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This Issue: Earth Day, Mothers Day, and May Fundraising Ideas

April and May offers some great holidays and events to pair with fundraisers, and now is the time to plan them out so everything is delivered in time!

Remember to visit our website or contact us if you have any fundraising questions or ideas you wish to contribute.  We're here to help you reach your fundraising goals!
Earth Day & Mother's Day Ideas

Cookie Dough FundraiserMother's Day is a time for families to spend a day together, and what's a better way to do that than by baking tasty treats together? FastTrack's cookie dough fundraiser is an easy sell for Mother's Day and it works for all generations: for families with young children, it's an enjoyable way to make a snack together, and for adults visiting their elder parents, it's a great way to spend precious moments together. Best of all, everyone gets a delicious cookie at the end of it!

With a wide variety of popular flavors -- including chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookie -- the cookie dough fundraiser is a surefire hit. Each order can make up to 50% profit and comes with a free color brochure for easy sales presentations. After all, who doesn't like cookies?

FastTrack also offers customizable silicone bracelets, just in time for Mother's Day. Want to have the whole family express the way they love mom? These customizable bracelets come in a variety of colors and can print whatever text you want on them. With up to 75% profit, it's something that the whole family can enjoy in celebrating mom.

Earth Day Fundraiser

Of course, the customizable silicone bracelets can also be a great fundraiser to celebrate the world's mother -- Earth Day on April 22. Order quickly and help spread the message about the importance of sparing the air, cleaning the water, and living a healthier, more environmentally lifestyle.

To learn more about either the cookie dough or silicone bracelet fundraisers, visit FastTrack's website today!
Month of May Fundraising Ideas

May Fundraising Ideas
Everyone knows the big fundraising holidays -- Fourth of July, Christmas, Halloween. A strong fundraising holiday is any well-known holiday with the potential for family gatherings or big community events. However, plenty of other lesser-known holidays can make for great fundraisers. If you're involved with one of the following types of organizations, here are some ways to plan some fundraisers in May:

Animal rescues: In May, the country celebrates National Pet Week. For animal rescues, you can take advantage of this by having all sorts of different pet-related fundraisers, such as pet photography, sales of animal-related charms and trinkets, and joint events with local pet stores. Not only will this raise funds, it'll bring awareness to your group's good cause.

Schools and teachers: May also has Teacher Appreciation Week, and you can bet that you can get more than just an apple for your teacher! This is a perfect opportunity for schools to have all sorts of different fundraisers, all with the goal of helping teachers get more money for better supplies, books, and class materials.

Triathlon and biking clubs: Did you know May is American Bike Month? From bike-a-thons to door-to-door sales, American Bike Month is a great way for clubs to raise funds for their organization. Some of the publicity and word-of-mouth promotion might even generate a few new members for the club, too!

Asian heritage groups: Cities with a Chinatown or Japantown community or have a large Asian population can celebrate May as National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. In addition to cultural events and celebrations (with admission fees and contests doubling as fundraisers), sales of Asian-heritage items -- things that can be handcrafted or purchased in bulk -- can also generate a great amount of funds while educating the community on the beauty of Asian Pacific American heritage.
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Did You Know ...
  • Even though Earth Day is internationally recognized as April 22, events often take place on the weekend before or after it. Contact your local community officials to see when events are happening and see if you can fundraise there.
  • Why have an Earth Day fundraiser? More than 500 million people worldwide will participate in some form of Earth Day event every year.
And one final thought on Earth Day...
  • "I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise, what is there to defend?"  - Actor/Activist Robert Redford
FastTrack Fundraising is committed to helping school groups, sport teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals with fast, easy fundraising solutions.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters, let us know!  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.


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