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Thanksgiving Fundraisers and Choosing Gratitude

During the holidays, peoples' thoughts turn to those less fortunate than themselves, and to ways they can share the spirit of Thanksgiving with others. This means Thanksgiving is an ideal time to plan a fundraising event - people are feeling generous, and people are in need, a perfect combination to make everyone involved feel a little happier during the season of giving.

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Thanksgiving Fundraising
What should you choose as a Thanksgiving fundraiser?  There are of course the old mainstays such as turkey raffles and bake sales - Thanksgiving is very much about the traditional foods in many peoples' minds, so these make an enjoyable and practical tie-in to the holiday and are a great place to start. However, there are many other ideas just as clever and original that can help catch the holiday spirit.

For example, people seem to utterly love scented candles and oils. Consider contacting local stores and asking if they have some holiday themed stock they're interested in discounting or even donating for a charitable cause. People get to enjoy the wonderful holiday scents and know they've done a good deed, and you bring in a steady profit because you've offered a unique take on holiday traditions.

Alternatively, you could have your own holiday fall sale. Gather up your old belongings and see what you can easily live without, and set up for a Thanksgiving yard sale. In fact, don't just do it yourself, get the whole neighborhood involved. Plan a few days in advance and get as many people on board as you can, the more the merrier. Everyone will have a chance to socialize and reminisce about the memories of their various knicknacks, buyers can feel good about donating to a local charity, and everyone has a little more room for the inevitable Christmas presents a month later. For added effect, set up a donation box for people who just didn't find what they wanted, but still want to help. Yard sales are essentially pure profit - you're usually parting with things you can't even remember buying at all, let alone how much you paid for them eight years ago. Requiring no immediate investment (except perhaps for renting those long tables), they can turn an otherwise dull afternoon into a neighborhood charity block party.

This holiday season, try to think a little outside the box - have your big charity raffles and bake sales, but maybe consider sitting down and throwing out a few crazy, wild ideas with your friends. Who knows, you might come up with something that catches everyone by surprise.
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Choosing Gratitude

Choosing gratitude has the power to change our mindset and alter our perspective and even important decisions.

At a time of economic downturn and downsizing, many of us have been asked to expand our responsibilities and workload, which often generates resentment and frustration. Seeing this as an opportunity for gratitude and appreciation may seem contradictory and even illogical. However, numerous studies have documented the positive emotional, physiological and cognitive benefits of positively framing circumstances, and choosing an attitude of gratitude is a significant way to immediately shift into a more optimistic state of mind. Plus, gratitude is infectious, often eliciting greater collaboration and productivity from your entire team.

Gratitude also has remarkable health benefits. UCLA medical school professor Dr. Steve Cole found that recipients of organ transplants who kept "gratitude journals" had better vitality, physical health and mental health than patients whose journals focused on routine daily concerns.

If you want to experience the power of gratitude in unlocking creativity and opening up perspectives:
 Choose to replace resentment and frustration with gratitude and appreciation. For example, if a work project you're very invested in is cancelled or significantly reduced in scope, catch yourself wishing things were different and shift your focus to a more positive mindset. This may sound simplistic and even nave, and yet recent functional brain studies document how such thinking can enhance your creativity, memory and overall effectiveness, both in the moment and longer term.
 Whatever situation you're in, think of three things to be grateful for. For example, even if your role has changed in the downturn and you now have a larger workload and reduced compensation, you can feel grateful that you are working with people who you respect and that you are still a valued member of your organization.
 Even though outcomes may appear bleak at present, imagine three positive future outcomes. Many autobiographies confirm that unforeseen opportunities and even unexpected success have arisen from the more dire circumstances. Research documents the extraordinary impact of optimism and hopefulness in opening up our minds so that we can see and act on possibilities.

Frequently expressing your gratitude is the difference between a good idea and having a truly positive impact. When you speak your gratitude to others, you multiply the impact. We have found in coaching executives that gratitude is often a catalyst that enhances the impact of an entire team.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at FastTrack Fundraising! 

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