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Chesapeake Youth Football raised $1,584.00 - September 14

Kentwood Pto raised $8,875.00 - September 10

Hunton-randolph Community Center, Inc. raised $2,125.00 - September 10

Suwanne Dog Pound Cheerleaders raised $2,059.20 - September 10

Crestwood Band Patrons raised $900.00 - September 9
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This Issue: Featured Fall Fundraisers and Understanding Why Donors Give

With fall fundraising kicking into gear, it's valuable to remember what motivates donors to give. This issue will touch on the emotional aspect of giving, and feature some fall fundraisers to get you going!

Remember to visit our website or contact us if you have any fundraising questions or ideas you wish to contribute.  We're here to help you reach your fundraising goals!
Featured Fall Fundraisers

The cookie dough fundraiser is a popular classic, and raises thousands of dollars per fundraising drive.

cookie dough fundraiserHere are some highlights:

# Free full color brochures
# Easy online ordering
# Free shipping
# Up to 55% profit!

Start your cookie dough fundraiser today:

Looking for a healthy fundraising alternative?  Our themed popcorn is back!  Choose from several different themes of fundraising popcorn.

popcorn fundraiserPopcorn fundraiser highlights:

# Endorsed by the National Cancer Institute and American Diabetes Association
# Long shelf life, easy to distribute
# Free shipping
# Up to 55% profit!

Start your popcorn fundraiser today:

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Why Donors Give

You work for a cause that makes a difference in your community, the country, or the world. You're making progress toward solving a problem. And - your organization needs money in order to continue.

Is that a reason why donors should give? It might sound like a good reason to you, but no, it isn't. Your need is not going to produce one thin dime unless giving to your cause fills some need within your donors.

donation fundraising

You have to give to get, and in this case you have to give some kind of emotional fulfillment. Your supporters won't come out and say so, but before they part with their money they have to feel that they'll get something out of it. Whether consciously or subconsciously, they'll want the answer to their question: "What's in it for me?"

Your supporters are driven by emotion, and the tough part for you is that there could be a different emotional hot button for each of your donors, so your letter must appeal to more than one emotion. Some of the emotions involved in giving are: Optimism, Benevolence, Disgust, Anger, Pride, Guilt, Sympathy, Annoyance, and Love.

To use animal rescue as an example: One donor may simply love cats or dogs, while another may feel outraged over the people who mistreat them.
Someone else may have lingering guilt over abandoning a pet or failing to provide veterinary care at some time in the past. Supporting rescue pets might help ease that guilt.

Since you don't know which emotions are driving which donors, your message must hint at a variety of reasons to give, and gently push them in the direction of seeing that giving you money will make them feel good - or at least feel better. They have to put more personal value on the feelings they'll experience than they do on the money.

It might help you to think about your own feelings. Why did you become involved in this organization? What emotional needs does volunteering meet for you? Take a little time with this and dig deep - then you'll better understand what motivates your donors.

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Did You Know ...
  • Google is giving back to the community by offering free advertising to non-profits through their AdWords program.
  • According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, book fairs are the most popular form of fundraising with an 88% participation rate among the schools surveyed.
  • According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, 78% of parents and 74% of non-parents agree: "Product fundraising sales are an important financial resource for America's schools and youth programs."
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