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Conover Cowboys Youth Football Fundraised $1,080.00 - June 2

Guilford High School Cheerleaders Fundraised $2,288.00 - June 2

Khs Class Of 1978 Fundraised $2,960.00 - June 1

Wasco Warriors 12u Travel Baseball Savings Card Fundraised $1,962.40 - May 26

Blue And Silver Booster Club Fundraised $8,800.00 - May 22
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This Issue: Dog Days of Summer and Kettle Corn

Gotta love summer time!  Long days and sunshine - it's an easy opportunity to throw a fundraiser and enjoy the company of friends and family.

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Sweet Kettle Corn Fundraiser

Kettle Corn Fundraising

What's better for a fun summer activity than a light, tasty treat? Introducing FastTrack's Kettle Corn fundraiser -- the fun, light crunch of popcorn with the delicious sweetness that only Kettle Corn can deliver. Lower in sugar than caramel corn and healthier than candy bars, Kettle Corn is the perfect summertime fundraiser. Who's going to buy it? That's simple -- where do you like to snack? At home watching the big game, at the beach with friends, at the movies with family; all of these great summer activities are fun reasons to munch on the Kettle Corn.

The Kettle Corn fundraiser works for just about any organization, from schools to sports teams to churches. With up to 40% profit on each bag, these tasty treats are healthy -- no trans fat, high in fiber -- and have a long shelf life. Each case includes 60 1.75 oz. bags of Kettle Corn, and each bag sells for just $1. A tasty, healthy treat for just $1; now that's an easy sell.

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Woof Woof!  Dog Day Fundraising

Dog Day Fundraising
Is it really the Dog Days of Summer already? With the sun shining down and everyone in an outdoor mood, now's the perfect time to explore a different fundraising route -- one that incorporates everyone's favorite four-legged pal (with all due respect to cat owners). People love their dogs just like they love their own family members, and providing a fun activity or service for Fido could be just the way to heat up your summer fundraising. Try these dog-friendly ideas:

  • Dog photography: Here's a simple formula for success. Take the old family portrait idea and make it specific to the family dog (or dogs). One of the most common ways dog photography can work as a fundraiser is to set up with the cooperation of your local pet store or at a popular dog park, charge a small fee for the photo, then have a color print ready for pickup. With digital cameras and photo printers, this setup will be easier than you think -- especially if you have an amateur photographer on staff or if you have a contact with a professional photographer. Best of all, the overhead is low and you're providing a service that people will surely love.
  • Dog walk-a-thon: Sure, people have heard of walk-a-thons...but through the word "dog" in there and suddenly it becomes a brand-new fundraising idea. The concept is simple: treat it like a standard walk-a-thon setup, but encourage people to bring their dogs. After all, walking the dog is a daily chore, so why not take advantage of it? The dog walkers will get to give Fido exercise and a chance to meet other furry friends while getting their exercise, and walker sponsorships will raise funds for your organization.
  • Dog wash: Soap, suds, and water -- it's not a car wash, it's a dog wash! Ok, so the family dog usually doesn't like getting a bath, but at least it's a low-overhead service that people need. The trick here is liability. Cars don't bite people or struggle to stay still, but each dog comes with its own individual temperament. This is the area where you'll need to get some disclaimers ready, along with any volunteers that have experience washing dogs. Muzzles make good safety precautions, though the owner should generally be able to decide if it's necessary (that's where paperwork might be a good idea). These small logistics aside, it's a great service for the local community and it'll help the neighborhood pooches smell better!

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Did You Know ...
  • Some lesser-known June holidays and celebrations can make great fundraisers, such as National Adopt-A-Cat Month, World Juggling Day (June 14), and Fly A Kite Day (June 15).
  • In the past year, the average salary of the American donor has decreased by 2%. With the current economic crunch, it's likely to fall further in 2009...but remember that time is money and a service volunteer can be as valuable as a donor.
  • A quote to get you in the mood for summer fundraising:  "There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." -- Celia Thaxter, 19th Century American Poet
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