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New Year Fundraising & Valentine's Day

Every year brings with it new and unique challenges, as does every decade. As we move into 2010 it's important to remember everything that has happened, and to remember the opportunities that lie ahead. Not even a month into this year and there is already a major humanitarian disaster in Haiti, with non-profit groups pouring out their support en masse to help those in need during the crisis. So as the year gets started, let's take some time to look at some of the things we can remember for a new year of fundraising.
For more information on supporting Haiti, visit:
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Valentine's Day Fundraising Idea

Valentine's Day Fundraising Idea
What's the next major calendar event after Christmas and New Year's? It's time to get ready for Valentine's Day, and what better way to do it than with heart-shaped candy? FastTrack's heart lollipops are the perfect fundraiser for the Valentine's season. Great tasting and long lasting, heart lollipops are perfect for any organization looking to tap into the Valentine's spirit.

With FastTrack's heart lollipops, you get:
  • An easy sell for the Valentine's season for friends, family, and that special someone
  • A great tasting treat with Cherry Cheesecake, Wild Cherry, Cherry Snow, Watermelon, Red Raspberry, Strawberry Shake, Bubble Gum, Cinnamon, and Grape flavors
  • Perfect for selling door to door or at Valentine's events
  • Up to 55% profit per lollipop!
Simple and affordable, FastTrack's heart lollipops are an easy way to raise funds before the big February extravaganza. But you have to hurry -- orders must be made by Feburary 2nd to ensure
that you get your inventory by February 14.

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New Year Fundraising
Typically the New Year is a time of resolutions, but it should also be a time to start laying out the course you will take for the following months. While every eventuality can never be addressed ahead of time, you can make the process easier by getting your best minds together and seeing what great ideas can be brought to the table. 

Planning 2009 Fundraising

The first part of a good brainstorming session should always be taking stock of the situation as it stands. Go over the budget, review the accomplishments and missed opportunities of the previous year, and take stock of your available volunteer help. Evaluate your donors and benefactors, and seriously determine whether they're likely to continue supporting the organization.
Once stock has been taken, it's time to think ahead. Will you be keeping previous events and projects? If so, are their costs likely to change due to market or supply demands? What new projects would you like to try, or what changes to existing efforts are necessary? Make projections and pay careful attention to what you'll need to make them work out properly.
Last but not least, remember to properly budget time for the relevant events. We've all experienced the painful sensation of running short on time right before a bit gathering, and while it isn't always avoidable it certainly happens more times than it needs to. Once again take a look back at the previous year and see what time requirements your projects demanded. Did you run short on any of them? If so, find a way to budget more time to your projects this year, to avoid running your people ragged. 
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Did You Know?

Normally, the FCC has a strict ban on fundraising via non-commercial radio stations. These rules are in place to prevent abuse of limited airtime, as part of the FCC's oversight responsibilities. However, the FCC has been known to temporarily suspend these rules for a major humanitarian crisis. During the 9/11 attacks, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, and the 2005 tsunami, the rules were relaxed to allow funds to be raised for relief efforts.

The FCC has suspended the rule again following the disaster in Haiti, and once again noncommercial stations are able to call for donations in order to raise money for the victims of this horrific event. However, most such stations are not experienced in fundraising efforts, for the exact aforementioned reason of usually being banned from it. Interested nonprofits could consider getting in touch with their local noncommercial stations to offer some organizational help, and perhaps plan a fundraising event. Opportunity is everywhere, after all.

On another note, we all know someone who is trying to stick to a difficult or impressive resolution for 2010. In many cases, that someone may even be ourselves. In the spirit of the thing, why not turn this resolution into a creative means for raising money? Set a reasonable timeframe, say a month perhaps, and ask sponsors to donate a dollar for each day you stick to your resolution. Even getting twenty sponsors together will raise 600 dollars, for no more effort than keeping a habit you promised to try anyway.

Happy New Year from everyone at FastTrack Fundraising! 

FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping school groups, sport teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals with easy fundraising ideas.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.


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