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Ayso Region 89 La Mesa raised $18,000.00
 - August 1

 Gulf Coast Hs Marching Band raised $9,000.00 - July 31

 Hit Gyms Boxing raised $3,700.00 - July 24

 Mandeville Gymnastics Academy Booster Club raised $3,700.00 - July 24

 Weatherford Class Of 2010 raised $720.00 - July 22
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This Issue: Team Fundraising Tips & August Early Bird Specials

As the big Fall fundraising season approaches, now is a good time to start assembling your team and game plan. This issue contains a few tips on getting your team going, as well as some early bird fundraising ideas.

Remember to visit our website or contact us if you have any fundraising questions or ideas you wish to contribute.  We're here to help you reach your fundraising goals!
Team Fundraising Tips

In larger organizations, the executive director is in charge of leading the annual fund effort, with the help of an active board and development committee. In smaller groups, the annual fundraiser may be run entirely by volunteers.  Either way, assembling the right fundraising team is critical for success.

Choosing the team leader
There should be a clear, designated leader responsible for coordinating all efforts.  A fundraising team leader should be:
  • Passionate about your cause
  • Able to see both big picture and focus on details
  • Capable of creating a plan, getting it approved, and inspiring others to work on it
  • Recognized as a person with whom people like to work
  • Respected by the members

Putting your team in place
The fundraising team will have a direct impact on how successful the fundraiser is.  Important attributes are:
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Good on following through on what they commit to
  • Trained in basic fundraising skills

Creating team success
With the right people in the right places, you can make sure that it all pays off by ensuring team members have:
  • Regular meetings to discuss the goals, strategies, and plans for the fundraiser
  • Resources for fundraising ideas
  • Access to existing supporters and donor histories
  • Prospecting lists

The most important thing is to prep early - then you'll have ample time to overcome any obstacles you encounter!

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August Fundraising Promotions

Here are 5 quick promotions to get your fundraising underway!  Use coupon "earlybird" when placing your order to receive the discount.

1.    Fundraising Discount Cards: Order by August 30th and receive 10% off your order for all orders of 500 or more cards.

2.    Lollipop Fundraiser: Order 3 or more cases of lollipops by August 30th and receive 5% off your order.

3.    Fridge Frame Fundraiser: Start your Fridge Frame fundraiser by August 30th and receive one of our Grand Prize incentives when you place your Fridge Frame order.

4.    Pizza Card Fundraiser: Order by August 31st and receive 5% off your total order.

5.    CalPak Snacks: Order by August 20th and receive 5% off your total order.

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Did You Know ...
  • Some studies have shown that it requires an investment of 15 to 25 cents for every dollar raised while others claim it takes about 50 cents for every dollar.
  • Martha Stewart once helped a small non-profit raise funds receiving a book by eight-year-old author Nicholas Stewart. How did she help? Nicholas was featured on Martha's show!
  • According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, 7% more women volunteer than men (on average, about 31% of women volunteer versus 24% of men). The most active age range for both genders is 35 to 54.
FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping school groups, sport teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals with fast, easy fundraising solutions.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.


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