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Elfida P Chavez Elementary School
raised $605.50 with Maredy Gift Wrap Brochure fundraiser - April 5
Beth Center Hs Class Of 2010 raised $720.00 with Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraiser - March 30
Linda School Lion Pride/kid Live raised $720.00 with Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraiser - March 29
Ibml/class 2011 raised $2,586.00 with CalPak Snacks fundraiser - March 25
Hurricanes Baseball raised $2,586.00 with discount card fundraiser - March 25
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April Fundraising Ideas
This Issue:
New Dinner & a Movie Card!

The gray, gloomy winter months have finally given way to the cheerful trappings of spring! Sweep away the winter doldrums and spring clean your fundraising efforts with the following tips and ideas sure to make the days ahead sunny and productive.

The beginning of 2010 brought several headline making disasters to the forefront of fundraising efforts for many organizations. Earthquake relief efforts in Haiti set new records in January when national efforts reached dollar amounts in excess of $50 million. Shortly after news reports surrounding the Haiti disaster began to wane, a massive earthquake shook Chile in South America bringing with it a new round of need and desperation. In the days that followed, more earthquakes struck in Turkey and Taiwan.

There has been no shortage of need in 2010. An unfortunate side effect of global fundraising efforts is donor fatigue, the arch enemy of fundraising groups. How can you fight donor fatigue? Read on for tips and strategies that will help.
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April Fundraising Tips

Know Your Donors
The old saying goes "April showers bring May flowers" and in fundraising, this rings true. Today's efforts and hard work will plant the seeds for success in the future. Some of that hard work involves getting to know you target donor group and tailoring your fundraising to meet their needs.

For example, if your intended audience is made up mostly of hardworking soccer moms who constantly juggle several jobs, choose fundraisers which will make their lives easier. When they view the brochure you send out, the value of the products you offer will register and the sale will be made. A few items featured in the Spring Catalog will simplify her gift buying efforts. Maybe a large bucket of yummy chocolate chip cookie dough from the Cookie Dough fundraiser at her child's school helps solve her last minute treat dilemma. Pay attention to the needs of your customers to maximize your fundraising potential.

Energize Volunteers with a Little Friendly Competition
Friendly CompetitionHard work proves that fundraising volunteers believe in the organization they are raising money for. Help them help you achieve your fundraising goals by giving a little back. Establish a small reward system for the most productive fundraisers. Host a pep rally at the beginning of your fundraising campaign to energize volunteers. Promise a follow-up rally when the fundraiser is over to recognize efforts and inspire creativity.
Recognition does not have to be an extra expense. A few homemade awards will easily fill the bill. The point is to have fun and reward workers with a good time and hearty recognition for their hard work. Hand out awards for the most productive sales, hardest working volunteer, most creative sales technique, and so on.
The atmosphere must be fun and festive in the beginning and carry through to the final party.
Show your volunteers the level of your appreciation for their efforts. It is an inexpensive and reliable way to boost sales and help your fundraiser stand out above the crowd.
Donor fatigue can be a real problem for organizations following high profile disasters and charity campaigns. With a little creative strategy you can help overcome the donor blues with an active team of dedicated volunteers and quality fundraising products from Fastrack Fundraising.

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Did You Know?

  • Earth Day celebrates forty years of environmental awareness this April. The concept was begun in 1970 by a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson. Nelson envisioned a yearly celebration to teach ecology to younger groups. He first described Earth Day as a 'teach-in'. A generation later, Nelson's efforts have proven fruitful with Earth Day events planned in communities across the country.
FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping school groups, sport teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals with easy fundraising ideas.

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