of our varieties are heirlooms.

Early in the season, Gales Meadow Farm sells starts of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, chard, and culinary herbs. We have more than 30 varieties of tomatoes, more than 20 sweet and hot peppers, and 10 kinds of eggplant.

As the season progresses, we offer the best familiar summer and fall vegetables and many unusual varieties. Stop by our booth, ask questions, get recipes, and share your recipes with us!

Our newest product is micro-greens, cultivated by David. It is a mix of the tiny first leaves of lettuce, arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, cabbage, broccoli, rapini, and other leafy greens. It has an amazing taste and texture and great nutrition.

Our farming practices build the soil and provide habitat for wildlife including native plants, insects, birds, and microbes. We have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since 2001.

Restaurants which use our products include Genoa, Kinta, Caffe Mingo, Nostrana and Fleur de Lis Bakery. And those fabulous Ruby Jewel Treats . . . the mint and lavender for the ice cream come from Gales Meadow Farm.

For more information, check us out online at

See you Saturday!

Hollywood Farmers' Market