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Ou Dancers Fundraised $1,050.00 - October 27

Wheeling Jesuit University Fundraised $1,962.40 - October 22

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November Fundraising Newsletter
This Issue: Fundraise Without Funds & Event Fundraising .. Simplified!

November brings us into holiday season, which is a great time to fundraise while people are in festive moods and the spirit of giving is promoted.

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Fundraise Without Funds
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In these tough economic times, everyone's feeling the money pinch. However, that doesn't mean that people's philanthropic spirits are any less diminished; it just means that they may not necessarily be able to contribute with the same amount of funds as they used to.

What's an organization in need to do when donation pockets don't run as deep? As both presidential campaigns discovered, time can be as valuable as money. In addition, a lot of small donations can help overcome the lack of an extremely large donation. Here are a few ways to maximize resources and opportunities during tough economic times:

Recruit more volunteers: When people say that time is money, they're absolutely right. Can you cut overhead costs by having volunteers handle tasks? From office logistics to phone tasks, volunteer positions can come in handy in all sorts of areas. Best of all, you'll educate people on the importance of your organization, meaning that they'll be more inclined to donate when the economy recovers.

Low-expense fundraisers: When the only expense you have is time and energy, you can still have a successful fundraiser. Think of the things people need during the holidays -- gift-wrapping, holiday light setup, decorative cleanup, etc. These are the types of things that can be done with a team of volunteers and you'll always find people willing to "pay" (donate) your group to take care of it.

Grass-roots fundraising: Sure, it's always great to get the big corporate donation but everyone's pinching pennies right now. Instead of going for the heavy hitters, try fundraising at the grass-roots level. Remember, when a lot of people each spare a little, it equals a little people giving a lot!

November and December are infused with the spirit of giving, even when the economy isn't the best. Plan properly and you'll still be able to fundraise with people through their best intentions.

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Event Fundraising ... Simplified!

Special Event Fundraising

Want to put on a fundraiser but feeling overwhelmed by all the details? A big fundraising event requires a team of people to plan, and sometimes your staff might be too stretched to dot every I and cross every T. Now, FastTrack Fundraising is offering a simple all-inclusive alternative that takes the guesswork out of event planning.

Introducing Special Event Fundraising Packages from renowned event-planning company Fresh Events. An award-winning planning firm, Fresh Events takes all of the operational and planning logistics out of an event and leaves you with one simple task: invite the guests! Fresh Events offers three unique packages:

Auction Fundraiser: To raise money by auctioning off items
Dinner Fundraiser: To raise money by charging per seat
Raffle Fundraiser: To raise money by selling raffle tickets for prizes

Fresh Events handles everything, from working the budget to finding the location and vendors to decorating and making it an event to remember. Best of all, each package comes with a team of experienced event-planning professionals that understand the quickest, most efficient way to get things done.

Got a fundraising event in mind? Don't wait until the last minute to be hamstrung by logistics -- contact FastTrack Fundraising to learn more about this unique opportunity to partner with a dynamic and award-winning team of event planners.

Read more about Special Event Fundraising >>
Did You Know ...

Some presidential facts and figures in honor of election season:
  • Senator Barack Obama's record-breaking fundraising has tapped into the power of the Internet with more than 3 million donors at an average donation of $86.
  • September 2008 is a record for presidential fundraising as Senator Obama raised more than $150 million while bringing in more than 632,000 new individual donors.
  • "It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." -- Theodore Roosevelt
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New Fridge Frame Samples!
We now offer samples to go along with our Fridge Frame Fundraiser. A sample is a powerful tool that can help enrich your program and drive up sales. How many times when you buy things online do you wish you can see, touch, and feel what you are actually buying? For a small fee of $3.00 per sample (free shipping!), you will receive sample of our Fridge Frames valued at $10.00

Your members can use these samples to help sell more Fridge Frames for your fundraiser. Your members will no longer find themselves having a hard time trying to describe the Fridge Frames and more time showing their supporters what a great product it is. They can simply hand them the sample to the supporter, who can see and feel the quality of our Fridge Frames.

What is even better is for every 20 Fridge Frames you group sells, we will pay you back for a sample and then they are yours to keep!

If you are interested in ordering samples please contact us at (866) 432-7838 or simply order them online by clicking here.