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Powell County High School raised $6,160.00 with Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraiser -
February 25

Piedmont Pride Aau Basketball raised $6,160.00 with discount card fundraiser - February 25
Granbury Ms Journalism raised $1,584.00 with Lollipops fundraiser - February 24
Killian Elementary School raised $720.00 with Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraiser - February 23
Crownpoint Community School raised $720.00 with Lollipops fundraiser - February 23
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Spring Catalog Fundraising & Spring Cleaning Ideas

Break out of the doldrums of winter and give your fundraising efforts new life with a few tips that are sure to kick up spirit and build your bottom line.
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Spring Catalog Fundraiser

This month's featured fundraising product is FastTrack Spring Catalog FundraiserFundraising's Spring Catalog. This colorful catalog is packed with over 100 different items, each priced between $5 and $10! Items included make wonderful gifts for
Easter and Mother's Day.
The Spring Catalog features bulbs and seeds garden lovers will go wild over! Take advantage of the spring planting season and encourage customers to order their seeds for a good cause.
Springtime means graduations and new beginnings, and the Spring Catalog features plenty of gift ideas for the graduate on everyone's gift list! Show your pride with a "Class of '10" Tag Necklace for him or her. Every graduate will treasure these reminders of their crowning achievement!
Fundraising products from the Spring Catalog are a surefire hit for schools and youth groups. Parents and grandparents will appreciate the variety of items in the catalog, as well as the reasonable price range. Supporting a favorite cause was never more fun!

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Spring Cleaning Fundraisers

Springtime brings warmer weather, and with it the opportunities to catch up on outdoor chores that the long winter months have kept at bay. Think of the area homeowners who would jump at the chance to have a little help getting the work done this spring. This is a great opportunity to host a service auction!
Spring Fundraiser
Here's how it works: local volunteers and businesses donate a service. Any donation will work. Some may offer specific services like lawn care or trash removal. Just a simple donation of time and labor from individuals to clean out gutters or weed flower gardens will bring great bids. Each offer is listed and auctioned off to the highest bidder, with proceeds going directly to your organization. The upside is the relatively low overhead cost, making this fundraiser nearly 100% profit.

Make the service auction fun and festive. Get into spring! Give the occasion the ambience of an old fashioned spring bazaar. Ask a few volunteers to donate a dozen homemade cookies each and serve lemonade. Seek out a local auction service for a donation of time to give the auction an authentic feel.

Springtime Car Wash Warmer weather is the perfect time to hold a fundraising car wash at a local business. Fast food restaurants commonly open up their parking lot space to non-profits for car washes. Take a clue from the cheerleading booster clubs and make large, colorful signs to attract drivers to the car wash. Be sure to encourage volunteers to be seen and attract as many car wash customers as possible!
Ask local car washes or grocery stores for donations of soap, sponges, and cleaners. Hunt around for buckets and other supplies. Be sure everyone comes in play clothes and has a lot of fun!
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Did You Know?

  • Spring is the best time to prune evergreen plants. Be sure to use a light touch; over-pruning in the growth season causes overgrowth on top, robbing the bottom layers of the plant of necessary sunlight.
  • The idea that peonies need ants to help them grow is just an old wives' tale. Ants like to snack on the sap in an unopened bloom, but do nothing to encourage the plant to flower.
FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping school groups, sport teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals with easy fundraising ideas.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.


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